Teacher's Day in India

Traditionally, Teacher’s Day in India means Guru Purnima (Poornima) is considered as a tribute to Teachers , spiritual and academic Gurus. This festival is traditionally observed by the JainsHindus and Buddhists to admire and express their gratitude to their Gurus. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day (also known as Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (english June–July). This day is also known as Vyasa Purnima as it’s the birthday of Ved Vyasa- the author of the epic Mahabharata.

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on 5 September every year. Teachers’ Day is a very special day marked for the appreciation of teachers, and generally celebrated to honor them for their special contributions in a student’s life or the betterment in the fields of education and the society as a whole. But, this day was not celebrated on this date till 1961. It was since 5 September 1962 that Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India so as to mark the birthday of the second president of India- Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was honored because of his belief that teachers should be the best minds in the country”.

We all look upto teacher’s day celebrations in our schools, colleges or different aspects of life where we have a teacher some way or the other. We respect this day in India almost like a worship to Gurus. The blessings we seek from our teacher’s and the good wishes we pray for them are a living example of the still alive traditions of ancient India. We love our Teachers so as they love us. It’s a “happy Teacher’s Day Sir/Mam” from the bottom of our hearts always. The World Teachers’ Day established by UNESCO in 1994, is their Teacher’s Day celebrated on 5 October every year. So, many countries celebrate Teacher’s day on 5 October.

Teacher's Day in India
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Best teacher in the world- Teacher's Day in India speech

What do we mean when we say “xxx Sir / Mam is the best teacher in the world” in our speech or appreciation of our teachers? Most of us have not seen the world yet. Then how can we say that about a teacher whom we have known for a very little time. If we don’t compare atleast 2 persons, how can we say who is best relatively. So, it is better to say instead “the most wonderful teacher I could have”.

The speech on a teacher’s day may include some of the following tips:

A student is born only when a teacher starts teaching.

Teachers are like parents in the school.

Building and shaping lives of the students is the biggest responsibility only on the shoulders of a teacher.

The punishment is for good and not for the bad of the students.

Childhood mostly develops under teacher-hood.

Love and the respect for teachers

Some examples of incidences which changed our perception for a particular teacher or teachers.

and many such more touching lines.

The speech by students during teacher’s day celebrations can be divided into important parts. Please check below:

Give your introduction and about Teacher’s day background.

Tell about your school, class and teachers you most feel proud about.

Share a funny or emotional true incident with yourself or your close friend with a teacher.

Let them know that you are grateful to them and their blessings mean a lot to you.

Tell them, that anytime in the life, if they need you, you will support them.

Important events of a Teacher's Day celebration in India

Teacher's Day in India
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There are many ways to let the programme happen. But, it grossly depends on the plans of the school management and the budget allocated. But a few steps of the function that can make it a memorable one can include the followings:

A good decoration and arrangements of frontline special chairs for Prinicipal and Teachers. With all mike, deck and other arrangements as per your function plan.

Heart touching introductory speech and a song performance created by the students

A drama on school student and teacher incident

A dance performance choreographed on a base of “tribute to the teachers”.

Display of some of the best clicked group or solo pictures of your teachers to surprise them. These photographs may be collected from their family members.

Have a game session indoor or outdoor as per suitability with prizes.

Have a  Antakshari or singing competition among the teachers with prizes.

Take their general view on what are the things which students of under them should improve and what are the good things.

Arrangement of tea/coffee stall, cold drinks or soft drinks, snacks and sweets and obviously a good speacial lunch.

And most importantly, students’ favorite teacher and parent’s favorite teacher awards must be a part of the event.

and many more…

The arrangements can be made through proper planning, even work distribution among the students and all the important events in the celebration must be planned earlier. It must also include a good time management. you can not give much to one activity to kill all the time. So, all the planned activities or events must be organized with a time plan. If not done properly, it may get too late in the function that some of the activities may be required to be cancelled to accommodate the whole function.

Best Teacher Quotes

The best gifts for teacher’s day celebration may be many but I would like to mention some of the best gifts to plan for:

Guru Shishya (Preacher- Disciple) image or sculpture showcase item

Memorable group picture in a beautiful frame

A book of teacher’s choice

A surprise group or sub-group package for a day-out in a water park or a mall, nearby tourist place.

and many more like above…

But the most touchy would be a Book specially made for all teachers by the students and parents full of quotes from all. The best teacher Quotes or Best Teacher’s Day Quotes may be, but all students have to contribute to the package. Just see the following quotes only to understand;

“Happy school days are never complete without you. Wish you a happy teacher’s day Sir/Mam.”

“Good are many, but best are few. We all are lucky to learn from you, happy teacher’s day.”

This type of quotes with names of the student or even names of the teachers or favorite teachers can be mentioned with the quote. Even photographs if any may also be included. This will make each quote a memorable one for the student as well as the teacher for a life time. This will be gift worth to remember and cherish for the rest of life just like a photo album. You can also plan for teacher poem. That idea will also be equally great, or even a mix of quotes, poems and short stories of funny or memorable incidences.

teacher's day quotes
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Teacher Student Relationship

The most important part of a student life is the teacher student relationship. We all have the memories of all our teachers. Some were cool, some were very aggressive and some were indifferent to anything. The strictness of the Principal, the discipline and punctuality, the home work and unit tests, even the surprise tests. We all have gone through that and we would often judge our teachers as good or bad only by these tests or strictness.

But the most important thing is how a teacher plays such a big role in every student’s life. They are the real masterminds of the teaching courses. How easy they made the process of teaching to deep clear conception. Their contribution to the future building of a student is incredible. The job of teaching is not an easy work and all the students in the world must be thankful and grateful to their teachers and respect them.

Let’s make this teacher’s day in India a blessed one. Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, it will be difficult to celebrate it like other years but the idea of arrangements as mentioned above may be done for showing your respect to your teachers. Wish you all a Happy teacher’s Day. Have fun. if you liked the article, please recommend and share it. Do comment with your views and improvement to this blog post.

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