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We talk about SEMRUSH, when we talk about Search Engine Optimization with one of the best SEO tool. What are the tools we should have with us to power our resource and stand tall in the market against our competitors? Well, we have many of them. While there are pluggins, free tools, chrome extensions and many more but we need a tool that is worth having. That means, the tool that gives us results. You many have read various blogs or seen many youtube videos on these. But the main factor is, did you try them all? Yes, the answer will be no.


Yea, its not possible to try all the premium tools until you are at the top of your business and spend a lot more than your expenses on these tools. But, friends, nothing to worry about, you are at the right place. Well, we can not talk about all the tools in a single blog. However, we can discuss on one tool, that is SEMRUSH, the best SEO tool free. Some of the e-books from the SEMRUSH academy. SEMRUSH pricing? Its free friends… hurry up and upgrade your knowlege.




Here we have some of the best SEO tools SEMRUSH can provide for us:


When you need to find any tool or way out to rank or take your business to another level. You first need to learn about the process to achieve the best results possible as well as the tool to use. Here comes SEMRUSH OVERVIEW FREE ONLINE COURSE to learn in details the basics of SEO and how to stand your competitors, everything in a single place. View here.

You can also read these e-books here:


You can also enroll free for the SEMRUSH Keyword Research Course

It’s all here at the same place, SEMRUSH. Either be keyword research or traffic analysis of competitors, or be it the content excellence, or backlink improvement, on page & off-page SEO and everything that needs for a page or site to exel. Just don’t believe me, try all the free trails & free e-courses offered in all these relevant subjects and be a master on your business. You will definitely love it and suscribe to the tool permanently. It gives results you want.


Once you have read about the basics, time to have some online SEMRUSH free trial demo. Here, you can also enroll for training sessions. This involves you to the practical competitive world. And the measurements on which the competition is based. Have a trial here…

FREE TRIAL for 7 days

Now, you can have a 7 day SEMRUSH free trial of the bucket of tools. And see how they can help your online business exel and rank to the best possible extent.


This is a very important part of the work. Backlinks are now a important decider of your ranking. But how to know the backlinks you get or want to get, are good quality backlinks. By good quality, it means from good sources with high Domain authority. And not from any spam or porn sites or sites which have bad content. SO, our first job is know about our backlinks. here comes SEMRUSH Backlink management multi-tool landing.


This is a new add on service provided by SEMRUSH where you can know about the insites of the traffic to your competitor’s site. This will help you take right steps for your business. Get the tool here…


You really need to work on the content of your chosen niche. The SEO part of the content will be taken care off by SEMRUSH. You can see your errors and what should be corrected.


You can easily know the traffic of your competitor here


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