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Tips for a wife to keep mother in law happy

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Mother in law quotes and mother in law birthday wishes! Here in this post we shall get into the wife mother in law relationship. First, what is mother in law meaning? She is the mother of your love of life. How to keep your mother in law happy? Yea, every daughter in law tries her best for that but things always do not move the desired way. There are different situations and different nature of people, so it’s always not possible to generalize the ways of keeping things fine.

However, we can discuss about the common tips of making the wife mother in law relationship better. I want to share some tips as well as fresh quotes and birthday wishes to make her feel special.  Yea, this is also a fact that all mothers do not take it the way you desire it to be. Let’s take it simple and in a good way to bring things sweeter between you and your mother in law. Love for your husband and her mother does not come naturally always, it develops with time instead. 

A girl, a daughter leaves her everything for her husband to start a new life at a new place. She must get all the affection, love and care so that she can normalize herself in new rules and family. It’s the role of a mother in law to make it easy for her. But if it’s not that way, there ways it can be turned into your way. Let’s see how? With some tips for the wife, mother in law quotes and birthday wishes. Read the post till the end.

10 fresh mother in law quotes

"Without your blessings, I can not live a happy life Mom. Bless us"
"I love your son Mom. Thanks for everything. I will never let you feel low. We are a stronger family now."
"After marriage, you never let me miss my Mom. Love you mother in law."
"You are the sweetest mother in law in the world. Thank you."
"Bless us Mom and Dad, we follow you as a couple. Let's be the sweetest family."
"You are the sweetest mother in law in the world. Thank you."
"I promise you to care for you Mom. You mean a lot to us. God Bless you."
"I feel as the luckiest daughter in law to have you as my parents. Thank God."
"The wonderful tips you taught me in cooking made me earn lots of fame. Love you Mom."
"No matter what, I will never leave you alone my dear Mom."

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Tips to keep your mother in law happy

Tips for wife when mother in law stays far away

There are most cases where your mother in law is not staying with you. And may be you meet once or twice a year with her during festivals. In such cases, get in touch with her often a day through video calls or phone calls. Share your daily activities and plans with her. Take her advise in cooking even if you know the recipe. Ask her views on doing better with her son. Show your care for her and father in law over phone. Invite them to your place often. They should never feel neglected or ignored.

You must feel that for their entire life they grew up a son who is not staying with them for career commitments. They too can not stay too far from their original home and relatives for long. So, they naturally feel lonely and miss you all. So, be kind to them and have that understanding with them. You can send them gifts periodically and seek their blessings.

video call with mother in law
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Puja with mother in law
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Worship God regularly

Indians are a thorough God believers and worship God daily. Almost all have the Puja setup at home where they can pray and talk to God about their problems and seek Blessings and good time for all. The old generations have more faith on God. When you too give a part of your day’s time in Puja and worship, you are actually seeking Blessings of God for the well-being of your family and the humanity as a whole.

Try to feed her what she loves

In India, we say to win hearts you need to feed well and tasty. That means if you can cook tasty food of choice for your mother in law as well as father in law, you have done half the job of winning hearts. You need to ask her for tea and water time to time. You win her heart more when you take equal care of father in law too. You will find her approach towards you will improve and she will start protecting you in the house, even against her son.

mother in law wife eating
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shopping with mother in law
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Shop with her

Plan weekend or random shopping with her. Go to malls or vegetable shop or cool window shopping with her. You can get a surprise gift for her. She will surely like it. It’s really psychological when you give her importance to choose while buying something for your home or family. This is as simple as that. You will find inclined towards you and she will start sharing it to her counterparts that she is lucky to have you as her daughter in law.

Some more tips for mother in law quotes and wishes

Let your kids spend time with her

It’s very essential to let your kids spend time with your mother in law and father in law. You must input the respect and love in your children about your mother and father in law. They must know the importance of their grand parents at home.

Let them play and listen to kid bed time stories from them. This relaxes them a lot in the old age and they find a reason to live more. You need to understand this very clearly that tomorrow you too will be at similar stage.

mother in law grand daughter
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Take care of her medicines and health

Take care of her health and medicines. keep asking her if she had her medicines on time and the right one. Apply oil massages in her legs or hands or a head massage to make her feel good before sleep. These small gestures make difference. basically, it’s like treating her like your mother.

mother in law care
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Listen to her calmly

mother in law wife relationship

It’s very important to listen to her, what she wants or feels. This may be about anything, a work, a requirement, a plan or anything. Just try to do what she wants if you feel its right. Further, be a good listener to her stories. May be about your father in law or your husband or any other in laws.

She shall want you to know about her relatives and relations with them. Just try to stick to the same tune instead of doing something too out of the sleeve.

Mother in law birthday wishes

mother in law birthday wishes
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Check out some of the best mother in law birthday wishes here.

1. You love and care protects me. Happy birthday Mom.

2. Maa, you are a blessing for me. Happy birthday.

3. May you get all the happiness and good health, happy birthday.

4. Happy birthday Mom, I love you.

5. Many Many Happy returns of the day Maa. May God Bless you.

6. After marriage, you never let me feel without my mother, Happy birthday Mom.

7. Your son is a blessing but you are my God. Many many happy returns of the day Maa.

8. Happy birthday Maa, wish to have you as my mother in law in my each birth.

9. Mom, it’s your birthday today. Wish I could be with you to celebrate it together. Just be sure that I miss you and load and loads of love and good wishes. May you have  a healthy and happy year ahead. Happy birthday Maa.

10. Good morning Maa. Many many happy returns of the day. Stay well, enjoy this day to the fullest and check out the surprise for you.

mother in law birthday wishes
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mother in law birthday wishes
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In short, just spread love to get it in return. It may be true that no women can match your mother. But more the love, care and affection you share with your mother in law, more happy shall be you and your family.

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