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Seasons of the year! Normally we feel four seasons round the year namely Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each season is very different from the other and can be identified with the climate and weather conditions. The difference depends upon the geographical location of the place also, that is, whether the place is near the equator or towards the poles. Normally, it is colder towards the poles and hotter towards the equator.

We shall discuss about this later in our post. Let’s first know about some exciting facts about the seasons. Do you know that seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere? Yea, its little surprising though. Let’s understand this with an example. For example, as per astronomical seasons, the June solstice, in one hand, marks the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere while on the other hand, it marks winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Similar case is for other seasons also.

Let’s read some fresh seasons of the year quotes and images. We shall also know about the significance of seasons round the year. So, read the post till the end.

12 fresh Quotes for seasons of the year

"Winter is the King of seasons as it holds the chills and ice while bringing millions of smiles in Christmas and New year"
"Spring brings the pleasant weather- no cold- no hot, best time for engagements"
"Summer has the heat and the showers, the humid spice and the romantic moments to cherish"
"Autumn brings the end of old lives and start of new ones- the best example of visual season change"
"Winter means cold, and cold means bonfires and picnics"
"Spring means the blooming season of new life"
"Summer is wet in India due to monsoons"
"Autumn is festive in India, we win the maximum blessings of God in this season"
"Winter brings happiness, joy, health and prosperity to all"
"Spring spreads love and new life"
"Summer shines bright and showers rains to wash our fears"
"Autumn gives us hope, faith and good wishes for the coming new year"

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seasons of the year quotes
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Seasons of the year! Winter

December to February

It’s icy cold in towards the north and south poles away from the equator, while it’s quite less cold in and around the equator. Places in close proximity to seas or oceans are also comparatively less cold in winters. It’s natural, people who see icy winters want to be warmer and people who experience pretty lees cold climate in winters visit high altitude hill stations.

We can just say that winter starts with Christmas and ends with Valentine’s day. In India, we experience cold for mostly mid December to mid January on an average.


March to May

This season defines pleasant weather in many countries away from the equator. While in India, we face quite hot in this period. In general sense, spring is the new beginning for the green life. This period is beautiful in many places while very ordinary in many. In short, all the places on earth do not experience this season.

seasons of the year quotes
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seasons of the year quotes
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seasons of the year
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June to August

In India, this period is not only summer but also the rainy season. India welcomes monsoons each year. This period is quite hot as well as sudden or continual rains occur in many places. Other than the depression or low pressure round the coastal belt, this period receives very hot climate. Not the same condition all over the world though.


September to November

This season is seen as the end of the old and signal for new births in the nature. his season but not Green becomes brown and the trees become leafless as the dead leaves fall. Some places on earth look stunning in this season, while in India people enjoy the festive season and wait for the winter to arrive. It’s more like the closure of the calendar year’s festivals and eve of picnics and bonfires.

seasons of the year
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Friends, whatever may be the science, astronomy, climate, geography, rituals, festivals, numerology, astrology or anything, the four seasons of the year are a deep part of our lives. We plan holidays, eat food, study, bonfires and picnics, etc. all depending upon our favorable seasons. Still, let’s briefly see what things can be done in seasons of the year.

1. Winter: Indians mark this period as Christmas, New year, Makar Sankranti, the Republic Day ending with the Valentine’s day.

2. Spring: This is a tough period for people at work due to fiscal year closing as well as the hot climate in this period in India. It starts from Holi and ends with the first rain of the monsoons.

3. Summer: This season, although hot has a wide period of rains and monsoons which make this season very romantic. It starts with monsoons and ends with rains.

4. Autumn: This season starts with Sri Sri Vishwakarma Puja and ends with Chatt Puja. This period is a entire festive period in India. Durga Puja, Dusherra, Lakshmi Puja, Diwali, etc. all the big festivals are in this season.

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