Time for family quotes and facts

Time for family quotes
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Time for family quotes! All people round the competitive world today are finding it tough to spent more time with their families. There may be many factors which hold true where a father or a mother may not be able to give required quality time with the family. Sometimes due to long working hours, or long travel time, type of business you have, long duration tours to other places, air force, navy or army person or even a politician, people struggle to find time for their family.

There are many troubles behind that and most of the times, not giving time to family, is unintentional. Most of the people end up in considering weekend holiday as best time for family. But, it may be treated in other way, as either you are far away from home or at home, spending quality time with family does not need any occasion. If you have the right intentions and love towards your family, any time can be the quality time with family. I will explain this fact in details in this post.

So, let’s go through some of the time for family quotes available in the internet. This is important to understand that this facts must be addressed by each family for a happy love life.

Time for family quotes- original

1. Family means life, so spend time with your wife.

2. Distance does not matter when love is in the air.

3. When you are faithful, love proposals are meaningful.

4. Quality time with family, is quality time with life.

5. If life is in the far space, there is love everywhere.

6. Grow love for your love, means romantic mood for ever.

7. Remember, family waits for us when we wait for success.

8. My wife cares for me and my children, I must give time to them.

9. Life partners love us, we must reciprocate equally.

10. Serving family, means serving God, wish a happy family life.


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time for family quotes
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time for family quotes
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time for family quotes
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time for family quotes
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time for family quotes
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Time for family - ways to do it

Let’s know some of the facts of how emotions, affection, time and love can convert any time into quality family time. We all work for living and good future of our family. We are in a constant run after money to stabilize our future. In this run, we forget or often ignore little happiness times and adorable moments. These missed moments never come back. And when we realize this fact in the old age, nothing more is left to live for. So, let’s understand the facts through situation versus quotes.

time for family quotes
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1. Husband far from home for work: This is common in most job holders who either through their aspirations or necessity move to far places away from their family. In such cases, whatsapp or similar data calls are very helpful against international tele call costs. This has to be more frequent and expressible though good quality video calls.

2. Night shift office: For night shift office, when husband or wife, anyone has the alternate routine, it is difficult to meet and spend quality time with one another. This often brings differences and trouble in the family. This can be sorted out by outings in the weekends. Or by fixing suitable time for lunch or dinner together over the week days. Periodic messages of care and love shall also help build the understanding.

More time for family- facts

3. Business shop for 12- 14 hours: The businessperson group who have retail shops or corporate life are often busy in their competitive lifestyle between consumers and dealers/suppliers. They hardly have time for their family. This group of people can spend time with family by letting their wife or other family members involved in the business or shop for suitable time at their ease.

4. Soldier duty: This group of a population have hardest of the times as they are out on duty may be for 11 months at one go. They area allowed for leave for one month a year usually. This group has most difficult times and has to totally depend upon phone calls or video calls. They have to build a routine time for this where they can share, express, solve and show their love and care for their family.

5. Long travel time from office: There are many jobs where the working hour may be 8 hours but the travel time to and fro may be 2-4 hours a day. In this case, they have to start early from their homes and reach late. They get tired and cannot spend quality time even if they are with their family. This group can help build the care and love through quality weekend outing and by showing their love and care at home. The latter can be done through frequent surprises and gifts.

time for family quotes
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Time for family - more ways to find it out

6. Politicians: This group of people when senior are very busy and have long outing schedules. When they start young in their careers, they have to struggle in organizing and spreading the goodwill of their party. This group may be powerful but have little time for their family. They can help by arranging their family members accompany them in some of the outing schedules along with them or by showing their love and care by gifts, messages and video calls. 

7. Students in Boarding school: These students, I feel are not lucky to be with their parents at required age. They are with their fellow mates and can meet their parents once or twice a year. They can have their school management help by giving surprises with parent visits as well as gifts of love and care. No mention, whatsapp video calls are a blessing for such cases.

8. Chauffeur or transportation job: The drivers and helpers of transportation business continuously travel from place to place far from their homes and family. They may be helped by their employers with free calls and data packed sim cards for both them and their families so that they can connect better and see each other.

9. Train drivers or staff for long journey: This group also faces similar problems as above. They have huge responsibility of lives of thousands of travelers and often meet their family once or twice a week at the most. They may be helped by the employer through facilities to help them connect ay time with their family at their ease.

10. Astronauts or scientists: This group is always after new challenges and work on subjects till they achieve the desired result. Such people are intellectuals and most of the times, they continue their experiments at home also. They can help the problem by not taking their work to home and give enough time to their families to meet the love and care they deserve. They can take their families top their work places where ever allowed as well as plan holiday trips more frequently.


So friends, in this post we could find, the facts, problems, solutions and motivating time for family quotes which shall help us all in the long run. How? The quotes shall improve our motivation, love and care for our family and we shall learn how to balance the work and family time equally. Let’s pray for ourselves and humanity to perform the tasks we are here for- spread love, care and prosperity amongst us and our family. So, that all members of the family feel blessed and special. Therefore, spend more quality time with your family.

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