yoga asanas with pictures and names
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Yoga asanas with pictures and names – all at one place is what I felt people must need today. The best answer to obesity, blood sugar, diabetis, blood pressure or any chronic disease is yoga and pranayama. These have no side affects and blend goodness, calmness and fitness into your body. However, consult an expert or specialist while doing the exercises. These should not be done wrong.

Here in this blog, we shall see some of the best yoga asanas with pictures and names, and also with the benefits they give to human body. The basic idea is to let people know why and how the asanas prove good for our body. The main villain to our body is obesity. This causes all the chronic diseases to take over one by one. India is one of the countries with obesity as one of the diseases capturing the masses even from young age.

So, it is really very serious issue and everyone must think to keep his or her body fit. Fitness doesnot only mean to spend hours in the gym or hours of cycling or any such hard and heavy work outs. Fitness what I want to mean or what actually the meaning is to be healthy and pure from inside and out side. For that, we need to be focused, we must meditate and talk to our ownself.  So, let us see the yoga asanas with pictures and names with benefits one by one. First, we shall see the easy Hatha yoga poses and benefits for beginners. “Ha” means the Sun and “tha” means the moon. So, the poses resemble fusion of solar power and calm lunar energies for the good of our body.


Vrikshasana is the tree like pose. This hatha yoga pose helps stretch out highs, shoulder and mid region of our body. The picture shall make it evident.

The benefits of this hatha yoga pose includes balancing of body, strengthens the ligaments, tendons, legs, joints and ankles, provides a good pelvic stability also. This exercises are for very good for beginners.

Vrikshasana Hatha yoga asanas images and names
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This pose is also known as the mountain pose. This is another form of Hatha yoga which has many benefits to our body. Just look at the picture, it is simple but keeping your body straight.

The many benefits of Tadasana includes strengthening of lower body muscles and joints like thighs, knees, ankles and improves the posture of the body and helps in curing nerve disorders and sciatica. It helps in balancing of breath and regulates digestion, reduces depression, headaches, increases the immunity and power of the body. It also pleases and calms the body.

Tadasana Hatha yoga poses for beginners
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This is  also known as the warrior pose.  This stretches out the body in a step position. It has many benefits which include opening up of chest/lungs- the frontal part of the body, strengthens arms, back, legs, knees and ankles, increases the stability in your body and helps in gaining concentration, it helps in improvement of blood circulation in the body.

Virabhadrasana hatha yoga asanas images with names
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Adho Mukha Svanasana

This pose is also called downward facing dog pose.  This is very good and easy to learn for beginners. The benefits of this yoga pose include stretching of the entire body, beneficial during menstrual disorders in women, energizes the body, beneficial for balancing bloof pressure, asthama, sinusitis, etc.

Adho Mukha Svanasana​ yoga asanas images with names
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This pose is standing forward bend pose. This is another form of hatha yoga and has many benefits. This is a real stretching exercise and definitely beginners shall take time to expert the pose.When the head touches the legs without strain, think that you are successful.

The benefits of this hatha yoga pose include benefits to liver and kidney functioning, reduces anxiety, mild depression, fatigue, stress and also helps in calming the mind. It also helps improve the digestive system. In women, it helps reduce discomfort during menstrual cycle. In totality, it is a very beneficial exercise for the whole body.

Uttasana hatha yoga pose
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Setu Bandhasana

This pose is also known as the bridge pose. This pose has many benefits like a full body stretch, strengthening of muscles, back, hips and hamstrings, maintains good blood circulation, relieves anxiety and stress, improves the digestive system, gives an overall boost to the functioning of our body.

Setu bandhasana hatha yoga pose
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This pose is also known as the locust pose and has many benefits for the body. This yoga asana helps in reducing anxiety and stress, helps strengthening bones and muscles, helps keep the body in good shape by toning the spine, legs, thighs, hips and arms, a very good stretching exercise for the whole body, boosts the functionality of kidney, liver and other abdominal organs, can treat mild depression.

Salabhasana hatha yoga pose
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Other yoga asanas with pictures and names

the seven yoga chakras
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There are so many yoga asanas which we all need to know about and make a part of our lives. All the asanas have their own benefits, only thing is, we need to practice them regularly. If we do not find time for ourselves, then the life style we are living in, shall lead to a disastrous health situation in coming future.

The seven chakras resemble the ultimate gain from practicing yoga. These gains are not only physical but also spiritual. They can be only be achieved through strict and disciplined lifestyle with yoga and meditation. The person practicing this need to chant “Om” while keeping his or her eyes closed during the practices. Please check the image below showing the different chakras of yoga for “Kundalini jagran”.

Some of the yoga asanas with picture and names are shown in the image below. Practice them regularly and see the fifference in your body and mind. You feel the inner peace of mind. The very basic thing is once we have a disease free healthy lifestyle, we gain concentration and peace of mind as well as a fit body. So, the combination of yoga, pranayama starting with meditation is wonderful and people round the world have now started accepting the benefits of yoga asanas and Pranayama. So, please start practicing the poses and get the benefits.

yoga asanas pictures and names

Try one by one at home. Check the benefits and pose details from internet. I believe the easy ones can be tried at home while others and the proper way of doing them must be learnt from a expert yoga teacher. If you liked the content, please recommend and share the blog post. Do comment for improvement or any additional information which must reflect here.

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