Winter morning! enjoy as the last one of the year

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Winter morning in India! Winters in India have almost a common winter morning around the states. Other than different range of cold and temperature, the feeling of welcome winter morning is more or less the same. I have been posted in different parts of India during the past 13 years of my job life. I am from Assam and have witnessed a colder winter. In warmer parts of India, things are cold while in north India, it’s really cold.

The cold winter is totally relative feeling. When I was posted in Jharkhand, I felt colder in winter than in Assam. When I was in Visakhapatnam, I could not feel the cold. I almost spent the winter in T-shirts. In Mancherial, Telangana, the winter was like a one step higher. In Rourkela, Odisha, I found the winter cooler than the other three states, Assam being at par with Rourkela. Winter mornings or total winter period seems totally different.

The most unique thing is the relative feeling of cold in winters. For people who belong to a hot place like 45-50 degree centigrade in summer, feel colder in 25 degree winters. This affect turns different then the people in Sikkim or Himachal or Jammu or any other north Indian states or cities. Where the summer temperature may be around 25-30 degree centigrade and winter may fall down towards zero sometimes. So, in short, winter cool feeling is relative, according to me.

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Lovely activities in winter morning

There are so many lovely activities we crave for in winter mornings in India. As India has a relatively hotter climate due to it’s geo-graphical location towards the equador, people in most parts of the country wait for the winter season to enjoy the cold. Now, this can be of several types. In rural area, people like to gather in groups in a bonfire and talk with a sip of tea. In urban area, where life is little bit busier, people go for morning walks in small groups and discuss politics or sports or any recent news. They too gather at a road side tea-stall and bid-bye for home after a cup of tea.

I particularly find myself nostalgic in the mornings when I see dry leaves in my garden. I just gather them for 2-3 days and then arrange a bonfire with my family to enjoy the cold. Normally, winter mornings are lazy and people do not want to come out of the blanket easily, but if you can defeat the laziness, you will enjoy wonderful winter morning for atleast 3 months Mid November to Mid February every year.

You all must have dreamt of a terrace garden, where you are reading news paper on a winter morning in front of a bonfire. And, your wife brings tea and biscuits for the morning and together you enjoy the cold while chatting. Bring this into practice, let’s not waste the beautiful winter morning. We miss them every year during summer.

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Winter morning in 4 sides of India

I have my examples for this. When I was in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh or Mancherial, Telangana, in winters where I used to wear a T-shirt or a shirt and even feel hot in noon time, I found local people wear monkey caps, sweaters, etc. So, feeling cold in winters may be common but the experiences may be totally different.

It’s very special that our country is so big that all parts have different weather and temperature conditions in all seasons of the year including winter. In north India, places like Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, northern parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh show extreme cold in winter. While in the east, other than the seven sisters- North Eastern states, the winter is little bit on a less colder side. Eastern parts of Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha fall under this type.

When we move towards the south, it’s warmer. States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, etc, it’s never too cold in winter. While we move towards the west, states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan face a mediocre cold during winter mornings.

Winter morning images

Winter morning images or winter good morning images are common in India. Especially with the onset of whatsapp, people are fond of wishing each other different and expressive images of winter mornings with beautiful winter good morning quotes. The images or quotes just reflect the truth around and even give you enough mental strength to make your day. Here is some of such winter good morning images with winter morning quotes.

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winter morning
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Winter morning poem or winter morning essay

You can also prepare a poem or essay from the above information in this post. For instance, I am sharing a winter morning poem. Hope you like it.

Winter morning

“The cold mornings, the foggy winter,

the lazy blanket, the curtained windows,

the closed bedroom, the warm air,

fight the fear, come out dear,

face the cold, with a bonfire,

slurrp the tea, with warmth near,

enjoy the cold morning as the last one of the year!”


Shibajee Dey Choudhury


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