Legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput

can the justice be sufficient to what we shall miss without him in Bollywood​

sushant singh rajput

Whatever happened with Sushant Singh Rajput is undoubtedly very bad. Yes, I too want Justice for Sushant and strongly believe that truth will come out, some day. Only thing we need is to keep the fight On in all forms of media and pray to God for his fast justice. What more we can do? Can we bring a son for his parents, a brother for his sisters? No. The heartfelt emotions of a father seeing his son dead may be one of the saddest of experiences for a father.

His sisters have never thought of that their brother would breath his last only at the age of 34. What about so many dreams the family planned, brother’s wedding, holidays, functions, get together and many more. It is not just about the death of a rising star. It was a message from the political and Bolywood mafia that how far can they go. You must believe this, the entire series of incidences happening since past 3-4 months were very dramatic and filmy. People were opting suicide, no investigation, series of cover ups. Huge pressure on Mumbai Police. Roaring republic of India has proved it once again that although we are the biggest democracy in the world but still people elected by us do not listen to us.

The fate of a reality can not be in the hands of some ministers or so. We elected you, you have to understand our demand and respect the nation wide fight for Justice. Some parties have even started encashing Sushant’s case for votes. Ohh God, what will happen to this country. Only cases like this bring unity amongst the citizens, otherwise we are also equally divided and emotional about our linguistic, religious, caste etc differences. Atleast, for this reason, we are united. Thanks to all.

Sushant in Pavitra Rishta

Sushant in Pavitra Rishta

Although Sushant’s debut show was Star Pluss romantic drama Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil (2008), but he gained fame to every home in India and Indians in the world from Zee TV‘s soap Pavitra Rishta (2009–2011). He was liked by all, especially women of all ages. Because, he was the ideal husband, ideal son and ideal son-in-law. He was the character all Indians would love to see their son like. In his small screen career peak, he opted for trying for Bollywood instead and finally after almost a year of struggle bagged his first movie Kai Poche.

Actually 2 movies were released in 2013, Kai Poche and Shudh Desi Romance. was instantly hit. With his natural acting, he won the hearts of millions and his career in the industry flourished and he signed big films.

With movies like MS Dhoni- the Untold Story- Sushant proved it

kai poche
shuddh desi romance
detective byomkesh bakshi
MS Dhoni the Untold story

We can not forget the characters he played from a young aspirant cricket trainer in Kai Poche to a funky lover boy in Shuddh Desi Romance. From a Pakistani young true lover in PK to the legendary Byomkesh Bakshi character. He was simply brilliant. In MS Dhoni- The Untold Story, he transformed himself into Dhoni through rigorous training and practice. He made the character and World Cup Final real with Sushant’s face. As most of the facts in the movie were not known to general people. But while watching the world cup finals, people were reliving the scene with Sushant as MS Dhoni. And the result was brilliant. The last ball sixer by Dhoni in 2011 was repeated by Sushant in 2016. And yes, his acting and MS Dhoni’s life story gained him huge success overnight. Not only the movie was a commercial success but Sushant was already a star now. 

Kedarnath movie
Sushant Chhichhore

Variety in characters- Sushant was doing diff. characters and doing pretty well

From Raabta, to Kedarnath, from Sonchiriya to Chhichhore and Drive Sushant Singh Rajput just proved it that he is so versatile. If you watch the media interviews with his co-actors, before Sushant’s demise as well as after that, all said the same thing. What? That he was so dedicated and hard-working to get the best out of himself for each role he played. It was not only the rise of a commercial star but most importantly a young, talented outsider who was best in all categories of judging at star. He was one of the best dancers, had a great physique, versatile actor. And many things we came to know after he passed away like he was one of the toppers of his times and had deep interest in astronomy.

The last experience- Dil Bechara

Dil bechara

The last but the most beautiful of them where Cancer patients knowing they have a limited life, live life to the fullest and support each other knowing the fact that they will die any time. As the movie was released after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, people were deeply saddened to watch him. 

I want to say this that many of my friends were not willing to watch Dil Bechera. Why? They said they can not watch as they loved Sushant and knowing he is no more, it will be painful for them to watch it. But I said, He never would have liked people not watching his film, supposed to be his last. They must have watched it. I watched it and loved it. At the same time, the feeling Sushant dies in the end of the movie, was peaceful to me as he was already no more and I was happy he did not have had the pain of Cancer.

But, we all Bollywood lovers watch every movie of their favorite stars or any TV serial base don real stories. So, we can not digest the fact that Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. There are so many questions which are unanswered, and do not understand, why all are afraid to come forward. Let the CBI find the truth. Let the DEPARTED SOUL get JUSTICE. This is his right.

Who knows, young generation can see Sushant comeback with a new life, new talents in Bollywood again and we see him soon, just wish by that time, the black bollywood will be dead and only the good shall remain.

What do you think? Who killed Sushant?

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