Monday to Sunday quotes

Monday to Sunday
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Monday to Sunday! There may be many plans around the world for a week, but what happens any not always be as planned. Employers plan something for the staff while staff plan something else. Kids plan something while teachers have something else for them. Husbands may plan something too but happens only what wife wants! ha ha ha… yea it’s more or less true. We husbands need to be more convincing though.

From food to work, from leave to outing, tour to illness, we may not know what is actually coming rather we be positive and play set role in our lives. Through this post, I would like to share common incidences and quotes that happen with us over the weekdays to weekends. But that’s not important, what is more essential is how we take the challenges, that is, plans versus actually what happens.

Let’s see some of the facts, funny or serious, what we see and experience around, Monday to Sunday quotes as well as what should be perfect plan for a Monday to Sunday. Just read till the end.

7 work Monday to Sunday Quotes for you

Monday to Sunday quotes
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1.“Monday comes with a long week work schedule and most of the times it’s really tough”.

2. “Tuesday follows Monday schedule when the job of Monday is reviewed”.

3. “Wednesday marks the start of mid week and a smile on our faces”.

4. “Thursday passes with long late meetings when bosses plan our next week”.

5. “Friday brings smile on our faces as weekend nears”.

6. “Saturday passes by fast till the party evening arrives when we plan big for Sunday”.

7. “Sunday is the day of rest, love, outing and enjoyment, but till the evening, as the night opens to Monday.”

"Monday comes with a long week work schedule and most of the times it's really tough"
"Tuesday follows Monday schedule when the job of Monday is reviewed"
"Wednesday marks the start of mid week and a smile on our faces"
"Thursday passes with long late meetings when bosses plan our next week"
"Friday brings smile on our faces as weekend nears"
"Saturday passes by fast till the party evening arrives when we plan big for Sunday"

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Monday to Sunday quotes
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Monday to Sunday quotes
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Usual week-around day wise

Monday to Thursday

1. Monday: It’s start of the week. You may have many work schedules to meet. It’s called Somvar and Lord Shiva’s Day. So, you may be fasting and visit a temple for Puja and blessings. It’s a vegetarian day for many. Start of the week usually is heart-breaking as people need to wait another 7 days for a Sunday. 

2. Tuesday: It’s 2nd weekday and God Bajrangbali day. It’s called Mangalvar and the day of the bachelors and those with strong resolutions. It’s a vegetarian day too for many people. At work life, it’s too a tough day.

3. Wednesday: It’s the start of mid week and called Budhwar. It’s the day of Lord Vishnu . Work life just stabilizes this day and people feel little relief as it’s the 3rd working day of the week. People can have non-vegetarian foods this day.

4. Thursday: It’s called Guruvar, means day of the teachers. It’s also the day of Maa Lakshmi, The Goddess of health, wealth and prosperity. So, most of the people have good time in the temple for the blessings of Maa. People have vegetarian food this day mostly while some continue non-vegetarian.

Friday to Sunday

5. Friday: It’s almost end of the weekdays is Saturday is not a working day. It’s also known as Shukravar. It’s the day of Goddess Shakti Maa. People have non-vegetarian food . At work, you can have wide smiles as weekend is at the door-step and you can postpone some of the activities to Monday.

6. Saturday: This day is called Shanivar, the day of God Shani Dev. People prefer Temple visits and Puja this day and vegetarian foods. For some, Saturday is a weekend while some still have work. Still, it’s the evening party day for most of the working class as the next day is Sunday.

7. Sunday: This is the most famous day of the week. It’s the holiday. Sunday is also known as Ravivar, means the day of Lord Sun. People have shoppings, housekeeping, outings, picnics, bonfires and games planned around with friends and family. This day, people celebrate as a non-vegetarian day.

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So friends, we saw some of the fresh quotes from Monday to Sunday as well usual week day and week end common man feelings and habits. We may be in India or abroad, we all share a bond of culture which makes us Indians. We also share similar work culture, emotions and family values which makes our life style almost similar around different parts of India.

I conclude this post with the following routine:

1. Monday: Fast for half a day, workout, stay cool and calm at work. Plan the weekdays sensibly.

2. Tuesday: Eat vegetarian, continue to follow the plan. Don’t be lazy.

3. Wednesday: Workout hard as it is a non-vegetarian day, smile at the midweek and be efficient.

4. Thursday: Pray to Goddess Lakshmi, have vegetarian food and work smoothly.

5. Friday: Be happy, have non-vegetarian food, work out hard and plan for the weekend.

6. Saturday: Enjoy the start of weekend, have a party in the evening with friends or family. You can plan for medical scheduled visits this day.

7. Sunday: Have a lazy morning, clean your house, help your wife or mother in their works, shop for the week, plan for a outing or a movie.

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