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We may have many stories embedded in the lockdown diaries. Mostly sacrifices, disappointing, losing some known person or not able to lead a normal life. We now have a new wear in our wardrobe- The mask. The subject of this blog is somewhat different from the sad truth of the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. The topic of lockdown diaries- covered here is about a civil work site. yea, it may sound “out of context”. Please read till the end to get know the aspect behind it.

We might have seen construction sites all around our place. May be a small house, to roads, to big factories or plants or high rise buildings, etc. It is normally considered a usual part of any place and our lives. But, what we may not notice is the actual construction phase and the people involved in the job, who have a hell of a schedule round the clock to complete the project.  In this progress fight, we do not or may be ignore the beauty of nature around the work place.

This is story of the lockdown diaries shall make us feel what we are really missing in the fast life of today’s world. May be for a timeline, or for our salary, our family or even for ourselves, we cannot fetch time to see things of nature which shall draw us back to our childhood playdays memories.

The silent of the ripples

Silence of the ripples- Lockdown diaries

Have anybody felt the silence of the ripples in a water-logged work place? After a long 30 days of lockdown this year, when one of my colleague, happens to be a civil engineer, visited his place of work, he clicked some beautiful pictures including the above. But what is new in this? This is a common scene of a work place in civil construction site.

The difference was unique. This time there was no one around. No de-watering pump to evacuate the water. No sound of the motor, no leakage in the delivery pipe. The water, this time, was old stored and silent. The water was clear with a greenish algae layer and not muddy. The newly born tadpole thinks this is it’s permanent home, where it might have spent a month of it’s life. The snakelet which was a inches long in a feet. The bushes around which were cut in March, have now grown again like a shade to the water.

The entire picture looks like a small habitat of flora and fauna where they just started to feel at home. This is the beauty of nature. If one being perishes, the other being flourishes. After seeing, the picture, I feel, why are we here? And when we are here, can others be in peace? The greenish algae water as cool wet food mart to the fauna, the colony of new beings, it was lovely. But sad thing was, once works resume, they would perish. I asked my friend to note this in his lockdown diaries. You will also love to hear the silence of the ripples.

The new home of the snails

snails feed

Most of us must have seen snails all around in wet creepy places. What is snails’ mode of feeding? It is on the flora around. You can see how they feed on the orange jelly-like fungus. The silence of a site converts the scene into a normal green woody peaceful part of the world. You can hear the birds chirping with confidence, the branches now started feeling, “They have left, now we can grow”. But, to their surprise, we are yet to leave their world. Yea, it’s our world too. But the difference is we are transforming it but they are sustaining it.

The baby snail is just in the world. Did it have any idea of a world with us around. Who made their lives miserable and unsure of their dueling, leaving them either to die or crushed under any equipment of ours. Most bad part of it, we even do not know that we have killed a snail. While clicking the photographs, my colleague was more or less unhappy, how active and lively his site was and how it has turned into a natural habitat.

Yes, we are human beings, we feel alive when we see more like us around us, working, talking and all. But, my friend have had the right feeling. It’s our world too. I was watching the pictures and thinking how can a long lockdown affect works. But, I was moved seeing that a life found a place to live. I was wondering how again their lives will change once the work resumes there. We never thought of such sight and aspects in a civil engineering site work due to lockdown. I really thank to the photography of my colleague who closely picked up the clicks of nature in a civil work site.


The orange jelly-like fungus

How many of us have seen this in our work place? Can we imagine a picture like this in our work area? Yes, my friend has seen it. The snails feed on these. A piece of form-work wooden batten may be was left aside the excavated earth during work times before lockdown period. But, now its ashore to the greenish water pond and home to the orange jelly-like fungus. How beautiful they look, right? 

They did not care the material where they have grown. For them, it was another organic material favorable for their growth. When you look at the picture clicked by my colleague, just see the contrast colour of the brownish black wet wood piece and the bright yellow-orange coloured fungi. Waao God! He is the master of the Universe and thanks to Him for the billions and billions of this combinations He made for such eye-treats.

The funny part of the fungi is, it’s called the “Witch’s butter”. Means, the witches feed on them. The reason may be as the fungi grows on dead branches/barks and decays the wood. So, that does not mean we have witches around. Ha ha ha, don’t worry, just kidding. But the important point is, the beauty of nature is so pure. Each item of nature becomes the good to the other item of nature and that is the life circle. All linked to all directly or indirectly.


So, from the above, what do we learn. A simple virus and lock-down changed our lives. We never thought of such a phase in our lives in this generation. We saw how a change in life of one being, becomes the reason of existence and prosperity of other beings. If there were no run for survival, family, future, money and all common humanly dreams, what you would have done? Please do comment here. Like and share the blog if you liked it. I would say one thing for this case of the Lockdown Diaries:

“A constant bad change to the nature, gives it back to us. So, let’s be the change for the good of other living beings.”

Shibajee Dey Choudhury

Image Credit: Avinash Singh

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  1. Avinash Singh

    Beautiful illustration of the images. However I think its impossible to describe the real nature in words, it can be felt only.
    And we can feel this simply by changing our perspective of looking things around us.

  2. Subrata Pari

    Beautifully written by sdc and equally beautiful pictures taken by Avinash. All I can say that I love this post ❤️ beautifully described. Guys aao kabhi Wagon tippler main… 😊 Kuch naya dhundte hey..

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