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months of the year quotes
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Months of the year! We all know there are 12 months in a year but what we don’t know is how these 12 months are so unique and special. They are not just seasons for a wedding or festival or rains or cold, they are not linked to your fiscal year results or holidays. They have so deep sense and meaning and huge impact in our lifestyle and decisions we make.

The significance of the 12 months round the year is deeply linked to 753 BC in the Roman calendar. Initially they named only 10 months other than January and February as for that period, the government and military used to be inactive. You can also search the internet for details. However, I tried to explain below. 

The comparison of calendars

Roman Calendar

1. Martius named for Mars, God of War.

2. Aprilis-Latin word aperio.

3. Maius.

4. Junius.

5. Quintilis.

6. Sextilis.

7. September.

8. October.

9. November.

10. December.


1. Month the military & govt. activities used to resume.

2. Opening of buds in spring.

3. Named for Goddess Maia.

4. Named for Goddess Juno.

5. Number 5.

6. Number 6.

7. Number 7.

8. Number 8.

9. Number 9.

10. Number 10.

Gregorian Calendar

1. March 

2. April 

 3. May

4. June

5. July

6. August

7. September

8. October

9. November

10. December

Eventually, names of the months, January was derived from Roman God Janus while February was derived from ancient spring time festival Februa.

Julian Calendar

Between the Roman Calendar and Gregorian Calendar, the Julian Calendar. it was the time of Julius Caeser. When he became the Pontifex Maximus, the reformed the Roman calendar to match the 12 months of the year with the revolution of the earth around the Sun. January and February were given no. 1 and 2 positions of the year to start with and leap years were introduced to match the calendar year with the Solar year.

Quintilis was later renamed as July in honour of Julius Caeser in 44 BC. Also, Sextilis was renamed as August in honour of Roman Emperor, Augustus in 8 BC.

Today's Gregorian Calendar

This calendar just adjusted the Julian Calendar from 365.25 days a year to 365.2425 days a year. This made the leap year correction in every four years more accurate.

2021 calendar
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12 Months of the year Quotes

"January is fresh and cold as it's new"
"February is full of love expressions, don't be late on yours'"
"March is tough as it's name, so you need to be tough too"
"April marks New Year for many, so pray for the well-being of all"
"May is hot and hard, so plan for the chilled weekends"
"June marks mid year, so plan what you missed in the first half"
"July starts the second half of the year, so be fresh and active"
"August is restless and wet, must have a raincoat"
"September helps earn Blessings of God for all"
"October is Blissful for all, so pray to God"
"November is start of winter and newly wedded lives, so enjoy"
"December is for picnic and party, Merry Christmas"

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Usual month of the year habits and practices

January to June

1. January: It’s the cold start of the year, A New Year rather with festivals like Makar Sankranti. People are in a picnic, party and bonfire mood in this month. It’s also the last quarter of the financial year and advents the pressure period for working people.

2. February: This month is critical for working people as it’s also the middle of last quarter of the fiscal year. However, for students, it’s the start of exams while for lovers it’s the Valentine’s month and start of spring season.

3. March: Winter has subsided and the spring season ends in this month. A tough period for working class with the challenge of turnover and cash collections. The last month of the fiscal quarter. Exam time for students and festivals like Holi fall in this month.

4. April: This month marks the start of new financial year. New sessions for students. A light month for working people after tough March. Festivals and Regional calendars of India mark new year here with festivals like Ugadi/ Telugu New Year/ Bohag Bihu/ Gudi Padwa/ Vaisaki. It’s a mixed weather with hot and storms.

5. May: May is the last hot dry month of the year. Budhha Purnima is in May.

6. June: June has hot weather as well as advents start of monsoons. June has festivals scheduled like Ratha Yatra. It’s the end of first fiscal quarter of the year.

last month of the year quotes
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months of the year quotes
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months of the year quotes
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July to December

7. July: It falls under hot, humid and rainy season. It’s the start of the second quarter of the fiscal year. Festivals like Guru Purnima, Haryali Teej and Shravan Shivratri are in this month.

8. August: The month marks the festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Janmasthami. It’ s middle of the monsoons.

9. September: It has scheduled festivals like God Vishwakarma Puja, God Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram. It marks the end of monsoon but the hot, rains and humidity remains. It marks the end of second quarter of fiscal year and mid semester for students.

10. October: October is full of festivals mainly, Gandhi Jayanti, Durga Puja, Dushhera, Lakshmi Puja. So, schools get little holidays and  people get into festive mood, get together with family and friends in this month.

11. November: November marks the start of Winter season. Festivals like Chatt Puja, kali Puja, Diwali are celebrated in this month. It’s season of weddings.

12. December: This is last month of the calendar year and end of third quarter of the fiscal year. Working class get pressure but at the same time have party time for picnics and parties with bonfires. It marks the end of the wedding season for a month. Festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Eve are celebrated in this month. It’s the month of holidaying.


I will advise the followings over the months of the year

1. January: Picnic, party, celebrations.

2. February: Valentine’s month. Month of love.

3. March: Hard work.

4. April: Blessings of Festive regional New year.

5. May: Hot hard work month.

6. June: End of Mid year. Start of rainy season. Do not plan for wedding or holidaying.

7. July: Hot, humid and rainy. Do not plan for wedding or holidaying.

8. August: Hard work month. Do not plan for wedding or holidaying.

9. September: Fiscal mid year. End of rainy season. Festive month starts. Enjoy.

10. October: Month of festivals and holidays. Plan for it.

11. November: Month of festivals, weddings and advent of cold winter. Plan for it.

12. December: Chill winter and festive month with end of the calendar year. Plan for holiday and party picnics.

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