Love at First sight! real or infatuation?

Love at first sight
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Love at first sight! This is the most commonly featured dialogue used by boys for girls as an expression of feelings of love for a girl by the boy. We hear it often in movies or serials, etc where two strangers, a boy finds a stranger girl so beautiful, attractive and of his types, that he immediately falls in love with her. He even neither knows anything about her, but that sudden first click of the eyes to the mind.

No doubt the real story starts after this. Any action which involves deep emotion must have the inner thrust to push the boy further to approach the girl he finds as his love at first sight one. All the efforts the boy makes after that to win the heart of the girl is always a unique story although there may be millions of cases of love at first sight.

But, also the fact that all such stories may not be successful and only a few percentage succeed to make similar feeling from the girl’s side too. It’s worth-mentioning that even with this fewer success rate, this term finds it’s position in the top famous feelings in love and romance. In this post, I would like to talk about this emotion- Love at first sight and Love at first sight quotes one by one.

The emotion behind love at first sight

love at first sight infatuation
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Let’s talk about the emotions behind love at first sight that actually drive him or her towards the special person. When they claim to feel love immediately when they see the other person for the first time, what do they find special? There are many researches, facts and surveys, but I don’t want to go into that. I just want to explain and question this emotion of a person with common sense reasons as human beings have mostly common feature and nature.

I find it very strange when a boy sees a stranger girl for the first time nowhere and he starts feeling love at first sight. If I ask you, what do you see in a stranger girl when you see her for the first time? Whatever you answer, will obviously be about the physical beauty of the girl. Yes, it’s the gesture, posture and how beautiful the girl looks that very moment makes the boy feel that she is the one for him. But, all boys have the same feeling many times in their lives.

Real love or Infatuation?

Then what? Is this emotion false? No, I am not saying that. I just want to explain the facts. The emotion behind love at first sight in a span of few minutes to hours without even interacting with the girl is obviously physical attraction and not love. Even if, there is a little bit of interaction may be with your co-passenger during a flight, or in a bus or a train, or while waiting for an interview, or your class mate or tuition mate or in a audition or anywhere, that small time naturally human beings present their best part to the other gender. Those golden moments, the opposite attraction although are memories to cherish for a life time but may not be love.

You may start to know and like each other, exchange phone numbers for communication, be a social media friend and start chatting and meeting often and then find that yes it was love or simply no, it’s not going well. Without giving time to one another, an emotion like love can  not be so simple and easy to build strong in the first sight. Rather, it only can give a start thrust towards the other person for whom you feel for. You may also read psychology on love at first sight.

Love at first sight Quotes

love at first sight quotes
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What I meant to explain is, first sight can push you forward in a positive way to help you find the love in that person but it can’t be love without knowing and interaction with the person. However, people claim about their love stories and love at first sight. That means either both of them felt the same at that very moment. Or once the boy decided that yes “I am in love with her and she is the one for me”, he never changed his mind and won her heart and married her at the end. What happens after marriage is completely a different thing and you can read it in my post How to keep your wife happy?

Let’s read some love at first sight quotes for believers and poets:

1. “Waao, I love this girl, she is the one.”

2. “When I looked at you, I saw myself in your eyes.”

3. “Love is so beautiful when I feel for you.’

4. “That first sight I saw you, I knew you are my soulmate.”

5. “Did you feel the same as I felt when we first met?”

6. “First, I loved your look, but when we talked, I decided right there, I love you.”

7. “Do you believe in love at first sight? I started believing after we met.”

8. “You seem a new phase of my life, I admit I love you since the first day.”

9. “I love you baby! No it’s not infatuation, it’s love at first sight.”

10. “When I first saw you and you smiled, I fell in love with you instantly.”



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