Love for cricket

love for cricket
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We all Indians have at least one thing in common, that is our tremendous love and affection for the beautiful gentlemen sport CRICKET. People take leaves on any match day where Team India is playing. May it be the IPL, or the one day or IPL matches, we just love the game. With wins of our team, we become happy and with one lose, we become emotional and angry. This is the level of association we Indians carry with this game.

You must have noticed many Indian cricket fans who travel all part of the world with different gestures to support our cricket team. They became famous for their different gesture and posture and continual get screened in live matches by the cameras. People love them and commentators identify them as one of the biggest fans of cricket and cricketers. Their love for cricket is due for a salute from us.

Subrata Pari love for cricket
Subrata Pari-image credit: Avinash Singh
Vinod Singh Rajput love for cricket
Vinod Singh Rajput- image credit: Avinash Singh
Adil Rashid love for cricket
Adil Rashid- image credit: Avinash Singh

Live spectator or television? Love for Cricket

Cricket fans
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Cricket fans at home
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Most people cannot travel round the world with scheduled matches due to other commitments and expenditure. Most of us eye the television as the best source of entertainment in a cricket match. It’s easy to watch, clear and loud, you can watch your favourite cricketers more clearly, enjoy the commentary, and see your favourite advertisements as well.

So, when Team India is involved in a cricket match in India or abroad, it’s easily viewed through any sports channel by Indians and may be getting higher TRPs during the match. People watching at home or at a friend’s place or shop, can also enjoy the match with snacks, tea/coffee or drinks.

It is also true that witnessing live crowd of thousands of spectators is something really different experience. Each shot or wicket brings a huge cheer from the crowd and the live matches, especially on day-night matches. In the night views, the stadium is lit by the huge tower lights and it seems is a day in the stadium. The entire camera view looks great and is a treat for the eyes.

Middle aged people love for cricket

When we talk about middle aged people, I try to mean population between 31 to 45 years of age. You will find this population usually as junior to mid-level job holders or businessmen in different area of work and interests. The people younger to 31 are pursuing initial career establishment. While the population above 45, are busy shaping up their competitive senior management skills and career as well as planning the future of their children.

So, I want to talk only about the people from 31 to 45 years of age in this post. I am 35+ and am working since past 13 years in an organization. The time management between work and family requirements does not allow to bring cricket into my routine. Even though I had great interest in this game while growing up since my early childhood. For different interests at different time of my age to shape my studies and career did not let me spend time on this game.

weekend cricket
Weekend cricket-image credit: Sri Aparesh Saha
Kid fights in cricket
Kid fights in cricket -image credit: Sri Aparesh Saha

Just relive the lost childhood today

But since last one month, I started giving at least one hour everyday to this game and 2 hours on weekends. I see relive my passion and during this journey of last one month, I found many people around me including my colleagues, from different parts of the country, have grown similar interests and happily participate with me. The most important thing is the kid inside all comes out and people even fight for a wide or a no ball.

Some call the umpire as fixed up or biased, some fight for a boundary line- “was it a six or four?” All these bring smiles and laughter amongst us and we acclaim how a game we love brought all of us together and we are getting more competitive and friendly. This is required for a successful work culture. Challenges need to come at regular intervals. This makes us better each day. This shows our love for cricket.

cricket action
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Cricket fans mid aged cricket
image credit: Sri Aparesh Saha

Love for cricket quotes

You would love to hear some of the beautiful love for cricket quotes from cricket legends we admired and looked up to as we grew up. Let’s check out some of them.

Sachin love for cricket quotes
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Love for cricket quotes Rahul Dravid
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Dhoni love for cricket quotes
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Virat Kohli love for cricket quotes
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If you liked the post and can relate yourself to it so like and share. If you feel more experiences can be shared here, please comment or email your experiences. The best post shall be posted right here. I would like to quote few lines on my love for cricket also.

“Don’t make your age rule you, you rule your age; just don’t kill the passion inside you.”

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  1. Subrata Pari

    Anybody can win or loose but at the end Cricket must win and it brings lots of energy and positivity to us. Love this post and also love your passion to reunite the inner child within us..

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