Moustache style! fashion statement or attraction appeal

beard and moustache styles
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Moustache style may be many, but is it true that it resembles only fashion or a strong appeal by men for their manhood. Let’s know about it in this post but before that let us know the meaning of moustache. It is facial hair grown above upper lip. For men, it’s a common biological activity and it starts at the age of 12+ when naturally boys attain puberty. Puberty in boys means change of voice from kid to boy, growth of hairs in under arms, around sex organs and facial hair including activation of sexual organs.

This may be a reason men link moustache with their manhood. I discussed it here in this post just for an introduction. The main objective of this post is to know the fashion, tradition and appeal what men and salon have taken it to the other level. In India, beard and moustache style are seen in the gesture since pre-historic ages. So, let’s see the fashion outlook of moustache styles today.

Moustache style! Fashion statement

Fashion for moustache was different in different countries round the world.But, today modern salon franchise links round the world and different countries have all brought it together and made the charm open to all parts of the world. Today a man in India can just even use the internet or follow a hair stylist in social media and get a new look immediately in a salon of his choice.

And similarly, our traditional beard and moustache styles have spread wide into the world. Let us see some of the pictures trending and followed by most beard and moustache loving men round the world. It is true that I can’t cover all the details in a single post. So, I have selected some of the examples where stars or normal people round the world look with and without beard and moustache.

Pierce Brosnan no moustache
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Pierce Brosnan with moustache and beard
Pierce Brosnan with moustcahe - image credit:
young Johnny Depp no moustache
Johnny Depp young - image credit: Pinterest
Johny Depp with moustache
Johnny Depp with moustache - image credit: Pinterest
Virat Kohli no moustache
Virat Kohli - no beard - image credit:
Virat Kohli beard and moustache style
Virat Kohli with moustache and beard - image credit:

Some more beard and moustache style

Today it does not matter whether you have dense hair or you are bald. Fashion , styles for every one and it can take your look and appeal to another level. Now, there is no worry if you have hair fall problem, or do not have thick beard or moustache, stylists and salons shall identify the best look for you. Just check out some of the pictures where the hair styles or beard and moustache style have been taken to another level.

Modern moustache styles
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Modern beard and moustache styles
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Modern beard and moustache style
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Ranvir Singh modern moustache style
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Indian traditional beard and moustache style

Beardo beard and moustache styles
Beardo - where there is beard there is Beardo-image credit:

Let’s check out some of the traditional moustache and beard styles of India. These are traditions more than fashion or style. If you are a saint, means you are on the spiritual path towards God and betterment of humanity. A saint does not cut his hair or beard- moustache. So, it’s not a style or tradition but values and belief too. When you see Rajashthan or Madhya Pradesh, you find people with different turban and stylish beard and moustaches and they look wonderful along with their traditional attire.

Obviously, there are some people who come out of the common practice and take it to the next level.

Traditional Moustache styles of India
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Indian traditional beard and moustache styles
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Punjabi beard and moustache styles
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Indian traditional moustache styles
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The manhood appeal and moustache style

It is known that some girls do not like beard or moustache while some do. It’s how you look at it and the opinion varies from person to person. However, it must be appreciated that the normal and natural facial hair growth has been taken to a different level of competition and acceptance world wide.

The advertisements of fashion and photography of these styles have grown the interests of boys to men by anything. Today beard and moustache style is evenly and widely seen from the early young age. Opinion of girls obviously did not change overnight, it is the fashion which changes with time and we must be happy about it. It is also true that looks vary from person to person. A moustache style followed by me may not be suitable for your look.

So, the effect of the pictures of models and character looks of stars and sportsmen do inject the trial feel on fans for similar fashion style but it is not necessary that the same look may suit everyone the same way. I would give a 60% on fashion trends and 40% on other factors like appeal, etc. However, people who have to follow beard and moustache as a part of their religion, belief and tradition are different and not at all linked with fashion or appeal. Thank you.

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