Valentine’s day week list 2021!

Tips and Ideas for a perfect proposal

Love is in the air Happy Valentine's Week
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Valentine’s day week list! Happy valentine’s day. Most of us may be knowing about this, especially the younger ones. Here, let’s not talk about the history of Valentine. We have wikipedia for that. Till today, boys and girls memorize the correct sequence of the Valentine’s day week list before meeting their crush or friends in this week or 14th Februray.

They meet, they greet, they plan for parties, discos and dinners together. It’s celebrated like the birthday of your girlfriend. It should look special, classy, full of red and white heart shaped balloons, cakes, candles, greeting cards and teddies. Boys schedule to propose to their girls on this day, thinking she will never say “No” because it is Valentine’s day.

What is Valentine’s Day? It is a symbol of love, romance and sacrifice. If you are in true love, everyday is a Valentine day. If you are into time pass or experimental relations, God Bless you! Here in this post, we shall see the perfect proposal in line with the Valentine’s Day week list. We shall see some fresh quotes on the special day. So friends, read the post till the end.

Valentine's Day Week list 2021

Valentine's Day Week list
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Happy Valentine's Day- Ideas for decorations at home and outside

Valentine's day decoration at tution and school
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Valentine's Day celebration at home
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valentine's day decorations
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Valentine's Day home decoration
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At the pool bar Valentine-Day-Party-Decoration
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Happy Valentine's Day Week List- Tips and ideas for a perfect proposal

Rose Day

happy rose day
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Rose day is the first day of the Valentine’s week. This year 2021 it is on a Sunday and therefore a good plan can be made. This day you need to buy best roses or specifically a special red rose for your love whom you want to propose. This day you request your girl to be your Valentine. This should be special.

So, plan it with her consent for a date, with masks on because we are still in danger for COVID-19. Do not choose a very clumsy or crowdy place. Make her feel special with the time you spent and wish her Happy Rose day , gift her the rose and request her to be your Valentine. Just do not feel shy people looking st you or what the other couples are doing. All the best.

Propose Day

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The second day of the Valentine’s week is the Propose day. This day you propose her and express your love for her with a Rose, a gift or a ring. Obviously, for a girl,  roses and gifts are easy to accept, but she may take time for a ring. As that means she is into a relationship and for girls it is always serious. So do not keep much expectations. It depends upon how lucky you are.

So, take her outside, may be a beach or a garden/park or a long drive and propose her with a ring. I prefer it to be ring as it shows your commitment towards her and it is good for the rest of the week days till you wait for the Valentine’s day- The day of love, romance and sacrifice.

Chocolate Day

Happy chocolate day
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Yea Chocolate Day is nothing without having chocolates. The main funda of the Valentine’s week for a successful result- of a “YES” to your proposal means you need to meet her every day. This means you can not meet her empty handed, so when you decide to be on the field of love, just check your purse once.

You need to buy the best chocolates you can afford but well gift wrapped. Meet her and tell her you have had these for her, only her. Make her feel special with your words and actions. Don’t forget to have some bites of the chocolate, after all you have spent a lot and you deserve a return gift, atleast if not anything from her, ha ha, just kidding.

Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day
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Happy Teddy Day. If you notice the entire Valentine’s day week list is designed for girls. The things they love the most as special and intimate for  a life time, all are in this week. They love soft toys, and what better than a cute teddy bear. Get a pair of handy teddy bear of light pink colour with a soft love heart.

The pair means you two as a couple. So, whenever she keeps it with her or looks at it, she would resemble it as you two. So, just get the right pair and gift her. Remember, each day you greet her, you must say ” Happy”…….the day it is….. “Day” first. Do not do things earlier like a hug or a kiss. Just wait for the right day and time.

Promise Day

happy promise day
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Happy Promise Day. This is the most significant day of the Valentine’s Day Week list. This is the day of commitment with heart and soul. It’s like no going back, a promise to be together forever in all situations. So, you need to plan really good for that. You may be committed but she should believe you. For this, you need to talk.

