Quotes about girl power

quotes about girl power
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Quotes about girl power! We talk about women empowerment but the men’s world has not yet changed it’s attitude towards women. All must come forward and do our best possible to motivate, empower, inspire and let women aspire high and big and lead the world. If a woman can be a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter, if she has the power to give birth, the power to feed, she is next to mother nature.

Only thing is men try to suppress women because they know how powerful women can be. But surprisingly, women from birth do not know this fact, their powers and limits. Rather they choose to be submissive and soft which the male world uses as per their terms. Now, it’s high time women rise and come forward to claim what is their part of the cake.

Through this post, I tried to give my possible effort towards improving the knowledge of girls and women towards their own self. I hope they get motivated, inspired and stand tall in this tough world. Please check out some of the inspirational quotes below.

10 motivational quotes about girl power

quotes about girl power
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"Girls are next to nature, they overpower all"
"They are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives; they make us proud"
"She is Queen of Hearts, She can rule the men world"
"Our strength lies within the women we all have, so respect women"
"Don't judge a girl by her looks, dress or colour, read her mind and heart, you will fall in love"
"Raise your girl with all the powers, she need not depend on any man"
"Don't control girls, let them fly; they will make your proud and touch the sky"
"When you have mother, sister, wife and daughter at home, you need not fear anyone"
"Women only empower men, actually they let men act on their be-half"
"Love, care and respect women you have in your life, you shall earn heaven's door"

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quotes about girl power
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quotes about girl power
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quotes about girl power
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10 ways to motivate girl power

1. Give them good education of their choice

2. Don’t force or restrict their capabilities.

3. Teach them marshal arts for their physical confidence.

4. Make them learn speech, music, dance and fine arts as extra curricular activities.

5. Build their mental strength by showing confidence and dependability on them.

6. Motivate to practice Pranayama and Yoga, cycling for their health and fitness.

7. Treat them good and more than boys to bring the change.

8. Let they decide their future, while parents and brothers need to just support them.

9. Never compare them to their brothers or other boys.

10. Express your love, care and confidence on them.

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