Prayer for departed souls

prayers for departed souls
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Prayer for departed souls! Prayers in all forms, religions, locations or languages are acceptable to the God/Bhagwan/Allah only when done from pious heart, clean body and devotion. When a person leaves the world, his or her loved ones,  friends are left with heavy heart, sadness and tears. But, if we attend their funeral prayers or any form of prayer for the well-being of his or her soul, shall make the after life journey easy and safe for the dead.

I was going through the net in this subject after I lost a very close friend of mine last week. I found the content is far less and needs to be strengthened. So, I thought of posting prayers for you all. You can easily copy the content and translate in google translate for prayers in your preferred language. Please read till the end.

Feelings and Prayer for departed souls- English

God, what a being was this person,

How lovely were the times we spent,

The games, the work, all the fun we had,

Oh God, never thought would last for such a less time!

Can’t forget the smile and charm,

And the jokes full of laughters,

How can I get back to those days,

To enjoy and cherish the moments again!

Who left us in grief and tears behind,

The friends, family and children crying,

Don’t know when and how the gap will be filled,

And we live normal life again!

God, want to pray for my friend- departed soul,

May the path to Heaven be easier and simple,

May You Forgive for all the mistakes,

May You Hug and Bless the soul!

Oh God, please give strength to the family behind,

Bless the children with a good future,

Take Care of the old parents,

Now, You Have to Do everything for them!

Oh Lord, only You Know what You Do and why,

I know You Have bigger plans to execute,

Our Belief for You is our strength,

Bless the world with Your Divine Light and Strength, AMEN!

Short Prayers for departed souls

Oh Lord, Savior of the mankind,

Bless the soul of my friend with peace,

May he/she find place in Your Heart,

Wish him/her for the Heavenly abode!

If there is Re-Birth in this blue planet,

Please Bless him with a better life,

Make him a better person for good of the world,

You Know the Best for him/her. Amen!

prayers for departed souls
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Oh God, if life is so short, why you gave it,

It’s so fast and full of role play and challenges,

When we would get time to cherish our best moments,

I am mourned on the untimely demise of my friend,

Oh Almighty Lord, please Bless my friend’s soul,

Please Give it the love, respect and peace it deserves,

Embrace him/her through the journey to Heaven, Amen!

Oh friend, the great soul,

Please return to to the Creator,

Ask Him what is your next job,

He Has bigger plans for you, my dear!

We pray to the Almighty Lord,

To make your journey easy and simple,

May you be under constant Bliss of the Lord,

May you rest in peace, Amen!

prayers for deceased people and departed souls
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prayers for departed souls
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More Prayers for departed souls

May Almighty God, Bless the deceased souls,

The untimely accident that caused mass deaths,

Must be for a Bigger Plan You Have,

Embrace them all and enlighten their afterlife in Heaven!

You are the Creator, You are the Forgiver,

You Decide everything, when and how,

We need Your Blessings and Strength,

To be strong and fulfil our job entrusted by You, Amen!

Oh God, when You Decide when and how,

From birth to death, then and now,

You Have Planned everything for all,

You-the Creator and You- the Destroyer!

We lost our loved ones, could not save them,

Only pray for their souls to rest in peace,

Pray for their Blessed after-life,

May they get all the Best what they deserve, Amen!

prayers for departed souls
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Prayers for the deceased

The Paradise waits for you,

You left us far behind to weep in pain,

May you be free from the worldly illusions,

And meet The Almighty Lord in Heaven!

Wish you have a happy journey to Paradise,

The place with only good, happiness and Bliss,

May Lord Embrace you tight,

Oh God, help us out from the sorrow and plight, Amen!

God gave you life- the human life,

So, you must have proved to deserve,

Now, He wants you back for a new assignment,

So, you proved to be deserving again!

But this plans are between you and God,

We- the close ones do not deserve to miss you,

You can’t leave us in grief and pain,

Oh Lord, Bless the departed Soul and also give us strength to live, Amen!

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