Last day of the year quotes

31st December last day of the year quotes
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Last day of the year quotes! Every year the 31st December is celebrated as the New Year Eve and we bid good bye to the current year and welcome the new year at the midnight. People live the 31st as if it would never come again. Many of us plan to celebrate, party with a promise to leave all bad habits in the new year.

But most of the time we forget the promises. That’s a different story. Rather, let’s find out the typical celebration styles and fake promises people do usually. You may find it common and funny too. So, let’s list out some of the celebration ideas in the last day of the year. Then we shall see some beautiful last day of the year quotes and funny habits that die hard.

Let's see some last day of the year quotes

last day of the year quotes
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last day of the year quote
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last day of the year quote
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last day of the year quote
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last day of the year quote
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Celebrations in the last day of the year

last day of the year quote
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1. Late night party with friends.

2. Hanging around with your girl friend.

3. Attending 31st night functions.

4. Watching television program for 31st night.

5.Having a late party with colleagues.

6. Have a planned family celebration at home.

7. Vacation to Goa or party place around the world.

8. Grand feast and party at the hostel.

9. Plan for pub or disco in the night club.

10. Long drive party with friends.

11. Bonfire party in the night.

12. Feast and function in your apartment.

13. Dinner and movie plan outing.

14. Late night party and ice cream feast.

15. Simple early night dinner and normal sleep without anything special.

and many more ways. The last point is also sad but seen. People just come back from work and watch TV, have their dinner and go to bed. They start the day the next morning as simple and usual as it was just another day. No celebrations or arrangements, just quite and lazy. If you are far away from the noise, use the last day of the year quotes for wishing all.

People devoid of the celebrations in the last day of the year

last day of the year quote
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There are different sections of people who do not have any choice or become situational victims who can not enjoy any party in the new year eve. Let’s know about them.

1. Doctors and nurses/ward boys.

2. Engineers and supervisors

3. Police.

4. Security Guards.

5. Workers.

6. Soldiers on duty.

7. Shopkeepers.

8. Street food sellers.

9. The emergency staff like fire fighting team, etc.

10. The airlines, railway and other transportation staff and workers.

and many more like them… They have duties to perform which are so critical and important that can not be ignored or overpowered. All the above group and others too normally either plan small on-duty parties or plan a get together at a suitable convenient later date. But their efforts must be appreciated.

Funny habits die hard in the last day of the year

There are some of the funny or old habits which most of the people although say they are going to quit but do not. The 31st December is celebrated as it’s the last time some one is eating or drinking something and it would never happen again in the next year, some what like a new year resolution.`But in reality, things are different in the new year. People forget the resolutions they make and continue their old habits. Let’s see some of such habits and resolution:

1. No Smoking.

2. No Drinking alcohol.

3. No Foods which are restricted for someone.

4. No fight with wife.

5. Not forgetting wife’s birthday.

6. Holiday with family twice a year.

7. Come home from office early.

8. Plan happy outing weekends.

9. Desired gifts for wife postponed since few years.

10. Save more money.

and many more… But most of the times, it is seen that the resolutions fail miserably and same things happen year after year.

last day of the year quote
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Let’s thank God for the blessings in this year; how He gave us courage to fight the battle with COVID-19. We lost many famous personalities this year but with a positive frame of mind and ambitious future, we are ready to bid good bye to this year.  Welcome the new year 2021 and wish you all a happy new year. May the new year brings happiness, love, health, wealth and prosperity for all…

Thank you. Hope you liked the post. Please comment with your views. Do not forget to like and share.

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