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Shutterstock contributor, why? This must be the question in your mind, right? If you have interest on photography from any means whether it be a camera or a mobile, you must read this. Beginners like you can start with clicking images around you and earn money online. This is is a win-win situation for you to live your passion as well as stun the world through your clicked images. Now, how to do it, is what we shall read here.

Even if you are in your school and have a hobby of photography, you must be finding time everyday or in a week to click photographs. When you go to a holiday or a picnic, the instincts grow more with increasing options of nature and beauty around you. And you end up clicking some of the besties down your sleeve. That’s when you live the collection you made but most of the times, do not use them.

Here comes Shutterstock free or other photography sites where you can register free of cost and even upload & sell your gallery. The expert team at Shutterstock com analyze the pics and select the best ones with minimum or no error. They seek high quality images to match the viewer’s choice and the high level of shutterstock quality. Shutterstock images are now trending everywhere and it’s one of the best places to open up you skills in photography. Here you can make your won profile and earn fame and money at the same time. The constant reviews from the visitors keep you work motivated towards betterment.


shutterstock images

May be we get to see a beautiful scene of nature when we are on holidays to a hill station or a sea shore or a valley or even a tea-estate. But most of us are lucky enough to born at any of such places and do not even need to pay for the sceneries.

So, when we keep growing our collection of a foggy morning or a wet afternoon, a sunset in a sea horizon or a sun rising from the hills, the cloudy sky or the icy ranges and many more. Why not to earn from that and also let the world know the your art of photography. This is as good a reason for joining shutterstock free of cost and become a shutterstock contributor with your own profile and gallery for sale.



Wild Life

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Passion to wild life photography? Many of us have in us naturally when we feel some alignment to wild life in zoos or sanctuaries or national parks. The wait to see, the suspense and the sweat come hand in hand to finally fulfill your dreams of a perfect click.

When you get one or more of a kind, yes you are already a winner and the success is about to come. Only thing you need to have in mind that you have to have a deep knowledge of the park locations with speciality and right seasons for before you plan a visit.

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shutterstock pets

Yea, its true that most of us have love for pets and many don’t like pets. When we have a member at our home, we generate a deep relationship and bonding with our pets. The thing even goes more wonderful when they respond to your talks, they miss you when you are not at home and your plays in the garden, every thing is like a blessing. Such adorable moments when captured in a click, they become masterpieces most of the times.

This is also a good area of photography work as its in demand.

Health and Personal care

shutterstock fitness

Nowadays, we see the thrive for fitness all around. Whether one succeeds or not, but we like to be fit and the way to be fit is very gorgious. How? You nee a gym outfit, a fitness watch, a sports shoe, a modern cycle, a energy drink can etc when you are out for an excercise. Now all these outfits are branded and people love to see them, wear them and get clicked when they succeed in losing weight or something they find all should know.

So, clicks on the above and even on the products for health & personal care are one of the most searched area you must build your gallery for.

There are so many different area of work in photography which I can not cover in a single blog. The details are endless. From a smooth and easy click around you to deep underwater ocean photography, its hard but exciting & results are awesome. Now you should know how to become a shutterstock contributor. Follow the following simple steps

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Shutterstock contributor login

Shutterstock contributor

The steps are very easy and simple.

First you need to go to and go to the footer section in the left corner. You will find “Sell Content”. Just click there

Shutterstock contributor

A new page will open which will look like this—————————–>

Just a few steps. Login and open your profile. Start uploading pics immediately.

So, friends, this is evident that if we have any passion inside us, we must live it. We never know how does that influence others and become one of our earning sources. Click here to login as a contributor. Check out my profile as a beginner here at – CLICKPICKFORYOU

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