Just hold her hands, look into her eyes, speak your heart out what you feel for her and end your speech with “Happy Promise Day dear“. She may not react 100% immediately. Just be patient and wait. Do not show your frustration while she makes you wait. After all she too needs to test you. Commitment for a life time is not so easy.

Hug day

Happy Hug day
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Happy Hug Day. It should be a dream come true at our times, but today things have changed a lot and may be she won’t mind you to hug you, atleast in private or even in public. You have to wait for the right time for this. This day when you meet her, you need to give a light hug and whisper in her ears “Happy Hug Day”.

After spending a good time and chatting about your growing relation, try to ask her if she felt for you yesterday when you promised her for your commitment and love for her. This is important as the next day is kiss day and you don’t want to loose it anyway. Try to be positive and make her believe your true love and feelings for her.

While you bid bye for the day after dropping her at home, do not forget to give her a tight hug and wish “Good Night and Sweet Dreams“.

Kiss Day

Happy Kiss Day
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Yes, it’s Kiss day. You need to wish her this over whatsapp with a good message. This day when you plan to meet, just remember one thing she would be afraid and you need not cross your lines any way or forcefully. Just enjoy bit by bit. Once you two are together and you wish her “Happy Kiss Day“, just kiss her on her forehead, no cheeks – no lips.

You can not do to the last point on the first kiss Day. So, the first Kiss Day of your relation must be very romantic and not too physical. She would love it and respect your feelings more once you do this.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day love light signs
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This is the day of decision, you were waiting for, most important day of the Valentine’s Day week list. Pray to God, wish her with a tele-call in the morning when you wake up. You must be the first one to wish her. It does not matter how much you talk or wish in the midnight. Remember, morning shows the day. You need to wish her good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day from the bed. It’s like you are giving her a wake up call with a wish.

This day when you meet, you just can not ask straight away, about the result. Just check if she has the ring on her finger. DOn;t let her know you are checking out, just talk more an more about each day spent together, the hours of tele talks and chats. And the dreams, sleepless nights and cozy feeling going on in the mind, tell her everything. Just remember, when you are with a girl, you must be good listener.

Listen to her, her feelings, problems if any, and be your heart out that day. Do not miss anything which you should have told her. Never hide any facts from her. Finally, at the end of the day, when you drop her, ask her “Is it a yes? Are you my girlfriend now?” If she says yes, celebrate, but if the answer is “I need more time”, do not worry, be with her and wait till the next Valentine’s Day. It’s Try and Try again., if you really love her.

Summary on the Valentine's Day week list

Through this post I would like to convey all the young lovers, just be true to yourself. You may do mistakes in life, but if you take right action immediately, you may be a winner in the long run. If you love some one, it’s a good thing but at the same time you can not force anyone to love you back.

True love means sacrifices also. It may happen that she loves some one else. You need to love and respect her feelings instead of immediate reaction, abuse or a avoiding attitude. Life is long and you never know what is planned by God. If your love is true, she will understand it some day and come back to you.

Fresh Valentine's Day Week list love quotes

"This rose is for the most beautiful and lovely lady I know. Just love to be with you."
Happy Rose Day
"Will you be my Valentine? I already started feeling, it's you."
Happy Propose Day
"These chocolates may not be as sweet as you are. Happy chocolate Day dear."
Happy Chocolate Day
"These pair of cute teddies would remind you of us, always. Happy Teddy Day."
Happy Teddy Day
"I promise you to give my best as your partner and love you till my last breathe."
Happy Promise Day
"When I hugged you for the first time, I felt the warmth of our love. I love you."
Happy Hug Day
"A kiss in your forehead means kissing my fortune. You are mine, my Valentine."
Happy Kiss Day
"Your love means everything to me. Please say yes, if you feel the same. I love you."
Happy Valentine's Day

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Happy valentine's Day quotes
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Valentine Day love quotes
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valentine's day quotes
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