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Save Water Save Life means save water save earth! This is the most common advise issued in public interest by governments of almost all countries and NGOs after studies show huge down trend of ground water all over the globe. We will discuss all the reasons in details but before that just think a simple thing. We studied- it rains to rivers, rivers flow to sea and sea evaporates water to form cloud and it rains again. The cycle is so simple and true. Then why the crisis of water is rising? Why we have to save water save life? What is actually going wrong for future?

We have also heard that 71% area on earth covered with water and which is enough to flood the world. It’s a fact that about 96.5% of this water is in the oceans. Although, the entire world will not be under water but if all the ice bergs of North pole and south pole-Antarctica, Greenland and in mountain glaciers around the world melts, sea level would rise about 70 meters. This means any area upto the Elevation of 70 metres from Mean Seal Level wood get submerged under water. Isn’t it dangerous?

Anyways, the subject of the blog is to discuss the reasons of down-trend of drinkable natural water on earth in most parts of the world. This is a very serious issue and needs to be widely addressed to save the future of mankind. The responsibility to “Save Water Save Life” is though a mammoth of a task but when taken care by billions of people of the world together, it is nothing to be worried about. Here, we will see in details step by step from reasons to present status to actions to save water on earth. The readers need to pick the right points for essay on save water save life in english.

essay on save water save life in english
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Reasons of the water crisis- essay on save water save life

There are many reasons for the present water crisis round the world. But it is a fact that groundwater makes up about thirty percent of the world’s fresh water supply, which is about 0.76% of the entire world’s water, including oceans and permanent ice. Let us go through some of the important reasons of water wastage first. We must know the top “save water 10 lines in english”.

1. Open taps while washing utensils or clothes or brushing/shaving.

2. More use of washing machine.

3. Using flowing water for washing cars and floors of parking.

4. Leakages in public health or any government authority water pipe line.

5. No playing with water.

6. Swimming Pool concept.

7. Bathing by showers.

8. Increased use of dish washers.

9. Use of water in factories/industries and power plants.

10. Watering the garden and lawns.

and many more… These were some of the prime reasons against water conservation through out the country or the world as a whole. We know the reasons through advertisements as well as our own regular bad habits we see with and around us. Then why don’t we change or improve our habits? It is sad to know that our future generations may curse us for such devastation to the nature and their living. Water, especially sweet water is the basic need of any life.

Going by the current trends, about two-third of the population of the world may face scarcity of water by 2025. If we don’t care till we are in trouble, who will care for us and our future? So, what are the save water ways? You can also check yourselves on save water save earth drawings and share in social media for mass awareness.

How to save water for future?

There are many simple ways to control the wastage of water by common people like us. Only thing is, we must think of our future and the future of our next generations to come and control our ease of living to strict control in use of water for daily needs. Let’s see to some of the save water methods, most are very easy and possible. Few save water tips for users:

save water save life
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1. Close the taps while brushing teeth or shaving. Even like old days, we can use a mug of water for this. Use spray nozzles in taps which reduce the flow of water but serve our purpose better.

2. For washing utensils, clothes, etc. soak the clothes in detergent water overnight and  wash it with fresh water the next morning, instead of continuous washing with water under tap. Avoid using dish washers to the extent possible, may be once a week only. It consumes a lot of water.

3. Limit use of washing machine for heavy curtains and bed sheets only, once a week instead of washing each and every clothe in a washing machine. Washing machine consumes a lot of water. Or go with sl. no. 2 system.

4. Wash your cars with a bucket of water instead of flowing water with pipe.

5. Frequent checks of supply water line by Public Health Department or other agencies to restrict the flow of water. As the lines are under high pressure, immediate control arrangement must be available to stop any sudden leakage is required. Or the water loss shall be huge.

6. Avoid kids playing with water and private swimming pool concept. These waters need to be replaced periodically and the entire volume is drained out which is a total loss in addition to the evaporation loss.

7. Use of spray showers and faucets with far less wastage and greater purpose serving technology. These can be procured separately and installed in taps and showers.

8. The factories must have a working water management system and recycling plant so that very less fresh water is pumped into the system and the waste water is used for major works. The ash slurry recycling water is a must. All plants must have a  mandatory reservoir in their area from rain water catchment as a storage.

9. The garden and lawns can be watered through sprinklers in the tap-pipe arrangement for less water wastage. We can also keep drums nearby connected to rain water pipes to hold a good amount of water for gardening.


The main step towards-save water and save life

rain water harvesting
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Ways to use rain water for future use is one of the main step towards direct saving of better water. Have you ever heard of sand boring? Ok, I will explain. First let us know the main reason for the water stock downfall beneath the ground. For this we need to know some terms like aquifers, artisan wells, phreatic zones, etc. Lets first know them one by one:

1. Aquifer: An aquifer is a underground water filled stagnant or flow zone surrounded by porous soil or rock. Usually the ground water is found there only.

2. Artisan wells: When the above aquifers are surrounded by impermeable rock or earth layers, the flowing water gets pressurized and automatically comes out to the surface through a self made path through permeable soil called Artisan well.

3. Phreatic Zone: The permeable layer around the aquifer is called a Phreatic Zone. It is usually saturated.

Now, the normal behavior of water used to be as- Rain water- percolation to subsoil- further percolation to ground water zones through permeable paths mostly natural. That is the reason for water table being almost maintaining level in the past. Although the variations used to be during winter and summer/rainy season. This was common and naturally easy as there were no pavements and hard surfaced areas were very less round the globe.

