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what is peace of mind
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What is peace? Before we know in details about peace, let’s first know what is peace actually. When you search in google, you find – “Peace is a stress-free state of security and calmness that comes when there’s no fighting or war, everything co-existing in perfect harmony and freedom.” This more or less defines the state between two countries.

In this post, I would like to discuss on what is peace we feel personally as a human being. Is happiness peace, is calmness peace, is sleep peace, is being rich peaceful, is a nature trip peaceful, is a “Dhyan” or ” meditation” peaceful? May be yes or no. Let’s get into it deeper and discuss. Please read till the end.

Is peace of mind an infatuation?

I want you to know what we think is peace, may not be true. Read the quotes below before I explain what is peace of mind.

peace of mind by meditation
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peace of mind in calm nature meditation
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1. “When you work hard and have a sound sleep, that means you are tired and so having a deep sleep. That may not mean you are free from worries and in peace.”

2. “Sometimes, no work looks like no worries, but that’s not true. If you can’t or don’t work, it shall bring worries and no peace.”

3. “Taking a walk to the forest side alone may be dangerous. So, it may not bring peace until you know you are safe.”

4. “Being calm and silent to shouters around you does not make you peaceful. It shows you may be a weak or faulty person. So, stand tall in front of others who try to pull you down.”

5. “A rich person may look happy, satisfied and successful to others, but that does not make him the owner of everything including peace.”

what is peace of sleep
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6. “Peace of mind from being a topper in your school or best performer in your job, is very temporary.”

7. “A doctor may sigh relieved gesture after a successful surgery but the feeling is temporary and not at all peace of mind.”

8. “A student after exams before holiday vaccation may seem to be very happy and in peace of mind but that’s not true.”

9. “Is the mass population of a very successful and first world country happy, peaceful and successful? The answer is no.”

10. “Is the world in peace? From the rivers to the oceans, from the horizon to the sky, from days to night, none is in peace.”

by Shibajee Dey Choudhury

the true peace

Life is always moving and disturbed, emotional and cultural, it’s a struggle, even a fight, it’s giving and taking. It’s learning and teaching, it’s loving and preaching, it’s also hating and cheating. It’s sex and mating, it’s caring and sharing, its’s pain and gain, it’s rich and poor. It’s hunger and thirsty, it’s money and gold, it’s everything we can see, know and understand. So, where is peace?

Fortunately or unfortunately, Peace lies in death. No worries, no tension, no pain, nothing. No one knows about the afterlife. It’s a secret that only the dead can see. They are free and peaceful. So, we say Rest in Peace.

That peace is the real peace, the permanent one, the feeling we desire but never live to experience. All other feelings in life are temporary and only the reflection of peace and not what we pursue.

Shibajee Dey Choudhury

what is peace in nature
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what is peace of mind quotes

1. “Leave the known, forget this world, meet the unknown, see the unseen. Peace is there, not here.”

2. “The dark silence of death is what looks like from this world, who knows what is in the other world. I don’t hear any noise, all must be resting in peace.”

3. “Loving God can give you peace of mind, fearing God shall give you tension and anxiety. So, pray to God from heart.”

4. “When the search for peace from school, college, job, marriage, family, kids to everything related to a normal life ends, only then awaits the real peace.”

5. “Who has lived the real peace of mind?There is no peace in life.”

6. “The world of quiteness, calmness, silence, freedom, carefree empty mind can give peace.”

7. “I personally don’t want peace as it’s not available in the practical world, I have to be happy with mind rest only.”

8. “The more we get, the more we aspire, desire, need, ask, fight, demand for from God and more far we move from The Amlighty. He Gave you Life. Love Him and Pray to Him for Him too, don’t be a selfish human being.”

9. “If you pray for peace and if God agrees, you may have to leave the world leaving behind sad loved ones. So, be happy at what you are and thank God for everything.”

10. “Don’t search for peace, let peace follow you. The day your role ends in this world, you have peace forever.”

by Shibajee Dey Choudhury

what is calm and peace
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what is peace for rich?
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peace of mind quote advise

Just wait a little, rest a while,

It’s your life, your style,

ask yourself one more time,

what is peace and where it is?

If you have the answer, let us know,

let’s all see if the search ends,

But some say peace is in afterlife,

Must be true when the world says “rest in peace”?”

by Shibajee Dey Choudhury

Do you still want peace?

So, what did you get from the post. Do you agree to the real meaning of what is peace? Do you really want it? Yea that’s another thing that one day everyone get’s it but can not share the real feel of peace.

But the peace we know commonly and think we find it in silence, in the woods, in meditation or in preaching or in any form which gives us patience, calm and serenity with bunch of routine happiness, is may be mind rest in life.

Tell me what do you feel about peace. I am in search too and shall get back with more when I get something to share.

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