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Keywords with high cpc 2021. How do our earnings depend upon keyword cost per click (CPC)? Do you know that? Let me share in this post. The article subject or niche you choose to write on or push your business into depends on right keyword selection. Now the issue is to rank amongst tough competition, you need low difficulty, high traffic and high cpc keywords.

Whcih seems a rare combination, is it? No, there are lots and lots of keywords which can help all. From beginners to big bloggers, it’s all there for all. Let’s see some of such keywords which can change the game in 2021.

Trending niches for keywords with high cpc in USA

The kewords in these niches may go upto $1000 even. Data gathered from extensive research and leading tool sources.

Let’s know what are the top niches for high CPC keywords:

1. Insurance

2. Loans

3. Mortgage

4. Attorney

5. Credit

6. Lawyer

7. Donate

8. Hosting

9. Claim

10. Trading

11. Software

12. Treatment

Let’s see in details the several keywords I would advise you to look upto and then decide the best ones for your blog. I have listed out the detailed list for the niches in pdf format. You can download by clicking below. You can though have a glimpse of some of the top keywords with high cpc, low difficulty and optimum traffic. All the best.

List of keywords with high cpc-2021

600 keywords touching all the above niches in USA
KeywordAvg Traffic pmCPC in USDSEO Difficulty
community first credit union2,50,0002.007
victoria secret credit card lost1,00,0003.007
gap credit card log in1,00,00011.007
pay lowes credit card1,00,0006.007
goodwill what to donate95,0003.008
jc penney credit card90,0002.008
kemba credit union86,6252.008
partner federal credit union85,0004.008
credit union american airlines85,0003.008
ford credit log in85,0006.0010
lowes credit card payment85,0004.0011
credit card customer service chase70,0005.0011
barclay credit card login70,0001.0012
sams credit card login70,0001.0015
loans for bad credit online58,0007.0015
online loans bad credit58,0007.0015
bad credit loans online58,0007.0015
loan bad credit online58,0007.0016
credit union alabama58,0005.0019
neighborhood federal credit union58,0004.0019
credit scores chart57,9255.0019
best free editing video software57,9252.0019
best free editing software for videos57,9252.0019
health insurance in florida57,50035.0020
unemployment claim benefits57,0002.0020
freedom mortgage log in57,0003.0021
pay chase credit card56,5003.0021
chase credit card pay56,5007.0021
kohls credit card payment56,5003.0023
toy r us credit card56,5006.0023
wayfair login credit card56,5008.0023
tax credit for children56,5004.0024
pay kohls credit card56,5003.0025
sam club credit card login56,5002.0026
first saving credit card56,5005.0026
credit unions in san diego county56,5001.0026
customer service credit one56,5002.007
online loans with bad credit56,0006.007
online loan bad credit56,0006.007
online bad credit loans56,0006.008
william barr attorney general55,00010.008
amazon prime credit cards47,5006.009
kay’s jewelers credit card47,5003.0010
credit west union47,5007.0010
what is points in mortgage47,4259.0011
what are points in a mortgage47,4259.0012
treatment of lyme disease47,4252.0013
what is aco insurance47,2007.0015
mortgage calculator pay off early47,2002.0015
pay mortgage off early calculator47,2002.0016
geico claim number phone47,0009.0016
hsbc credit card47,0005.0016
hsbc credit cards47,0004.0017
southwest chase credit card46,5001.0017
chase bank credit card support46,00018.0018
orange county credit unions46,0002.0018
chase credit card login amazon46,0003.0018
amazon credit card chase login46,0003.0019
barclays credit card log in46,0004.0020
capital one pay credit card46,0003.0020
paying victoria secret credit card46,0004.0021
bjs credit card login46,0003.0023
people credit union38,8502.0024
tx dept of insurance38,8506.0024
department of texas insurance38,8506.0024
interest mortgage calculator38,8503.0025
mortgage interest calculation38,8503.0025
interest on mortgage calculator38,5003.0026
victorias secret credit card38,0001.0026
chase credit card southwest38,0001.0010
menu for claim jumper37,5002.0010
milestones credit card login36,0006.0011
hsbc credit card log in36,0002.0011
hsbc credit card login36,0003.0011
old navy credit card pay36,0005.0011
chase credit card phone number32,0006.0011
evansville teacher federal credit union32,0004.0011
highway federal credit union32,0006.0011
care credit bill pay32,0001.0011
capital one credit card support32,0009.0011
relax credit card31,6752.0011
tjmaxx credit31,6751.0011
home union mortgage31,6755.0011
affordability mortgage calculator31,6755.0011
chase mortgage rate31,6754.0012
open broadcast software31,6755.0012
urinary tract infection treatment31,6752.0012
credit card uber31,5006.0012
nj weekly unemployment claim31,0002.0012
quiet claim deed31,0003.0013
credit score average31,0006.0013
navy federal rates mortgage31,0005.0013
mortgage calculator by monthly payment30,5003.0013
attorney search ca30,0002.0013
credit collection svcs26,0008.0014
talbot credit card26,0002.0014
bloomingdales credit card26,0002.0014
credit collection servic26,00011.0014

other high cpc keyword niches include

1. Jewellery

2. Education

3. Health Care

4. Personal Care

5. E books

6. Jobs

7. Motivational videos

8. Science and Technology

9. History

10. Sports

and many more…

Why buy this list?

  1. No need to pay research tool subscription cost for 600 keywords.
  2. Save huge buying costs for the keywords.
  3. One of the best list with high CPC, high traffic and low difficulty.
  4. Easy to use keywords to rank top in the Search Engine charts.
  5. Save time and money on research.
  6. Spend only $1 for my efforts for running the site.
  7. Build a long term relation and grow together.

grower's list

with total traffic of 35 milion pm

about 5000 keywords

per keyword traffic range 5k-10k pm

SEO difficulty below 20

master's list

with total traffic of 127 million pm

more than 7000 keywords

per keyword traffic range 10k-30k pm

SEO difficulty below 20

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