What is self exploration? the process of self exploration

process of self exploration
Fitness model- Adil Rashid

Self exploration meaning? What is self exploration? Why it is important? Have you heard about the process of self exploration?  You will get the basic answers to all these questions here in this blog.  Just read it completely. Today, our lives have become so fast that we do not have time even to look upto ourselves. That’s not looking in the mirror and styling. I mean, we do not have time to rediscover ourselves, know the inner strength in us or meet the better human being we really are. The inner well being of a person sets the base of his fitness. The famous saying “A fit and disease-free body is the base of concentration and meditation” says it all in easy words.

What we hear from mythology and ancient India and what we see around the Himalayas, “Sadhu Sants live a life which we the common people think we can not” Why? As if that is a sacrifice from the beautiful life given by God. But, truth is inner well being and healthy lifestyle can make us a true and real human being in the actual sense of the term. If we respect our body, only then we can respect others as well. What if I say, do you talk to the nature? Yea I know, most of you would say how that is done? Is it not weird? But actually it is not.

But the truth is yes it can be done. And we all must do try to do it daily. I have the live example of Mr. Adil Rashid- an engineer and a fitness model who voluntarily came forward for this blog and made it possible. It would be a great pleasure for me if I can explain the life transformations of our model after giving his fitness time with nature than in gyms or a room.

what is self exploration
Spending time with nature

Spending time with Nature- the process of self exploration

Spending time with nature helps a lot in the process of self exploration. We can not peep from our busy city job or business lives. We just know nature by its extreme forces like “it’s too hot today” or ” it’s a 4 day heavy showers alarm”, or may be “flood” or “Tsunami”, or even a “earthquake” etc. Ever do we think of or meet the calm nature around us. I do not have any plans to tell you like “top 10 benefits to work out in nature” and all. What I want you to know is if we can find some time for us and our mother nature, then together we beat all the other modern habits or ill-lifestyle we have developed.

When we asked our model regarding his belief and drift towards nature from his busy gym workout schedules. He said “thanks to the Corona affair, who let closed all the crowd gathering fitness doors and let us re-discover ourselves with mother nature”. I feel he is absolutely right. I wish we all understand this and spend time with the beautiful nature around us. This is true that the best time for this is first morning, at around 5 am or the strike of the dawn. witnessing the kiss of the morning dawn rays with the dew drops on the greens, will definitely be a mesmerizing experience.

A fast walk on the grass bare-foot or a “Shirshasana” on a river sand bank or a 10 mins Pranayama amidst the nature; or even a free hand exercise beneath a tree shall be enough to start with. The process of self exploration includes how far we can know about our limits and capabilities. Surprisingly, self exploration process is very much unique as it brings out the best in each of us, with a goal to improve our capacity and quality  each day. And the qualities differ from person to person.

Benefits of spending time with nature- self exploration process

There are mainly two broad benefits of spending time with nature. One is fitness and the other is meeting the real us deep within ourselves. Just imagine, the chirping sound of the birds, the sound of the flowing river water, the smell of the grass and sand bank, the dew drops on the greens everywhere, the misty hill tops and the dawn light. If we can experience all these live, what else we need then?

We just need to come out of the conventional “daily routine hard and fast lives” and promise ourselves to thank God for the beautiful nature around and the wonderful human life we are gifted with. But, its sad that we do not or rather can not make the most out of the two. We are busy to earn or complete our day-to-day responsibilities, completely ignoring our responsibility to ourselves. So, when we will start self exploration process?

Shirshasana- process of self exploration
Shirsasana by our fitness model- Adil Rashid

Self-exploration meaning? process of self exploration with diagram

Self-exploration meaning can be explained in terms of fitness and talking to own self. When we give some time to ourselves and know in depth what a person we are, which is very different from the busy picture we all have. When God gave us life, we need to take care of our body, mind and soul. If we meet our inner peace, we shall be better a person than before. The process of self exploration involves us not only to be a fit and healthy person in terms of medical sciences but also to know and explore the inner beauty we all are gifted with. If we can know ourselves, leave our darker parts and habits and grow to be wonderful human being, that is possible only with self exploration.

the process of self exploration with diagram

The above process of self-exploration with diagram shows the four parts of exploration about a person- 

I know you know: This says about a person what is recognized by the person as well as others. These are likely common habits and behavior which can be noticed easily.

I don’t know you know: This says which part of our behavior or habits, the person doesnot recognize but other do.

I don’t know you don’t know: This says about parts of the behavior of the person which neither the person nor others recognize. This is the darkest part of the self. Where both the parties do not know about the features or capabilities of the person.

I know you don’t know: This says about the secrets of a person habits or behavior which are known only to the person but not recognized by others.


By the term fitness, I not only mean exercise or gym or something; but also leading a “No Bad-habit” life. Like No Smoking, No drinking, No drugs; in short, no form of bad habits that affect our body in any way. When we can promise ourselves that we can live with the good and without the bad habits, we sure are going to live a healthy life. Just a little seriousness and respect towards our body and that’s it. It will do the rest part of the job. The basic idea is very simple, there can not be giving and giving all the time, the truth is we have to give when we have to take. So, if we give time to our body, our body will give its best for our healthiness.

Meeting the inner-self

When we meet the nature starting from our end in the calm breeze of the morning, we are making her happy. This can be taken as like a gift to the mother from her son by spending the best time of the day with her. It’s logical and very easy to understand that if we make other’s happy, the other person shall never forget that and shall do a return favour. The fresh air gift from Mother nature and our touch to her, is enough to make both the entities happy. Our well-being is possible only when we want it, otherwise not.

We live one life and if we do not see and live nature around us then what rest is left. I wish you all try this experience with nature and drop me a comment as how did you feel about it. I can assure you that all who would experience this, will enjoy this and have a very good and healthy time with our body as well as our inner-self. There is a famous saying of Swami Vivekananda- “Talk to yourself at least once in a Day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World.” I believe, we must include the basic guidelines for value education in process of self exploration from the very beginning of academics. This will make the youngsters find harmony in self and make them the real future of civilization. This was a a simple way to learn self exploration meaning.

So, friends, after reading this post, can you now connect to what is self exploration and happiness and prosperity. In short, it is the experience the wonderful nature time-fitness-inner-well-being and comment your experiences below. Your re-action shall enable me to post more on these. Do read like and share the post.

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