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Quotes on truthfulness! Be honest, be truthful, be humble to all including yourself. Good thoughts and positive thinking come when you are true to yourself and others. It’s quite natural that when we keep reading good and seeing good, we start doing good all together. Truth is good and we need to acclaim the fact for good.

In this post, I would like to share some fresh and true quotes on truthfulness. Reading good things inculcate better ideology and mindset for future. So, let’s read some fresh quotes on truthfulness. Also, check out some of the “my selected best image quotes” from the internet for you.

Fresh and true quotes on truthfulness!

1. “Truth is what we see and what we do, but when we be true to ourself, w ecan change the world around us..”

2. “The truth of life may be seet and sour but the truth of death is bitter.”

3. “A truthful mind always give fruitful ideas.”

4. “Reading good and true stories makes one become a good and true a person.”

5. “Positive thoughts only come out when you have a true mind.”

6. “The feeling of love is as true as the feeling of hatred. While a positive and true person always choose love.”

7. “Truthfulness brings lonliness but lots of satisfaction and happiness.”

8. “A true person is one who not only says truth but thinks, feels and spreads truth.”

9. “A happy life in true sense is when we are true to ourselves.” 

10. “Being honest and faithful is possible only when we have a true heart and clean mind.”

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Some quotes on truthfulness!

11. “Truthfulness must be taught and cultivated within new generation from initial schooling days to make it fruitful.”

12. “God’s children have to be true. If not, a wise lesson shall definitely do the job.”

13. “One finds a way out in trouble when he or she has a true heart and wise mind.”

14. “Wise thinking and truthfulness are seed to a beautiful mind.”

15. “A human being gets it’s name not only being smarter of all animals but because they can think with a true mind and love with a true heart.”

16. “True love can happen with you only when you have ever been true to some person in your life.”

17. “A step towards truthfulness is a million steps towards Godliness.”

18. “A true fight against COVID can win us the battle but how can we when opportunists are all around.”

19. “A doctor pledges to be true to his work but finds money worthy than a life.”

20. “True engineers never fail despite of failures because each failure makes them stronger and a better engineer.”

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Some more quotes on truthfulness!

21. “When all our actions are true to the world, then we are a human being in true sense.”

22. “The happiness of being true to others is a great feeling we should never miss in lifetime.”

23. “Love for truthfulness is an affair we all can have even if we are married.”

24. “Truth about life is it’s really challenging while death is lonely.”

25. “The line between right and wrong is very light and thin. So, we must always thicken the line with the pen of truth and honesty.”

26. “A truthful person is as bright as the sun while others are symbol of darkness.”

27. “Being true and honest are the two key factors of being a wise person.”

28. “Build your own way towards truth and honesty, as the road is very tough.”

29. “A person who can take the challenge of being true of a lifetime is a ral human being.”

30. “Never forget your bad habits. They always remind you what is wrong and what is right.”

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More on truthfulness quotes

31. “True friendship is a Blessing only a few are lucky to experience.”

32. “People who depend upon only luck can not taste the charm of winning challenges.”

33. “If you are a true person, may what the situation be, you will always find a way which never hurts anyone.”

34. “Everyone around you may not motivate you, but if you are a true person, your being shall definitely extract the good in them.”

35. “The award of life is dying as a true person.”

36. “My love towards my family is true no matter what distractions I may have.”

37. “The depth of parents’ love for their children can’t be measured but the feeling of this love is priceless because it’s true.”

38. “True love is designed for love, fight, friendship and care. So, don’t judge your relationship immediately.”

39. “My love towards truthfulness is a fight against darkness of life.”

40. “When you be truthful to others, God Will Bless you.”

Honesty and truthfulness quotes

41. “Being honest may be quite tough though but very peaceful.”

42. “Honest and true people may be very limited entity but their strong presence is very effective.”

43. “Honesty begins at home just like charity”

44. “A honest person never lies come what may be the situation.”

45. “Most rich people may not be honest but most poor people are.”

46. “Truthfulness and honesty are prime donors of peace and happiness.”

47. “We all read about honesty from childhood but how many of us really implement it?”

48. “Is being true and honest so difficult that the whole world is choosing the easy option?”

49. “Truth never lies and honesty forever pays.”

50. “Let’s try to be a true and honest person and enjoy the rest of life.”

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