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Lenskart has changed our outlook towards eyewear. 20-25 years back, wearing glasses was a symbol of your defective eyes and one of the reasons of low self-confidence. But, with time, now all forms of eye glasses, lenses, frames, sunglasses, computer glasses lenskart has customized with a wide variety of frame designs. Even more, the good news is that it’s far more cheaper than before and far more fashionable. Now a person can choose his or her eyewear with respect to the skin tone, hair style, overall outlook or actual requirement.

Now, when we talk about fashion, looks or an eyewear which look great on you, we talk about lenskart. It has a wide range of collections and different brands and modern attractive technology for a 3D trial even. You can buy your set of eyewear including computer glasses sitting at home.

Here are the 5 reasons why we should use Lenskart for our eyes and fashion as well- specsmakers near me

When we talk about Lenskart, actually we talk about lenskart offers, lenskart lens, lenskart frames, lenskart specs, lenskart sunglasses, etc for men and women all at one place lenskart online. Also check out the lenskart app– “specsmakers near me”

5000 + designs in frames

When you have a huge set of options to choose from, its a win-win for everyone. The number is so much that knowingly or unknowingly, may be each face is having its design available. And yes you have offers round the year. Now, one can have number of sets and use as per the use, a eyewear for office, for party, for holidays or even a candle light dinner.

Can you believe, Lenskart offers a variety of more than 5000 styles of eyewear and increasing with time. What more, we can expect, with so many choices around, one better than the other. Its very difficult to decide when you just surf, but when you check out the right way though online 3D trial or trail at home, you get the best one for you.

Free trial and eye-test at home- also search for lenskart near me

Offers also include a free trial at home, which engages each visitor to their site. They end up using the trial offer for getting the best out of it. It’s free after-all. They have option for selecting a frame of their choice online from selected options which they offer for free trial at home.

They also have options for basic eye test at home. Only you have to register on Lenskart.com and a certified optician shall be arranged for a eye-check up at your ease and timings in your location. This gives an idea of the condition of your eye, when sometimes you may not know what is actually wrong. May be head ache or burning sensation in the eyes, or tired eyes or something more serious. You get the right person at your door step and also after the diagnosis get the right advise and the right pair of glasses too.

Authenticity card with every frame or contact lens- specsmakers near me

The frames or sets you buy come with an authenticity card. This is the assurance from Lenskart about the source or quality of the product you have bought. So, it is ensured that you get exactly the same product which you have selected and paid for.

The program-One for one by Lenskart- people also search for lenskart near me-frames of spectacles

India with a population of over 130 billion people, more than 40% of the population have vision disorder and need correction. Lenskart came up with the program called one-for-one. This program ensures a needy affected person gets his or her vision corrected by providing them the right lenses each time we buy a pair of glasses from the site. Once you go through the details in their website, it is seen that people are getting help from this program.

Locate a Lenskart store near you...- people also search for Lenskart store near me...

Many of us in India are still not that comfortable with online shopping, especially for eye glasses or lenses as its virtual. People had all the idea of judging the product by seeing or touching physically.


So, Lenskart retails stores came up to solve this problems also. Click in the left image link and find out a store near you. Isn’t it like all solutions done for resolving basic problems of eye. Yea, fashion appeal can’t be ruled out though. So, friends, go and visit a Lenskart store near you or register at Lenskart.comCall at 1800-111-111 for store locator.

People also search for ” Lenksart near me or Lenskart store near me” for frames of spectacles and specsmakers near me

Customer Care and Service

This is also a very good reason why we should choose or promote Lenskart. It was a great initiative and business plan taken by young group of entrepreneurs 10 years back and now its a gift to all. Today it is one of the largest retail glass and lenses dealer while has the largest online eyewear business in India. Only buying from it does not mean that’s all. Any issue with the product post sales also are being taken care off by LENSKART.


Call +91- 99998 99998


So, friends, visit the lenskart.com site and find the glass pair of your choice or requirment and be a happy customer like millions of Indians already.

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for more products and info, click on the image below.

lenskart India

About Lenskart.com: It was co-founded by Amit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal, and Sumeet Kapahi in 2010. They have a team of about 2700 people and offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Today Lenskart.com is India’s fastest growing eyewear company touching deep cities in india and also the largest online eyewear company. You can safely say that Lenskart is the best “specsmakers near me” with the best ” frame of specs”.

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