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Wonderful to see you here. Just before we get into keyword research and ideas, I would just like to brief the idea of this subject. For bloggers or beginners, getting the right keyword with good cpc, low SEO difficulty and high traffic is one of the first step in the selection part.

So, I feel this is the most important step in SEO. You can read our post on SEO tools for the research on right tools. You may find different tools giving different results but not to worry till you find your site at the top results of search engines.

While building this site and researching extensively, we came through series of keywords which help articles to rank faster. But remember, you need to write on the subject which you have authority on. If you don’t have idea and just copy or modify other’s content for the sake of ranking shall not help.

right keyword selection

Going for thr right keyword selection is what I was talking about. Follow the simple steps:

1. Just select the niche you want to write on.

2. research on keyword and content trending on the subject.

3. Write your own unique article explaining all facts in details.

4. Optimize your content through yoast seo plugin or any other similar plugin you find useful.

5. Publish the post and index in google and share in social media.

6. Within a couple of days, you shall learn whether it’s ranking or not.

7. Now, it’s time for getting backlinks from good DA sites, remember don’t spam around.

8. track your site ranking and status with SEMrush or Alexa tool.

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Do you know that keywords worth even upto more than 50$. That CPC can make you a millionare overnight. For example, approx cost of 1000 keywords with min 1000 traffic pm figures each means a total traffic volume of 1 million visitors. And if we consider the cost of an average keyword equal to even 0.5$ CPC, the total cost of 1000 keywords comes to be about 500$.

Here, for beginners, we are providing 4000 keywords for free. You can try, implement good SEO and rank at the top to see the results. For growing bloggers we have mid range traffic set of keywords worth 35 million for only $9.99, $0.99 special price.

For masters, we may not be required, but it’s true that there is no end to mastery. There is always another person better than you in this job. So, we have brought a list of more than 7000 keywords worth traffic of more than 125 million for you only at $18.99,$1.99 special price. So, don’t let the chance go and just grab it. I know it will help.

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