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Article ideas for School Magazine sound really great. The informatics involved and the childish posts and articles from a first standard student to a amateur aspiring tenth standard student. The magazine has it all for all. The most funny thing is the younger ones write or put their activities in the magazine because their teachers or parents want it. While the amateurs want all the impression of their girl classmates as well has their female teachers whom they have crush on. 

I remember it as one of my friend gave me funny content or article ideas for school magazine to impress someone. Am sure most of you can relate to these facts of the good old school days, the golden period of our lives. We must have seen that school magazines are normally like a annual magazine where all forms of art and merit are covered. A good artist shall have his best sketches. A good poet shall have the best lines written. A good short story teller has the punch within the prescribed word limit. Even a good painter may get the cover page picture drawn.

Sometimes, the list of best students/ winners with either results in academics or sports or other activities get a image and profile embedded in the magazine. I remember myself feeling so jealous of not getting even a one square inch place in the magazine other than class group photograph. Although there were so many articles for school magazine.

article ideas for school magazine
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Topics covered in Ideas for school magazine

1. 135 topics- ideas for school magazine

2. Event photography and management

3. Content ideas and artcile ideas for school magazine

4. Editorial guidelines and ideas

5. Funny Content article ideas for school magazine

6. Feedback page for school magazine

7. Student-Student and Student-Teacher message section

8. Social Media page- promotion

9. More article ideas for school magazine

10. Names of School magazine ideas

11. Names of some of the top magazines in the world.

135 Top article Ideas for School Magazine - articles for school magazine can be based on the following topics

Spotlight interview

Student Life Essay

Student Life Speech

Student Life Jokes

Student Life poetry

Students on Teachers

Student Life Short Story

Student Life memes

Student Life Song

Changes you like to see in the school

Teamwork essay

Healthy lifestyle

Art forms to learn

Puzzles and riddles

Ideal student life

Study tips

Posts and articles

How to manage time

How to make friends

How to fight fear

Characteristics of a good student

Lines on Love your pets

How to show respect to parents

How to show respect to teachers

A funny incident with a teacher or friend

Life quotes

Race for rank

Tips of winning

How to memorize studies

How to solve tricky questions

Tips on good music

Tips for acting in drama

What is DJ in music

Drawing ideas

Painting tips

Favorite class teacher

School uniforms

Morning routines

Your first concert

Fantasy cricket

Fantasy football

Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy games

Age of Empires

Road Rash

Need for Speed





Fresh faces of school

Pretty girl of the year

Unsung heroes of school

Handsome boy of the year

The fresh flowers

Digital marketing


Java script and PHP


Domain name server

Letter to a friend

Writing english story

Sports for students

News to follow

Share your experiences


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Information on dance forms

How to overcome stage fear in drama

How to be a good orator

How to increase general knowledge

Importance of political knowledge

Favorite class experience

Are tuition classes required

White Hat Jr coding classes!

Best game

How to save yourself from gold-digger?

How to earn money by starting early?

Types of flowers

Best fruits for nutrition

Best vegetables for body

Best diet for sharp mind

Best dance moves of the year

How to remember lyrics of songs

Can students try bungee jumping?

How do they do it? engineering!

Expectations from a Soulmate

Expectations from a classmate

 Easy and healthy recipes for students

How did you become friends?

Where do you want to travel?

The best economic tourist places around

Best restaurants in the town

 Best topics for higher studies

The best job fields in the world

Affiliate marketing

Good habits and jestures with friends

Favorite IPL player in the world

How to write a letter to your friend?

How to write a book in english?

Interview articles of school leaving batch

Clubs to join- poetry-essay-stories…

Achievements and failures as a student

Tips for solving maths

Space science & astronomy

Best holiday places

How a plane flies-the science

How to manage a project work

The best prize


Social media Do’s and Don’ts

How to be a young youtuber?


Be your own teacher

Say no to “All time online”

Say no to “always on cellphone”

Latest technologies for students

Best TV shows for students

Must watch movies for students

We to share your tiffin

How to teach your pets?

Too much sugar is bad

Good things about chocolates

How to take care of parents?

What is your favorite car?

What is your favorite bike?

Whom do you look upto?

Must see locations in town

Halloween costumes and scares

What after schooling?

What after graduation?

Be an example for juniors

How to study effectively?

How to be happy always?

Routines daily

Describing a picture

Trends to follow

Self-Help articles

 Most important lesson learnt


Ideas for school magazine names

School magazine content ideas are numerous. But getting the right set of article ideas for School Magazine is the choice, wit and wisdom of the editor’s group and school management. You may have huge range of  best topic to write an article for school magazine. But only thing is to build a fresh, exciting and engaged magazine. So, select the best topics for school magazine from some of the popular and fresh ideas above.

