Pursuit of Happiness quotes! Are we on the right path?

pursuit of happiness
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Pursuit of happiness! We all have watched the beautiful hollywood film and the struggle of life we saw there of a father for his son.The quotes in my blog “Quotes about the struggle of life”, it is well explained how most of us fight for our daily living standards. Here in this post, I want to explain the various facts which are a part of our pursuit of happiness. It may be different from person to person, but the fact remains the same.

We all human beings are living our lives for a simple matter to earn happiness, good health, wealth and prosperity for us and our loved ones. Fine group of people who are extra-ordinary, have a different level for their persuasions and pursuit. They become great businessmen or scientists, artists, musician, sportsmen, pilot, soldier, politician, bureaucrat, etc. In India, we have both examples, people who were born rich successors and people who have build their standards and earned name, fame and wealth on their own pursuit.

Pursuit of happiness meaning is simple when we want to understand it like that. Greed, Lust, Anger, Punishment, Slang are not the happiness goals we crave for. Infact, how we stand tall in the competitive world in our respective fields and make our family proud, is the real happiness goal we all should pursue. Giving time to family, playing with children, taking care of parents are the actual happiness we earn at the end of the day. The materialistic cravings are not real persuasion of happiness, it’s myth rather. The truth is when we realize this, we are too old then.

Pursuit of Happiness quotes

Inspirational Quotes About Life And Pursuit Of Happiness
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If you have understood the pursuit of happiness meaning, you must realize pursuit of happiness quotes. These engages us in the right direction and motivates us as a human being in the true sense. We may see the famous quotes over the internet. But, I would like to share some of the quotes which may be useful for your persuasions in the long run.

“Live your life everyday, don’t wait to live it at the end”

“Don’t kill the kid inside you, or you may never feel matured”

“Don’t marry for a wife, marry for a partner”

“Love may be selfish, but care is forever”

“A struggle today means a success tomorrow”

“Quality time with family is the biggest persuasion today”

“Live your life today, don’t wait for tomorrow”

“Earning money is not the only motive of pursuing happiness”

“Happiness means a wish come true, so keep wishing”

“A fast life today, may end up to a slow and lonely future tomorrow”

Shibajee Dey Choudhury

These were some of the pursuit of happiness quotes which we all should follow in our lives. Today, whatever fields we may be working in, whatever goals we may pursue, how big dreams we may chase, all become meaningless when we don’t have our loved ones with us.

A father constantly working hard for the future of his family and children ultimately comes to know that he missed to live his life. He could not give good amount of time to his wife, could not spend time with his children, he could not take proper care of his parents, could not even hang around with friends and many more dreams of his’, which he could not live because of his responsibilities and commitments for security of the future of his family.

Then what is he pursuing and for whom?

This is the answer we all working men and women must just stop somewhere, sit cool, and give a deep thought, what is wrong with us? what are we doing? Is this the life we dreamt about? Only being successful in the society and earning a good bank balance is not happiness when we sacrifice our today and family to achieve our dreams.

We must understand the real pursuit of happiness meaning and deep meaning about the pursuit of happiness quotes. Believe me, although I am author of this blog but still I find it difficult to meet the right actions as explained in this post. Due to busy office and blogging schedules, I hardly find time for my family. But still, I manage to spend as much quality time with my family and kid so that they be happy. We stay far from our parents. So, I talk to my parents daily. This makes me happy.

If you could connect with the post, do like and share. Also comment your views which I have missed in this post. For now, wish 2021 brings happiness to all. Thank you.

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  1. Work and personal life balance is very important. This will sorted out many things in our life. I personally feel that. Hope from now onwards we live our life daily. Stay fit and be happy always

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