Save money India: How to save money and time in online shopping?


Save money India!Need tips to save money and time in online shopping? Then friends you are at the right place. With time the market of online shopping industry has evolved and its developing at a high rate. The market is huge but a very small portion of population of the world only uses it. So, the future is brighter. Now, what we, the people, should do before we shop anything online. We must be smart enough to choose the right quality product though, but at the same time we must know the right way to the best site, the right page and the right time to shop. This would help us save money and time while we keep note of what’s going on??? yea, I mean offers or discounts or cash backs or even coupons, whatever but we must grab as most a s possible. So, how? Here are some tips to save money and time in online shopping…

Save money India, how?

1. You have to be Strategic

Save money India? Start your online shopping on a Wednesday for the best deals and the largest selections. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the most popular days for retailers to roll out sales and discount codes.

Make a shopping list and then use aggregate shopping sites to search for the specific items in the sizes and colors you need. You may even find that number of sites are selling the same item at different prices at the same time. So, you have all the options in the world. Only thing is to check the service of the site

save money India

If you really like an item but not enough to pay the full price, you can leave it in your online shopping cart. You can return to it in the future when it may be on sale. Only thing to check is the time for which the cart shall be valid or you can go for no cost EMI which most of the leading sites like amazon are offering

The trick to making online shopping work is to treat your own closet the same way you would treat in a in-store dressing room. Order things in more than one size if you are uncertain which will fit, and try them on at home. If you don’t love them, SEND THEM BACK with no extra cost.

Added bonus: You get to see the items you’re trying in combination with other items already in your closet. See how many outfits you can make with a single item

2. You must be economical: Be frugal

How to save money India? Depending on your level of frugality, you may want to start at the stores where you might find a great deal. Here are some great sites.

save money how
  • Let’s start with amazon, my favorite. It is one of the largest online consignment shop in the world. They have amazing search functionality. The best value is in the designer section where you can find high quality designer clothes often at 70% off and a wide range of good options.
  • Next, yea it must be Flipcart, its India and the Indian desi flavour? yea Flipcart has that
  • We have Snapdeal, myntra, AJIO, Shopclues, Paytm Mall, Tatacliq and many other sites who are on the list and you can try all of them to check their service and products.

3. Care about the source: Try to be ethical

This final note may not be a factor for many, but it must be explored for our greater interests about many aspects behind the scene. Some of these are

  • Who made your clothes
  • How were they paid and treated …
  • What are the chemicals in the dyes and how they affect the workers and the environment …
  • Why we are not using natural fibers that will hold up and also decompose when you are done with them …
save money India

Then investigate where the item was made and what it is made of.

My Ethical Ensembles™ Encyclopedia provides the manufacturing ethics behind the clothing in well-known brands and stores, and gives you guidance on where to shop based on your personal brand.

Online shopping is a change of habit, I know. And changes can be uncomfortable, But atleast think of “save money India”. Online shopping is a great way to search the world for clothing that fits your unique personal brand. You have so many more choices than what you can find strolling through local stores and save money. So, are you upto save money India?

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