School Names in India! Spreading education is a great work for the society and we all must appreciate the need and importance of schools in India. Here in this blog, we shall know more about the common and special school names in India. We all know this, but still let me tell you, that India is so very diverse country that language changes from state to state. So, every state have their own taste of school names other than the common chain of heritage schools which have great reputation and history.

Normally there are different base of schools in India. Famous ones are the government schools, the private schools and the famous chain of private and government schools like the Kendriya Vidyalaya or the Central School. The other types include the Play schools, the music schools, the sports schools, the art schools, the dance schools, etc.

We shall know about the types and forms of school names in India including school name ideas which new entrepreneurs can use with respect to their state and language which can attract students and their parents. With a belief of good education and high values, all parents shall come forward for the admission of their children to schools of dignity, good results and high values for discipline and punctuality. And of course, optimum fees in India.

School names in India
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75 Best school names in India

I must say that there is nothing as the best school names in India but the reality is the mass perspective about the schools in terms of fees and education. Like when we search and analyze cars in the market, we check mainly milleage for economy and ground clearance for Indian roads, then comes the looks and colour. Similarly, in India, people search for good schools with competitive results in boards but with lesser fees. Let us see some of the best school names in India in English.

You can go through the list and add suffix and pre-fix as per your choice, location of the school and the student faculty it aims to teach. I have shown some examples just after the list.

Little Angels

Learning Tree



Sky high




Read and write


Heaven’s bliss

Junior’s pride

Teacher’s Choice

The dawn

Beginner’s choice

Rainbow colours

The Brahmani valley


Academy of Fine Arts

The Studio learning

Dream big

The Oasis academy

Fresh Steps

New beginning

Toddler’s Park

Lovely birds

Singer’s choice

 Dance Academy

School of Arts

The Classical Raga

The Best Learner

Pioneer school

Grow High

Future Bright

Morning Sun

The Morning Light

The Sunlight

Best student’s school

Spring season

Little Flowers

Rose Garden


Fly high

Apple Valley

 Barail View

Barak View

Peak point

Rise High

Above grades

Learning Paradise

Little Greens

New Horizons




Higher Secondary

Toddler’s reach

The sea coral

Baby steps

Future Chapter

 Future Base

Right Choice

Tiny Tots

Fresh future

Golf Greens

The Hooghly Brights

The Learning Bridge

Beautiful kids

The Jolly Toddlers

Play Time

The Fun days

The Hill top

Kid’s special

 The Landscape

The School Days

The above were some of the examples of probable options for school names in India. But the bets thing is this is not just copy and paste or “I did not like it” case. You need to derive your type of the school name from the above. We need to understand that the above are only the base of the school names. The final names may be derived by adding the location of the school, or the famous natural or man-made place, or on the founder franchise or the type of the school. Take the following examples.

The name ” Little Greens ” can be used as The Rourkela Little Greens English Medium Insititute.

So, we have the place first, then the base name, then the type of school. Let’s take another example.

The name ” Dance Academy ” can be used as Puja Dance Academy for kids.

So, we have the name of the founder or proprieter, then the base name, then the type of students have been specified.

In this way we can derive so many names using rivers, hills, special places and Great Men & Women of our country

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