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Learning videos for kids! There are many learning methods for kids but the best effective way is the audio visual learning. When a lesson is taught with music, cartoon characters, children’s song, it is easier to learn and remember for the kids as well as easier to teach by the parents. Since the past 10 years of people getting more and more acquainted with youtube made it pretty user-friendly learning by today.

In this post I would like to share some of the most popular youtube video links for learning videos for kids. You can watch them  one by one and get into the teaching process for your kid. The process is a fun and enjoyable moment to cherish while see your kid grow up updated. The effect of reading and writing is equally important but naturally and scientifically we learn and memorize faster when it’s a attractive audio-visual piece.

Let’s check out some of the most popular, most watched and followed learning videos for kids below. These cover alphabets, numbers, rhymes and fitness, yoga, etc.

Best youtube video urls on learning videos for kids

Summary on Learning Videos for kids

kid's educational learning videos
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Technology has good part of it as well as bad side too. If we take the help of technology for teaching our kids, it’s not bad at all, it’s a good and updated way. While if we leave the phone with the kids without any control, for a long period of time everyday, it’s going to ruin the kid. I mean to say we are just seeking help of technology for teaching our kids, we can’t leave our kid alone with the technology.

We should follow the following rules and adhere to strictly while using the technology in learning of our kids.

1. Never let the kid handle the mobile or tablet of it’s own.

2. They should not watch the videos too close to their eyes.

3. Don’t make it a habit as the only way of learning, just use it judiciously and periodically.

4. Never give the mobile or tablet to your kid for watching their favorite videos while it’s in charging mode.

5. Always monitor what they are actually watching and where is their interest.

6. Do not whisper the song or music of the learning video while playing with your kid. It will immediately attract the kid’s attention towards mobile again.

7. It’s better to use a laptop at quite a distance and height but nicely visible while watching exercise or yoga videos for kids.

8. Let them feel that watching such videos are only for a short time and it’s not good for their eyes.

9. You must make them understand that hearing to the learning video songs will be better than continuously watching it.

10. You must remember that excess of anything is bad. So, fun time, or e-learning or anything must be in a controlled manner and never a built to a habit.

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learning videos for kids
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