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Love of my life quotes! What is love of life? The answers may be different. Some may prefer mothers, while some may go for fathers, while parents go for children, young couples go for each other, some go for work while others go for stars of movies or sports or famous men and women. But, i n general, when we say love of my life, commonly it is well taken as couple’s love. A love bond between husband and wife.

In this post, we shall see some of the quotes fresh and inspiring for the feelings and desires towards our beloved person. We shall see the quotes in slide form and in purview of men as well as women. Love can happen any time to anyone. It is never planned or organized. It’s sudden and when you discover you are in love, you feel like you are in the wonderland.

To feel other’s love you too must be in love or you can never understand the power of love. Love is like a bucket filled with joy, happiness, emotions, care and bond. Who will not like to grab the bucket. So, fall in love if not yet before it’s too late. Living a full life without love of your life may be meaningless at the end of the age. So, love and read the quotes.

Slides for love of my life quotes

"Love may not find you, but you need to find your love"
"You brought the bundle of joy, care, emotions and bond in my life, thank you for loving me"
"Your love saved me from the materialistic world"
"I see love in your beautiful eyes, will never let you cry"
"Love the way you look at me, each time I feel shy"
"You made my life by saying yes, thank you"
"You need not say I love you every time, I can feel it"
"No love no gain, love cures pain"
"Passionate love knows no fear"
"I want to see you each time I wake up in the morning"
"Wish there was no sleep in life, could have planned another one-third of the day with you"
"Love is poetic, love is colourful, love is blind but love is blissful with you"
"Your touch of love gives me goosebumps"
"I married love of my life and discovered we were soulmates"
"When I first saw you, it was love at first sight
Love at first sight
"Have faith on me, I will hold your hand forever"
"Let's hold hands and walk through the isle of life"
"I don't need diamond or gold, I need you my love"
"Your long hair, and dark eyes, makes me feel there is no morning"
"Thank you for giving me a wonderful family, I love you"

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So, did you connect to the quotes? Hope they could touch your own feelings and emotions. I will keep adding new quotes. If you too have some good lines down the pen, please comment. Do like and share if you liked the post.  Subscribe for latest posts and updates. Thank you.

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