The end of the world place! is it coming soon?

end of the world place
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The end of the world place is difficult to predict. Do you read any end of the world book or watch movies about the end of the world? Don’t be afraid, I will explain in this blog why I am asking these questions? You have to read the complete blog to understand this. But, whatever the situation, we must always be positive and prepared. That’s the real wizard to a healthy positive life and attitude. But, for a while, let us assume to be within the limits of the discussion on “the end of the world place”. 

We all must have experienced this; whenever we hear something like the end of the world place, images like this come into mind. It’s like a asteroid or a meteor crushing into earth or a huge earthquake or Tsunami covering our world with endless water. But that may not be true always or may not be in near future. Yes, not even COVID-19. We have had many such viruses and come out stronger each time. So, mankind will not end of a disease. Then what is there to worry about?

tsunami end of the world
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Just think about it- do you want to be a part of the end of the world place?

When is the end of the world place and what to worry about now? The actual fear on the end of the world is more serious and dangerous. It may sound weird and shocking but it is us, the humans only. We shall be responsible for the end of the world. The division among us politically or strategically and the fight for the ultimate power is alarming. The nuisance of the wars and competition to rule the space make sit more intense.

All these give rise to the most deadliest weapons which can erase the existence of mankind anytime. It may be fact that we humans are selfish and never learn from our past. Or if we know the issue, we still be silent or say something really wrong which escalates the situations. The fight for the most powerful nation or the most powerful religion are the two most dangerous threat to the future of the world. And if anytime the world ends, it will be because of the two prime reasons.

The usual psychology on the end of the world place

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Human psychology is a unique thing but has many things common when figured in broad sense. From years and ages or even from our childhood, as we grow up, we all have heard about the extra-territorial forces. The fire rains, planet colliding with planets, the sun eating the earth and many such imaginary possible acts of God which shall occur with our earth also.

Yes, any time, sometime; although there were some predictions but all of them were not proved true. The point is we were grown up with this idea, even the imagination of which was very creepy and we all are afraid of that day. If you have watched the movie 2012, you know the visuals were very dangerous and intense to create a deep impact inside us- about how such a black day may actually look like. Take the height of the Tsunami waves or the ground over the molten lava in deep earth which cracked like a biscuit. 

If only the feeling of the devastation in imagination affects us so hard; then just think what the real scene can do. Yes, if something happens of this level, we may not live then to discuss our mistakes or actions. We also may not have such huge ships and high value passes to survive as shown in the movie. Although, this may happen someday for sure, we never know what the planetary motions or galaxies have planned. It’s all about balance of energy in some way or the other.

Stop monetizing religion

The ultimate fight for religion is a deadly threat to the security and harmony of the world. Some paid people divide innocent boys and girls. Induce deep into their minds that any religion other than theirs’ should not exist. They brainwash so badly that these youngsters get totally carried away and emotional of their religion and forget humanity. They are taught to kill to save themselves, where they do not even know why and whom?

This business is a arm business and racket where most of the biggies may be involved where security crisis are generated and clashes are being produced and directed from outside. Instead, normal and innocent human beings get killed and keep fighting amongst themselves. They automatically build a bitterness for the killers and feel as if the entire community is their enemy. This has continued since generations and is still continuing. If we do not stop this till total full-stop, the end of the world place is not far away.

The actual insight-we need to rise above

Just for a while think about the whole circle and how we common people are ourselves a part of the system these giant war makers run. Now, out of the 195 countries in the world, may be a dozen countries are involved or a part of the strategies in the making, directly or indirectly. We may hear always about the biggies, but some auxiliary partners help to provide ideas and data to the biggies for powering the strategies.

The basic idea is to continually strike on the economies of other countries and make them fall around or submit to the biggies. This brings huge debt to the small countries and ultimately they have no say left and have to follow or help the biggies silently.What is this all for? The fight to be the most powerful or be a friend to the most powerful is the truth of today.

The diplomacy world

The diplomatic ways of controlling others is now only with speeches and no actions, but the impact is deadly. A simple so-called anti-terrorism attack in some weak country, earns name in one hand while opens market for huge supplies of arms and ammunition. If there is no use of consumables of war, how will the big arm manufacturers or countries survive? So, each crisis seems created.

Take the example of the crude oil crisis, although electric cars were developed since 1884 almost 135 years back, but not being marketed. If that would start by then, what would have happened to the crude oil prices. Today we might have had the option as one cent per litre. There are many countries which live on the export of only oils. Think about them.

A war-like situation always

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When you see a war-like situation around your country, what you normally do? You watch news channels, read google news or online news, and get attached to the news because you are have worries. But your worries are earnings to some other country or person. With one single situation, the TRPs of news channels hike, the country’s governments start new deals for arms or other strategic investments deals with other strong countries.

We find it proud of our govt. and emotional that we are also powerful. But the real thing is we may be making fool of ourselves. Every single entity around us are earning out of any new news or developments related to the strategies of a country. Take the example of COVID-19 or Corona virus. It is heard that the virus has mutated in different parts of the world to next level of virus more than 19. Let us not discuss who invented Corona virus or it is planned or a natural pandemic. Just think about if some country or a person can really do something like this, how devastating can it be to the mankind.

Now, the fight for power has risen above the gun fight. Now, a small virus can end your country’s economy and kill you. So, we must say that, if mankind becomes the enemy of mankind based on country or religious bias, no one can help us. I sometimes can not believe, we read books, watch movies, all such facts are openly covered there, but when ever the enemies plant their plans, we get carried away and make their intentions successful. So, aren’t we acting fools.

The virus and it's medicine

In the case of medicines, drugs, or other essentials, one country is dependent on the other. Even if there is stock for years or a healthy and sustainable production line, they still hike the price, create the demand and then sell it. They show as if the item(s) will perish soon and we need to have some new product. This also is planned. Even the apps and updates in your mobile phones or computers which you use today has been developed may be years ago. But each one of them is released one by one after collecting enough from us from one version. And we think, it is a new version or latest.

Now, people doubt the COVID-19 case to be man-created only for economic crisis and medicine business. Who would have thought of such level of human ill-deeds, if this proves to be a fact sometime. We pray to God everytime. “God, save us from evil, from the bad, make the world a good place to live-peace and harmony for all.” God is surprised to see the evil is not the virus or anything else, it’s within us.


I request all the fellow beings on earth. Please help stop the end of the world place. We know everything going around. Have to be resilient to the forced changes. All must understand the fact that if we keep waste our time in reading all this and show our resistance to these kind of activities, automatically such things will stop. They run it because we watch it or are silent. Let’s not be. Just imagine, what will be the encounters at the end of the world. Why do we forget that there are many more serious issues to be resolved from poverty, malnutrition to terrorism, from global warming to the droughts, how to save ground water and make the world a ideal place to live. Watch end of the world TV shows.

But if we continue to be a part of this fake system of business, some day the chain breaks and we really get to see the end of the world with our own eyes. No, not because of extra-terrestrial, but because of us only. Do give your valuable comments. If you like it, kindly share the article. One of the following end of the world quotes says it all:

“Feared the unknown from outside the world, but found we are our own killers, more dangerous than ever”

Shibajee Dey Choudhury

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