Welcome drinks for winter

What’s you favourite welcome drinks for winter 2020? This year has been a real tough challenge for the human beings, may be the Corona pandemic or the untimely demises of Bollywood stars, the media politics and everything that turns around our ears and widens our eyes around.

Apart from these, now the festive mood is around and Shubha Deepawali is few steps from our doors, winter has started to chill the morning water and a fine cool breeze keeps biting while the morning walk step peep around in the green parks. A normal day now means a cool day irrespective of a tough office time or a warm family outing.

If you need to see some of the easy, tasty and healthy welcome drinks for winters, you must visit What we usually offer is the common and most widely accepted drink, that is tea or coffee. The best thing about these drinks with a twist is that you can have it at any place and any time round the clock. Some of the best welcome winter drinks include:

Baileys Delight

This drink is like a hot smoothie delight to your taste buds and perfect drink for a winter breeze. It can also be used as a welcome drink for winter. Check out the recipe at

Baileys Delight

Ginger and mulethi tea

This is a very basic tea recipe with all the goodness of herbs without any sweetener. This drink is also commonly called Adrak mulethi wali chai.It’s a good morning and evening drink in winters. Check out the recipe at

adrak mulethi wali chai

Safron Milk

This hot milk drink recipe also called as Kesaria Doodh is also a common drink around the streets. Try this at home especially in winters. This can also be a good welcome drink for winters. Check out the recipe at

This winter we can have a special time to overcome the Corona affect by little get together and picnic near cold hilly rivers and having a sip of cocktail or mocktail in the cold water bath with friends and enjoy but with safety and limits. Once you are out of the water and cold breeze just hits your feels, then the warmth of the drink shall keep you normal. These are some of the welcome winter drinks which we can not mention here but do understand very well.

Let’s make a plan with our friends and family for a winter party and with welcome winter drinks suit to partners. Happy Winter to all. If you liked the post, please recommend and share the post. Do comment for any more information you would like to see here.

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