Jealous relatives quotes

jealous relatives quotes
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Jealous relatives quotes! Yea, I know this topic may sound weird to many but it is a common problem of almost all families. When we feel victimized by close family people, we do the same mistake in the cases of others. Ultimately we become equally responsible and part of the wrong practice.

You must have seen people giving examples and relations when a far the way relative is a honourable rich and famous personality. While when a close relative is weak and poor, people just neglect them and don’t share their relationship to anyone. These common stupid nature of human beings are ridiculous. Apart from this, there are cases where your relatives become competitive and jealous of your success in life and society.

The only cure and solution to these problems are a indifferent attitude and no reaction nature towards such people. A strong bond between the family can help relatives keep out from family matters. They be jealous or not, should not affect our own relationships and people should have faith, understanding, love and care inside the family. This is required to cut down any effort made by other people to ruin your beautiful world. Let’s see some of such quotes and some solutions to such problems.

10 motivational jealous relatives quotes

jealous relatives quotes
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jealous relatives quotes
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jealous relatives quotes
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"If we believe each other, no can break our home"
"Jealous storms come during depressions, so don't get depressed in your relation"
"Strong bond and understanding in a family keeps jealous relatives away"
"Never let your relationship in the hands of others"
"Listen to all but do what family decides judiciously"
"Long stay of jealous relatives may ruin your life, so make it short"
"No one can break your relation if you don't want to"
"Keep your home clean, do not get the dirt of others pile up"
"Tears are priceless, don't let them go for jealous people"
"Teaching jealous people lesson, may turn you one of them, so ignore"

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10 solutions to jealous relatives actions

1. Ignore what they say in your personal or family matters.

2. Listen to them but never follow their advise.

3. Make them feel their limit of participation in your family matters.

4. Do not involve in any financial dealings with them or in their presence.

5. Have limited interaction with them.

6. Do not discuss your family matters or problems with them seeking solution

7. Treat them as general guests.

8. Divert any topic you do not want to talk with them.

9. If relatives have  jealousy with kids, protect them and take extra care.

10. Be extra careful and ensure none of your secret family matters are disclosed to them.

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