But, now, especially with larger cities being covered with apartments, roads, underground networks, etc. leading to huge reduction in permeable soil. This happens to some of the reasons as below:

essay on save water save life in english
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The after effects to the nature for the water crisis today- for essay on save water save life in english

1. Pavement in apartments or malls, parkings, roads, etc. restrict the flow of rain water to the under ground. Instead the entire water flows to the drains to the rivers. As this is mainly under city planning/municipal corporations, etc. it used to be planned this way. But, now the time has changed. Now arrangements are necessary for letting the rain water percolate to the underground aquifers for larger interests of the future and governments are into new policies on this.

2. The load on the subsoil leading to increase in impermeability of the earth. This means due to heavy constructions inch to inch on a city for a larger period of time disturbs the natural density and porosity of the soil. Just imagine, if the natural density of a particular area of earth is “x” and natural water content “y” when the above ground was only fields or streams or jungles. But, when the area was covered with high rise buildings and pavements, after a time the natural density of the soil below the buildings may be “1.5x” and the water content “0.5y”. Now this shall keep changing in the similar ratio gradually for a longer period of time and ultimately there will be no water left.

3. Permission of bore wells to each buildings or apartments. It is observed that, as a developing nation, most cities of India and similar countries are growing like anything in terms of population and town development. People like to stay in outskirts or sub-urban areas where the apartments or individual houses are cheaper. The staying problem is solved but for water supply, there is no planning. Most of the area is dependent on ground water and they get permission for boring. Now, imagine there are 100 houses in a line and each house is having a bore well 10-15 metres c/c. Then how do we expect water will be left for future?

3.Risk of settlement: When the aquifer is empty for a long period of time, due to extended over burden pressure the gap may collapse also. Ultimately, we need a solution for recharging of the wells and most promoted and considered way is rain water harvesting.

rain water harvesting- save water save life
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rain water harvesting
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Affects of water wastage on ecosystem

From the above information, you must now be clear on the seriousness of the situation of water crisis round the world. It’s not only the human beings, but the entire flora and fauna are dependent on the 3% of sweet usable water from ponds, lakes, wells, or underground sources. The 71 % is salt water and can not be used unless huge cost is incurred for de-salination treatments for the same. Just think about the following affects:

1. Death of animals and birds: You must have seen in the Discovery or The National Geography channels, how the animals and birds travel during dry seasons of the year searching for water. ow think, what will happen to them in future?

2. Farmers and farming: The considerable use of sweet water in irrigation for our food production is also not adequate in many parts of India. Many farmers commit suicide every year on account of bad debts on this account. Look at the cases of some of the places in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Odisha for the past few years. The drought has caused a lot.

3. Imbalance of the eco-system as a whole: Just damaging the nature is human tendency and we are doing it for thousands of years now. From water pollution from rapid industrialization to serious damage to the water quality of the Yamuna & the Ganga rivers in India has its own adverse affect to the ecosystem linked to these.

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Rain Water Harvesting- a way to save water save earth

Rain water harvesting is a modern method to recharge ground water wells. There are many ways of recharging the ground water. We have recharge pits, sand bores, gravel bores, or even storing rain water into a swamp or low lying green area for percolation. Let’s discuss about the bore. The boring is a typical process of pumping out underground water for use.

But, what we do in the case of rain water harvesting the same bore once it reaches the required level below ground, is filled with gravels/sand and perforated pvc pipes. The rain water collected from roof pipes or surrounding paved area through plinth protection drains are connected to the pit. This lets the inflow of rain water into the under ground aquifer through the bore. Filter arrangemnts may also be used if required. The recharge well also has a over flow drain arrangement, in case the bore is saturated during rainy season.

This method is cheaper and can be widely used in open and paved areas after thorough checking and survey of the area to identify the right place of the aquifers. If we do not make it a compulsory step now, the future will be dangerous and very costly to survive even. Till now this process is not a compulsion. But sooner or later, it has to be. We must be able to answer our coming generations as “what was your contribution to save water and save life” motto.

The above points are very important for your essay on save water save life in english.



If we understand the depth of the above facts and  implement the steps mentioned above, we can reduce our per capita water consumption by 20-25%. The per capita domestic water consumption as per the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation in India is 135 litres per capita per day. This includes, bathing, kitchen works, cleaning clothes and drinking water. Also, rain water harvesting can increase the ground water each year and solve most of our problems. 

But, we must make sure that we test the water for rain water harvesting frequently. This is to ensure we do not contaminate the ground water. As the air is mostly polluted round the year, during rains, the formation of acid rain is inevitable. So, rain water can be corrosive to the ecosystem. Nowadays, water testing is not costly but thing is we people do not take it seriously. We should not forget “Water is life” and it must be pure for all. It is our duty to preserve and conserve it for ages to come.

Save water with slogan. For example- “Your love for your next generation is decided by how less you waste water” or like “Save Water Save Life” as our subject or even “Check the taps before you sleep, shows the love for tomorrow you keep”. So readers, you can find your essay content from the above blog post and prepare your subject. You can also prepare save water posters and save water quotes or even save water speech and send with your names. We will publish the top 3 of them. Please recommend and share the post if you liked the information. Do comment and advise for improvements and queries.

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