How to make a magazine for school project? including articles in english for school magazine

Let’s start from the cover page. We can attract students for participation in many activities which shall form the base of the school magazine. Such as:

  • Magazine articles for school
  • Article Ideas for school magazine
  • School magazine articles written by students
  • Magazine project for students
  • How to make a school magazine
  • Best front page design for school project
  • Name of magazine for school project
  • Best short articles for school magazine
  • Best articles for school
  • School article topics
  • How to make a magazine cover at home
  • Online printing magazine
  • You are the editor of your school magazine
  • Computer articles for school magazine
  • Science articles for school magazine
  • Magazine pages design
  • Magazine template
  • Magazine topic ideas
  • Drawings for school magazine
  • Magazine article topics
  • How to write a article for your school magazine
  • Small article for school magazine
  • Articles for school magazine
  • Articles in english for school magazine

Whosoever discovered or invented the idea of school magazine, hats off to him or her. You can find the answer in wikipedia, so that’s not a problem. Most important thing is the idea was so unique and great for the children who feel like gaining attention and fame from a very early age. This helps them develop the sense of competition and engagement in extra-curricular activities. As they know, a good result will earn them a place in the magazine and make them famous overnight. Now they have something to show their parents that they must be proud of. Also, now they have that kind look of the teachers who thought he or she was not a good student. They even now have the friendship book write-up offer from their girl classmates. As of their age, what more they can wish for.

Let’s now talk about some of the common but interesting School Magazine Content Ideas which may be helpful for schools to implement on including articles in english for school magazine.

ideas for school magazine
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People also search for

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Select your topic-magazine articles for school

For school magazine content ideas, the broad topics listed above are only a few of the possible options. There may be many article ideas for school magazine around the web. You can just find the right set of combinations to cover in one editorial. The team work while making a school magazine with all the ideas poured in to cover most of the good events and functions, classy images of the functions just get it to a other level. When your sports friend gets a great basket ball shot, that must be captured in a photograph. Event photography from inauguration of annual sports to prize distribution is common. But capturing the best shots in all forms of sports is rare. This idea must be used.

This will induce an automatic zeal among the students to give their best. Not only for a good game but also for the chance to get their photo embedded in the magazine, sometimes may be the cover photo. Or the student of the year photo. As the magazine is for the students, the entire editorial should preferably have the following package:

  • Message from the Principal.
  • Teachers’ message for class magazine.
  • School magazine editorial page.
  • Index covered as “Sl. No. —Topic —Pagination”.
  • Start with the names and photographs of winners from younger classes to older.
  • Photographs of Annual Sports and Annual functions and top performances.
  • Best posts for any of the above topics like dance, music, painting, poem, short story and many more.
  • A interview with the Student of the year.
  • Group photograph standard wise from Standard I to Standard X.
  • Adieu message for the school leaving batch with sets of good memories and funny emotional incidences.
  • A Thank you message with the magazine developing team names and photographs

Add Funny Content article ideas for school magazine

When you make a creative magazine for the students of your school, make sure they read that instead of only going through the photographs. And ending with a sad sigh that their photo is not there. What I mean to say is make the content attractive, engaging and students should read the entire magazine. Obviously, its for them. If they do not like it, who else will read it. So, the best solution is to add funny content in the articles in english for school magazine sections like- 


  • Regular or most punishment getters of the year
  • Irregular student in attendance of the year
  • Late comers of the year
  • Talkative students of the year
  • Students of the year
  • Funny incidences between teachers and students
  • Funny incidences from school trips
  • Overweight student of the year and his/her views on this
  • Underweight student of the year and his/her views on this
  • Eating student of the class
and many more alike topics. You must be more innovative than me. So, find funny school magazine content ideas. Actually, when such pages are added after every alternate content, students or reader shall feel engaging and keep going through the entire school magazine article. It’s not like hurting someone. It’s writing a funny incidence with the consent of the student. Basically, the topic should be funny and not the student.

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Keep a feedback page for article ideas for school magazine

article ideas for school magazine

The best way to improve the quality of the magazine is to collect ideas from the students themselves. This can be done through adding a submission page at the last of the magazine. Once you complete reading the magazine, you can fill the form and submit to the editorial team. In this way the good can be improved and the bad can be reduced in the editorial. The name of the students whose feedback have been positively used can also be mentioned in the magazine as a token of thanks to them. 

We must have the topics included which are considered a punishable deed in schools. These are followed like traditions and never questioned. Check  out the followings:

Why the back benchers are under-rated?

Why gossiping is not allowed in class?

Why it’s study and study all the time?

Why always expected to be pro-active then reactive?

Why a student must be punctual, disciplined and obedient?

Similarly, some other topics which can bring out the best from the students include

How to overcome laziness?

How to come out of sleepiness?

How to be attentive and active in the class?

How to make friends?

How to enjoy leisure time without social media and mobiles?

How to reduce stage fear and improve communication skills?

What are the best lunch menus for students?

