Long distance relationship status and quotes

long distance relationship status
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Long distance relationship status and quotes! There are many relationships, the love relationships in long distances are the most hard to handle. It needs high amount of care, faith, respect and emotional bonding to take it through the isle to the next level. You all must have heard about long distance relationships, some of you may have been  a part of it too.

More or less, we have the basic idea of it but in this post I would like to discuss the good and bad of the relationship. As well as the hardships associated with it. We shall check out some beautiful and fresh long distance relationship quotes for you. We shall proceed one by one, but before that I would love to define “long distance relationship” for people who have not yet heard of it.

Usually Long Distance Relationship refers to a love relation between a boy and a girl who stay far away from each other at different cities. They can’t see each other often and have huge dependency on tele-talk and chatting or video calls. All relationships have some or the other problems and positivity as well. In the same way, it’s difficult to say long distance relationship status. Especially when you have some doubt in mind whether it is going to work or not. Let’s check out first the ways to handle long distance relationship.

Ways to handle a long distance relationship status

Give space to your partner

This is very important as often one of the partner or even both keep following each other over phone or tracing through some common friend. This starts with care but soon transforms into doubts and fights. Any overdoing of extra care may kill the essence of the relation. So, it’s very essential that we give space to your partner, call twice to thrice a day.

Just need to take care whether he or she reached her office or college in the morning. Did your partner take lunch on time and if he or she reached home in the night. These would be enough for the day. Other than this, any extra talk may happen with the interest of both the partners and not forcefully. You need to take care of this well.

ong distance relationship status and quotes
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long distance relationship quotes
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Let your partner feel your love and care from far distance

Now you must be thinking how we can take care or show love from distance if we do not talk often. While in the first point, I told to talk and follow in limits. Let me explain. For instance, the person you love left for home from her office at 5 pm but through a small party with her colleagues. He or she forgot to inform you and could not pick your calls while you were anxious. So, whenever both the partners talk, they automatically start fighting as the other one had no idea of the whereabouts of the other partner.

To resolve this kind of issues, the best way is to immediately communicate to the other partner on change of regular plans. This let’s the other partner updated and reduces the risk of misunderstanding. This is responsibility of both  the partners to maintain the understanding. 

Surprise your partner with flowers and gifts

Everyone loves surprises, so try to give periodic pleasant surprise gifts to your partner. Other than the birthday or your special day or valentine’s day, keep a love and care gesture open and going by sending flowers, cakes, chocolates, greetings and gifts to your partner time to time as a pleasant surprise. This increases the emotional attachment and psychological well-being while in a long distance relationship.

You can find lots of websites to send such gifts. You can go for floraindia.com or fnp.com.

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Plan periodic visits to meet your partner

long distance relationship status and quotes

In a long distance relationship, the two partners are too far to meet often and express their love in person. So, regardless of the distance, any partner has to plan periodic visits to the other partner’s place for atleast 2 days, that too 2-3 times a year. This helps them to see each other physically and they can express their emotions and love with their heart out.

This is essential to maintain a psychological balance of social and emotional security which often misses out in a long distance relationship status. The partners shall have lots to hear and lots to say. So, they find the 2 days go like a flash and this makes them keep engaged towards each other and wait for the next meeting eagerly.

10 fresh long distance relationship quotes slides

"I am waiting for our next meeting dear, come fast, I love you"
"Take care of yourself, do not drink and smoke, Take care of your health, eat on time and miss me"
"I keep missing you darling, it's too far and we can't meet often, please let's meet soon, I love you loads"
"No matter how far we are, our souls are one and we shall make it to the next level, happy wedding in advance dear"
"It's been years of our relation and now we are so far away, will this be successful? I fear of not being with you. I want to propose you again, with a ring this time. So, we need to meet"
"Tell your parents, I am coming next week to meet them and ask for you, my love. I love you. See you soon"
"Will you marry me? I can't stay far away from you anymore my love"
"Dear, we are in a long distance relationship, and we need to work harder to make it a success. Let's do it together"
"I miss those beautiful eyes, the pink lips, the rosy cheeks and the fragrant hair which makes me go crazy each time I meet you. So let's meet again"
"I love you dear. Stay safe, take care of your health and wait for me. I am coming soon to meet you. We shall have a great time together"

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Summary of long distance relationship status and quotes

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In short, if I say, one must have faith, love, care and emotional bonding to keep a long distance relationship go well. The ways to handle it for a successful relation, I have already explained. You may also plan to go together to a holiday at some third place. That would make it really exciting and you can know each other more when you have the full privacy and time. Only thing is, all this discussion for a long distance relationship is only for adults as per law. Any foul play by under-aged may be punishable offence.

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