Quotes for year ending-financial

quotes for year ending financial
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Quotes for year ending-financial! The financial year ending is a very tough time for all working people round the world. The sales, turnover, profit, accounting, share price, future businesses and investors’s interest are all at stake. No time to live normal life from the last quarter of the year to financial year closing on 31st March and accounting by April each year.

In this post, we have not covered the 31st December and New Year quotes. You can click here New year wishes. This time we are discussing the practical situations people face during the year ending. So, read till the end for quotes for year ending.

Financial year - Quotes for year ending

1. “Need to meet targets at any cost, but not at the cost of your life.”

2. “Love your job but love yourself too.”

3. “Boss is always right, that does not make you wrong always. So, do your job.”

4. “People say promises are made to be broken. But do not promise anyone what you can’t give. Give your best and pray to God for the rest.”

5. “Entrepreneurs grow through self-confidence, dedication, hard work and talent. We all have them but most of us do not know about it. So, give some time to know yourself.” Read about self-exploration.

6. “Till a financial year ends, we have new targets for the next year. No time to relax. It’s time to wait, breathe and then look forward. Live this life, don’t be machines.”

7. “Work hard when you lag, party harder when to achieve.”

8. “Tough choices to make when it’s about the financial results of a company. Just invest on the right one.”

9. “There are difficult times, just need to let it go. Keep your mind set for your decision and goals in life, rest will happen automatically.” 

10. “It’s very simple. Job and business are interdependent. No good employees, no business and if no business, then no job. So, build your future together and all will be happy.”

year ending quotes
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More Quotes for year ending

11. “Try and try again till we succeed, we all now this. But what we don’t know is our inner talent we are born with. Trying and working harder in the right direction can only make us successful.”

12. “Right decision at the right time will always lead to success.”

13. “Discuss, Debate and Decide is the mantra to commercial success of any business. Unilateral decisions may lead to nowhere.”

14. “Financial targets are prepared to fail. Only way to meet them is accounting jugglery.”

15. “Targets can’t be met on the last day. We must be after it from the first day.”

16. “Taking an organization to the highest level, requires team effort from all the employees. We just need right guidance and equal balance of job distribution and responsibility matrix.”

17. “Work is Worship. So, when we are at work, we are worshipping God. Only prayers do not work if we don’t.”

18. “Mere delegating responsibility does not end the process. We must be in support of our staff till the end result.”

19. “A successful organization is more based on a good human resource. So, just check out the quality of workmanship and skills time to time. Appraise the better and train the weak. Don’t fire.”

20. “The demand versus manufacturing balance is business. Analyzing this fact in a better way can be profitable to the business.”

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Quotes on year ending continued

21. “Love your work, your business, your money, your success but never forget the reason behind it.”

22. “Never forget the efforts for your success in the financial year end. It’s a team effort. Give reward and award and set new targets for your team.”

23. “Profit and loss are the part of every business. So, don’t get too excited with the results. You need to stick to the basics and drive your team towards your company goals.”

24. “A balance sheet may not be actual one but proved to be right through an authority to meet the financial stability of your company. Is it right?”

25. “Don’t run after turnover and profit, run after quality, marketing and customer engagement. You will get the desired results automatically.”

26. “Boss is always right- may be a famous saying but use your wisdom for mutual benefit and growth of yourself and your organization.”

27. “Look before you leap- is what we are taught from childhood. Just follow that whenever you start a new business. This decides your wealth and health in the financial year ending.”

28. “Right investment in right place is a very tough job. You have to be equally lucky as you need to be talented, interested and into the business. This can only lead you to success.”

29. “Your hard work and dedication towards your business is reflected in the financial year end results of your company. Always remember this.”

30. “In the tough world of business where it is said that 95 out of 100 business start ups fail, you have to be brilliantly visible, outstanding and serious with the work if you dream success.”

Some more Quotes for financial year end

31. “In the lighter but witter sense, try to be a smart worker and not a hard worker.”

32. “Perform to be rewarded, lead to be awarded.”

33. “Afraid of taking risk in the business, no chance of profit and success.”

34. “End of the year, is the flash report that says it all.”

35. “Read your customer’s mind, to reach your goal.”

36. “The best team is not mere which yield best results, it’s the one which moves together in all ups and downs and recognizes the efforts of all the members.”

37. “Sometimes small failures help to gain big success. So, never lose hope. Just try to pick that mistake and correct it.”

38. “Values and Vision are very important for the team leader to drive the best out of them.”

39. “Have a smiling end of the year-financial. All the best for next one.”

40. “Work enough to reach your goals, but never forget the strings in the process which made you successful.”

Quotes for financial year ending

41. “Getting best business ideas for your startup reflects in your balance sheet in a financial year end.”

42. “To have the best team needs you to be the best leader for them.”

43. “Only a financial figure may not decide your organization’s success, it also depends upon the human resource, the quality of the product, the facilities you provide to the employees.”

44. “Profit equals to Sales minus Expenditure.”

45. “Make your employee a partner in your company and rise to mutual benefits.”

46. “A wise planning and a far vision can do wonders with the financial figures on a year end.”

47. “Marketing strategy is one of the key factors to the end results in a financial year.”

48. “Valuation of an organization is what reflects in it’s share price.”

49. “Do a business which makes everyone smile at end of the month.”

50. “The profits exels only when slaes increase and expenditures are optimized.”

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