Things you must do before 30!

things you must do before 30
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Things you must do before 30! Yes, in this post we are going to see some of the interesting, ambitious and desirable things a man or woman to taste before the age of 30. The answers to to this question may be infinite. We shall see some of the most common and hidden plans and desires a man or woman wants to accomplish in the young age.

The human birth is full of desires, aspirations and ambitions. Some are lucky to achieve while most are not. This journey has a lot of struggle, competition and luck working around. You never know what is planned for you till it happens. If you find it right, you settle down satisfied. If not, the pursuit of achieving more  continues.

The list of things you must do before 30 is different for man and woman. So, let’s just check out in the slides one by one about both the genders, their liking, desires, ambitions, emotions that they strive for to achieve before 30.

Women and Men- Things you must do before 30!

Find a good job to earn money
Get a term insurance
Be fashionable
Buy a car
Buy a luxury house
Invest in property and mutual funds
An abroad vacation
Have a girl friend
Lose virginity- usual desire of men
Earn name and fame
Look smart and handsome- for men
Look gorgeous and beautiful - for women
Hair transplantation before marriage
Marry your crush or love
Have kids
Have a two-wheeler country side ride
Adventerous sports like sky-diving or bungee jumping
Visit Dubai
Holiday in Goa
Have perfect size of important body parts for posture- men and women
Date your crush
Meet your movie or sport superstar- an autograph
Have a cruise ship ride
Get to a good position in your job
Have silky hair and milky cheeks- for women
Learn your favorite foreign language
Learn playing a musical instrument
Read the best seller books available
Visit some of the wonders of the world


So, tell me, did your ideas match with that in this post. I told you there shall be many more ideas and things you must do before 30. I just wrote down which are common for most of us. If you find some thing more interesting, please comment below. The purpose of this post is not to push anyone forward towards any wrong desires, but only to bring out the common fascinations men and women have in young age. Please like and share the post if you liked it. Thank you.

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