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Love for friend quotes! Having a friend is a big deal today. I mean, you all may have friends but are they friends in the real term or just people who like to spend good time with each other and have similar likes and dislikes. It’s not that easy to judge people but a true friend is totally different from all mates.

If you have trouble, you will find him/her beside you. In all ups and downs, sorrows and joys, success and failures, festivals and mourns, your best buddy will always be with you. Your friend does not care about his own life or priorities but he or she sacrifices all when you are in need.

In this post , we shall see some of the situations where true friends prove themselves that they are the best and love a best friend quotes as well. Love for friend quotes are all over the net, but the best selected and some fresh pieces shall be presented here. So, read till the end.

True friend situations- Love for friend quotes

In love with best friend quotes, a true friend

1. Always helps you in need.

2. Protects you from any trouble.

3. Supports you in your decision.

4. Gives you the right advise.

5. Gives you time and listens to you.

6. Studies with you.

7. Helps you with the notes when you are on leave.

8. Plays with you.

9. A true friend is like a brother from another mother.

10. Shares food with you.

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Fresh love a best friend quotes

"A best friend is a brother from another mother"
"With days, my love for you is growing my friend. God Bless you"
"When no one supports you, your best friend does. Thank you for being there"
"I have fallen in love with you my friend. I have never seen so since a person in my life"
"You are a Gift from God my friend. Thanks for making me a part of your life. Thanks"
"A true friend is worthy than 10 mates"
"Best friend is gold heart and not selfish"
"I love my best friend. It's a pleasure and honour to have such a person in my life"
"A true friend is like a life boat amidst a sea storm"
"Living a life without a best friend is like eating food without taste"

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Love a best friend quotes and images

Love a best friend quotes

1. “I still don’t know when I felt for you that way my best friend.”

2. You came in my life as a friend, we became best friends and now we are lovers.”

Helpful friend quotes

1. “I must say heart full of thanks to you my friend. Each time I was in trouble, it was only you who helped me.”

2. You are like an angel in my life. You never let any worries and troubles attack me. Thank you.”

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Friends are earning for a lifetime quotes

1. “It may be my good deeds that driven God to send you in my life. Thanks for being my friend.”

2. “I earned you as my friend. I must have done some hardwork for this.”

Unconditional friendship quotes

1. “Your unconditional selfless support and friendship in my life is like the bright sun giving energy to the earth.”

2. I don’t know how time flies when we are together. Let’s live this unconditional bonding to the fullest. Happy friendship day.”

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Best friend love quotes

1. “The best thing happened to me is nothing but you my best friend. Never end this amazing relationship. We are best friends for ever.”

2. I wish you live a long life and we enjoy great time together. But I pray to God, I live one day less than you so that I never have to live without you.”

In love with best friend poem

You are…

Like the sparkling stars in the dark night,

The tree shade protecting me from the sun,

You are the cool morning dew in my life,

Your love showers like rain in the sun!


You are my strength and energy,

Your are my pride and synergy,

I am in love with best friend,

Oh God never let this friendship end!


Your presence enlightens me,

Your words empower me,

We may not live at same place together,

But we have our hearts bonded forever!

Happy Friendship Day…


Shibajee Dey Choudhury


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