Love for child quotes

love for child quotes

Love for child quotes! Love for children is the weakness as well as strength for the elders and parents. Children are Gift from God to the lucky people. At the same time they are a huge responsibility for the parents or elders who get the chance to grow them up. So, loving a child to grow is emotional, full of sacrifices, funny and a hugely responsible act.

The lucky people on earth who earn the chance of parenthood or to be care takers of children lead a dream come true life in the whole process. When a child is born, the sweet home and family is flooded with happiness and joy. And when parents see their child grow up, from crawling stage to first time standing on the legs. And all the little funny activities children do make our days and nights worth living. We may have additional work of cleaning and changing the nappies though, the whole experience is simply awesome.

In this post, I would like to share some fresh love for children quotes when kids are 0-5 years of age and engaged in most innocent and memorable activities. Loving a child quotes are available in plenty in the internet though, I felt to express some of my own quotes for you in the slides below.

10 fresh love for child quotes

"I love my girl more than anything in the world."
"My son is my pride and I wish to make him the best person in the world"
"Your child waits for you, so come back home on time"
"People having twins are luckier to have twice the Blessings of God"
"Love for child, is love for God"
"My daughter is Goddess of Happiness in my little world"
"Wish to have God's Gift as a child"
"Children grow up fast and parents grow older, need to spend more time together to share plently of love"
My love and dreams are my children, I love them for good"
"Lovely children around us, just make our day"

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Some good things we can do for our children

We talked about the good things life gave us when we had a child, the Gift from god. Love quotes for a child may be many in the internet, but when you see something fresh, effective and new, you always love it. Now, let’s also talk about some good things which we can do for our children.

1. Love and care for your children.

2. Teach them good music, songs, dance, narration, speech and handwriting.

3. Let them learn arts like drawing, painting, earth sculptures, etc.

4. Make them know the effect of education in a person’s life.

5. Please them for fitness and sports- both indoors and outdoors.

6. Ask them to call their friends at home for an ice-breaking session.

7. Teach them to respect elders and guests.

8. You must teach them to be far from the bad habits in life including the dangerous affects of drugs, alcohol and smoking or tobacco chewing.

9. Don’t feel shy to make them know about safe sex and the right time to do it.

10. Help them know about the benefits of punctuality and discipline in life.

From the above, it is evident that the love for child is emotional, loving, caring, playing, studying, etc. So, don’t waste time after fast life, rather give time to your children as you brought them to this world. They are your responsibility and they need a careful growth for a sustainable future.

love for child quotes
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Summary on loving children

You have a son or a daughter, both are the same. People who have son, crave for a daughter and sometimes end up with another son. While some are lucky to get a complete family. There are people who have a daughter but can not plan again for second child due to health or financial issues. Even, people who have test tube babies leave no stone un-turned from birth to growth of their child.

I wish the world keeps moving ahead with good generations to come and if we love our children, we should love their future. But the way everything is getting sophisticated and technological, the future does not seem healthy, fit and beautiful for our children. So, let’s plan and think about their future good if we really love them.

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