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Sunny Leone Hot Images-  Born in 1981 in Canada, Sunny Leone or Karenjit Kaur Vohra (Real Name) entered into the pornography career in 2005. Prior to this, she started with modelling and photoshoots for big magazines in 2001, PentHouse and Hustler. She became famous overnight with her hardcore videos being surfed worldwide.

Especially people of India wondered about an Indian girl being so aggressively involved in such a career. She was featured in the BIGG BOSS in 2011 and then she enterred bollywood. She made good place in bollywood too and gave some of the hits of her time. When asked about her stage name for the adult career, she has said that Sunny is her real name and Leone was picked by Bob Guccione, former owner of Penthouse magazine.

The above information is gathered from Sunny Leone wiki. In this post, I would like to share a collection of Sunny Leone hot images from the internet. Check out the pictures.

Collection of Sunny Leone Hot Images

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So friends, how was the collection of Sunny Leone Hot Images? Hope you liked it. She is now settled in India with her husband Daniel Weber and three kids. We wish her for a great future and good health.  If you liked the post, please like and share. Do comment for your views and advises. They inspire us. You can also visit Sunny Leone wiki for knowing more about Sunny Leone.  Check out her family photos here. Thank you.

Sunny Leone with hubby
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Sunny Leone with family
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