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Picnic spot in Rourkela Darjing
Darjing- Best picnic spot in Rourkela

Picnic Spot in Rourkela! Out of the many tourist places in and around Rourkela, the place called Darjing is selected to be the best of all for many reasons I will explain in this post. Love for picnic may be the most common nature around us but love for the best spot shows the taste for a good choice. Although it’s true that picnic can be arranged in a backyard, park, sea shore, hill location, river side or even your terrace, etc, but just think about the mix of all features you would love to enjoy in a picnic in the true sense of the term. 

If I ask you what are the features of a best picnic spot what will be your answer? Yes, it may be different as we all have our own choices and wisdom. But apart from that what if I express my feelings for a true picnic spot with an example of my own experience which made me visit 3 times in a span of 2 years, of course in winters. Let’s take the example of best picnic spot in Rourkela or if you go by distance may be best picnic spot near Rourkela. The answer will be Darjing for sure, atleast when you ask me.

Yes, I will support my claim with examples and features why this spot or spot like this must be acclaimed as the best picnic spot. Just read this post till the end to understand why I claim this. If you google ” what is picnic” , you will find  the answer as ” an excursion or outing with food usually provided by members of the group and eaten in the open also “. Yes, but it’s not only eating out in the sun or at a bonfire, it’s a combination of nature and human being out of the fast and selfish world.

Picnic spot near Rourkela
Distance of Darjing from Rourkela- googlemaps

Darjing- The best picnic Spot in Rourkela

Picnic spot near Rourkela

Darjing, over the Brahmani river, is no doubt the best picnic spot here in Rourkela. It is located approximately 45 kms from Rourkela city. Although the road to the spot is under construction presently and so, it takes about 1 hr 15 mins to 1 hr 30 mins to reach the spot from Rourkela city. It is well a rough drive with a mix of good stretches as well as dusty and rough stretches. But, it’s also true that places like this are a gift from God and this journey is nothing in front of the spot.

Note down the following features the spot has which turn out to be the ideal condition for a perfect picnic spot.

1. Far from the busy noisy city

2. Rocky river bed

3. Surrounded by hills

4. Clear Blue water

5. Space for rocky kitchen

6. Shallow water for playing

7. Great for swimmers

8. Cold flowing water current sound

9. Near temple

10. Main road visible from spot

11. Safe place

12. Winter outdoor spot

These were some of the features which make Darjing as one of the best picnic spot in Rourkela. Just plan and hang around the place. The ideal time for picnic in this spot is from November to February, while December and January being the best of all. So, friends, plan, get set go… Have a safe and memorable picnic with your friends and family. If you like to explore more options, you can also try

1. Jhirpani- sandy river beach- approx 6.8 kms from Rourkela on the bank of Koel River

2. Kansbahal Dam- the upstream of the dam with a forest corridor- approx 28 km from Rourkela

3. Pitamahal dam – 26 km from Rourkela

4. Mandira dam – 44 km from Rourkela

5. Tarkera river side – 10 kms from Rourkela on the bank of Brahmani river

6. Titarkela – 15 km from Rourkela – on the bank of Koel river

Choose your best picnic spot in Rourkela

So far as my choice is concerned, a dream picnic spot must be on a rocky shallow river. So, for me Darjing is the best picnic spot near Rourkela. Click this link for youtube video of Darjing picnic spot. Friends, you can choose you water spot for picnic parties form above or suggest if you have more options in the comment box. 

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