What re the rules and norms for hall and dining courtesy? 

and many more…

These topics are not generally discussed but are of utmost importance for generations to read and accept. Students can give their views through articles on the above article ideas for school magazine. You will find many different and unique vies will come out from each of such ideas.

Add a message forum in a school magazine under articles in english for school magazines

It will be unique though bold to have a direct message forum as one of the ideas for school magazine. This means, few pages shall be included in the magazine where short messages shall be mentioned. These messages shall have a For and By field. I will explain this with examples below:

1. Student to Teacher:

For Rita Mam- Maths Teacher

“Mam, I thank you from bottom of my heart for being so kind during the last session before examination. You helped me with my doubts and I had a great examination. Hope for the best results. Thank you Mam.” 

From Raj Bhatia, Standard -VI- Sec-B

2. Student to Student:

For Ankita Solanki- Standard VII-Sec-A

“Hey Ankita, thanks for sharing the notes just days before the exams. My illness would have killed my exams. You cared and helped me a lot. I am thankful and glad to have a friend like you.”  

From Anish Kumar- Standard VII- Sec-C

and alike. It helps to create a bond and convey a message of goodness and gratitude to your loved ones, teachers and friends. Not only the person gets to know about your thankful attitude in public but also others equally learn how friends and teachers share a close bond. Such ideas for school magazine are unique and all would love to read and know about it, including your parents and teachers. But make sure, do not opt to write anything which you should not write there.

Social media page promotion of school in school magazine

It is worth mentioning that today, a school is known to all through online media. May it be advertisements or google maps or social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Every school must have all these promotional media platform pages or channels to advertise the goods of their school. That is about the campus, results, student strength, play grounds and sports, discipline and the overall score or ranking of the school. 

Now, the magazine must have snapshots and link description of the pages so that maximum students, parents, teachers can connect to it and the page keeps increasing its family members. Even online page promotions helps the school reach more and more people through advertisements as well as sharing of the posts related to events and results of the school. This shall not only help the school to flourish but also make a huge family of members.

Embedding this part of the school promotional pages in the magazine mentioning the number of members, how the school results improved. How the strength of the students increased, about the quality of teachers and study materials/courses. With a  message to all members to share the pages in social media for  much more bigger family next year. This will definitely help the school promotions and may attract award-winning ideas for school magazine for events. You may also check the below image for effective event ideas on social media.

social media post ideas examples
image credit:

How to find more article ideas for school magazine?

It is ok to search your ready made ideas from google which is your host with many content site like this. But, it is also true that we human beings are God gifted with a beautiful mind. So, once you go through the ideas, you can generate many many more ideas, even more wonderful yourselves. The formula of generation may vary person to person. But when we use our creative minds, we have thousands of options and innovative ideas.

How do we see the young generation, the children? Yes, they have the best brains in the world. And each school must induce this task as one of the category of the annual prize criterion. You will find, the innocent and free minds will come out with so many fresh combinations on the ideas for a school magazine. Some of such topics may also include:

  •  What should be the new colour code of the badge?
  •  Which flowers should be planted for the year?
  •  What care should more be taken for the play ground of school?
  •  How students can help in keeping their class clean?
  •  How students can help in keeping their toilet clean?
  • What are the actions required to be disciplined?
  • and many more…

Best 10 School Magazine names

When we plan a school magazine name, we have to check some important aspects in mind. Like name of the school, the year of edition/publication, the tag line, the cover page story, etc. So, we must have some unique style of getting the best results. All the combinations must include A name of the magazine, year of publishing, about main attraction on the cover page, Name of the School. Keeping the name of the magazine as the centre of attraction, the other thing scan be designed accordingly. Please check the 10 options for school magazine names:

  •  Bright Us?
  •  Best School!
  •  Best who?
  • Peak summit
  •  Rising High?
  •  Winners!
  • Unique toppers
  • Sportsmen
The school magazine names are simple but have deep meanings for growing children, passionate teachers and the leading school. For example, if the name of the school magazine is “Rising High”, then the tag line should be “above the sky”. It will look like RISING HIGHabove the sky. Get 200+ ideas on names for school magazines and create thousands of combinations.Read this blog post –  Names of School Magazines
Now, likewise, I would like to ask my readers to give their feedback on the content and forms of a good student school magazine. Do comment and share your thoughts on the top 45 content or article ideas for school magazine. If you want more options, you can also search the following keywords in google search engine:
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Some famous magazines in the World

  • Reader’s Digest
  • School Magazine
  • Popular Science
  • Southern Living
  • Golf Magazine
  • Marie Claire
  • The New Yorker
  • Discovery Girls
  • Zoobooks
  • Midwest Living
  • Sky & Telescope
  • Utne Reader
  • Christianity Today
  • Motor Trend
  • Car and Driver
  • Road & Track
  • Highlights for Children
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