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Sportstar magazine
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Sports Magazines in India! Content ideas. India is a pretty big and diversified country with a huge human resource capacity. But the interesting thing is that the country is a sport loving country and people love to read about sports and sport stars. There are already big established magazines available and doing well. So, new magazines in hard copy or e-store must have different and better content so that people get interested to read them.

The usual sports magazines in India have a typical form of writing which is more or less common and a mixture of gossip and sports instead of systematic approach for content ideas for sports magazines. The problem can be solved by developing a systematic tool by some good technical interviews with each editorial from your favourite sports person. This will definitely help youngsters to build their interest and inspiration from the Do’s and Don’ts for a sports person.

To generate such content ideas for a sport magazine in India or abroad is although not an easy task but is possible. A simple logical episode system on a particular sport speciality for coaches as well as players may be very helpful. Here in this post we shall see some of the new content ideas for sports magazines which shall help both the publishers and the readers.

Content ideas for sports magazines in India

  • Attractive Index: After cover page the most important page is the index page. Nowadays, people don’t have much time to go through all the pages, so the index page and all the content pages must be with beautiful sports photograph background instead of a colour or white background.
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly publications: If the publication frequency is increased with lesser volume in terms of pages, it will be better for the readers who will have more interest to complete the reading as well as the continuity will be maintained.
  • Episodes of specialization trainings: The coverage of particular expertise of sports person on a particular activity or shot or on his or her strength area and how they developed it stage by stage can be covered in episodes instead of a single editorial. For example, a particular player is a very good bowler or a batsmen or a fielder or a footballer or from any sports. He or she can explain one speciality in weekly or bi-weekly publication and readers can follow the shared knowledge in episode style.
  • Exclusive Interviews: Interviews with great sport stars bring interests with the readers while the most depends on the questions of the editor or interviewer who must also have good knowledge and updated status for preparing interesting questions. Such interview strategies and reader’s demand can be covered from present and future plans of the interviewed star.

More content ideas on sports magazines in India

  • Struggle stories of great players: Almost all sport players have to pass the struggle phase in their lives where they have to compete equally talented people and grow strong and gain a speciality which ultimately helps them fight the crowd and get selected or win competitions. Most of them even come from poor families and have to fight for living while pursuing their sport skills. These stories inspire youngsters who are passing through similar situations.
  • Healthy Lifestyle of sports stars: This has always been a major subject and interest among the readers and general public that what the sport stars eat or drink. What else do they do for staying fit and healthy. Small articles sport stars on health and life style shall be helpful for the readers and can attract more readers.
  • Video magazines: In addition to the above, I personally feel, reading blog posts are lesser popular this year than viewing short videos or visuals with the same message. Today’s date, youtube channels or a blog website for the online version of the magazine can be very helpful for bringing traffic and visitors to the publication. In the online world, more options come out like opinion polls, what readers want to see in the next publications, etc. All these would be very helpful.

Popular sports magazines in India

Sportstar magazine
image credit: Sportstar magazine
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image credit: Cricket today magazine
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image credit: ESPN Cricinfo magazine
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image credit: Golf Digest India magazine
Sports Illustrated India magazine
image credit: Sports Illustrated India magazine

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