What are long tail keywords?

what are long tail keywords

What are long tail keywords? Yes all experienced bloggers know about it and beginner bloggers use them as they have low competition and easier SEO difficulty level. Now, first let us know what are long tail keywords, or more specifically what is a keyword. A keyword is the word which people search over the internet search engines. The more the search of that keyword, the more is the competition and higher the SEO difficulty level.

For example, when you search “amazon” in any search engine it is a keyword which the engine program understands that the user wants to visit amazon website. When you search “best blue jeans for girls in amazon”, it means the specific product the user wants to see. As the search is very specific, the probability of search per month is much lesser than that for the keyword “amazon”. This makes the long tail keyword a low competition and easier SEO difficulty keyword.

When you subscribe to SEO tool websites like UBERSUGGEST or AHREF or SEMRUSH, etc. you will get the suggestions with all the necessary details like traffic, SEO difficulty, etc. for the particular keyword. Or even suggestions of the keyword in long tail form. If the SEO difficulty is less than 10, and the content you write is fresh and informative, your site or page can rank very easily for that keyword. You may find single or double word keywords with SEO difficulty level 11 to 100, it’s almost impossible to rank in that high competition niche.

When you say what are long tail keywords, let's know about some of the tools with long tail keyword finder or generator

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The above sites are some of the top sites for SEO tools and bloggers find it useful to subscribe the free tools as well as the paid versions as per their requirement and ability. Most importantly,  for beginner bloggers, it is advisable to start with free or low cost SEO tool site. For old and tough players, the paid versions are ok. 

If you are a beginner in blogging or affiliate marketing and you ask me, I will suggest the free version of any tool and paid version of cheap tool. I will not name any but suggest you to checkout the above sites and know it yourself. With time you will learn the benefits of the above tools and choose your best one from the results you achieve.

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