Ideas for blog posts in 2020! An easy guide for beginners

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Generating new content ideas for blog posts is one of the challenging tasks for a blogger Pre-SEO. You may find many tricks around the web. But, if you are not a good reader, you can not write new. It is a fact that a good blogger is a very good writer, may be good orator also. But he or she if does not feel interested to read others, they can not write better.

Blogging is a competitive business and each time you have to come out with fresh new ideas where your readers can find excitement and depth. Once you succeed in developing a reader group though new ideas for blog posts, from hundreds to thousands in a month, you will find your blog page at a new level. The monetization of the blog will automatically increase and you can see the difference.

Now, the question is how to increase your reader’s interest that they wait for your next blog eagerly. The journey is really tough. As most of the trending topics will have high completion in keywords and the sites will be usually of high Domain Score or Authority. It is next to impossible to fight that level. So, before writing any blog just for the frequency and quantity of posts, the survey of the topic is very much required. This means you must have atleast 30 topics in hand for a whole month considering one post daily. This is a must for a new blogger. Let’s put light on the probable 30+ topics which shall give you results when worked on with dedication. So, read the complete article for ideas for blog posts.

Bundle of creative blog posts ideas in hand

Having a good number of topics in hand to choose from, is a better option. It saves the time spent on research for SEO on daily basis. You can just sit and choose the next blog and start writing. Otherwise, when you spent hours a day for choosing the right topic suitable to your specialty, you will end up with nothing or very less time for a perfect blog. So, let’s see it in this way. I will help you choose the 30 topics in random. You can select as your wish or get an idea for your blog topics. The following are the top 30 new content ideas or categories for your blogs:

First 5 topics or category ideas for blog posts

  1. Recent news item trending in channels

Take the most trending and prolonged news affair and write your views and collect your readers’ views on that. This will help make your blog updated with time.

  1. Latest political affairs- take public opinion or poll

Check out the political roller-coaster of different states or countries and elections. Cover the public opinion on the works of the ruling parties and promises of the challenger. This will make your blog interesting and lively.

  1. Upcoming sport events

Cover the upcoming sports of all kinds, the events coming in the future, about the players and the team as a whole. Write about the favorites of the mass and the upcoming talents.

  1. The top 5 business giants of your country or the world

Write about the business of the top companies in your country or in the world. How they flourished to this level and how they started. The annual income, turnover, share prices and their net worth.

  1. How a you-tuber makes money

Write about the opportunities what you-tube has for talents. By showcasing the success stories of the top you-tubers and their start, new talents shall get motivated and inspired.

6-10 topics/category ideas for blog posts

  1. Blogging tips for beginners

Give the best blogging tips to the beginner bloggers to help them exel in this field. They will understand that this field is also not easy and needs dedication and loads of hard work.

  1. Best SEO tools for bloggers

Write about the comparative study on the top SEO tools in the market. Let people study and chose what they feel best.

  1. The best educational institutions of your country or the world

When you share about the top institutions of the world, new students can learn about the level and competition the institutions have for them. They can plan their future studies accordingly.

  1. Seasonal fruits- the reasons for having fruits in your diet

The goodness of fruits when added in the diet can help bring many changes in a human body. How do they help in building a strong immune system? Which fruit has which vitamins and minerals can also help people chose their diet plan?

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic- Effect on the world- different countries

The pandemic affect in the world is a good topic for increasing the knowledge of the readers. From the rich Europe countries to the weak African countries, what the pandemic has done to the human life. This information shall help people know more about the disease and create a bond in the world.

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11-15 topics/category ideas for blog posts

  1. The eco-system balance

You can choose topics of the ecosystem of various kinds. From a small swamp to a huge ocean, the topic is endless.

  1. The perishing animals/birds

Let people know which animals or birds or even trees have perished in the last 100 years. How the time and climate changes the life of animals and trees.

  1. How to take care of your puppy?

You can write in details about the process of taking care of your dogs or pets. What they should eat and how they should be loved, about their health and trainings.

  1. The top states of your country wrt some standards

Rank the states of your countries wrt some standard specialties. This brings in a competition amongst the states for a better performance next year.

  1. The deep blue sea

Write about the deep blue sea, what is there so deep and what are the living and non-living things under the sea which are explored or yet to be explored.

16-20 topics/category ideas for blog topics

  1. The space and the universe

Write about the endless space, the universe and the galaxy. Write about the planets and the stars. How they look and how each effect the other?

  1. Top science inventions of all times

For young aspiring students of science, this will be a very wide and important topic to know about the best and top inventions of all times, which changed the hum civilization basically.

  1. Know the basic technology- any niche

Know and write about the new products in ear phones, mobiles, laptops, TVs, etc. which are trending and why? Their feature comparison and which one people should try.

  1. Best places for holidays

Let people know about the best places to travel for summer or winter holidays and what are the locations not to miss out.

  1. The most unknown places on earth

Depict the locations of the unknown or unexplored places on earth. Let the people know about such places and plan a tour.

21-25 topics/category ideas for blog topics

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  1. The science behind demand and supply

The science behind the demand and supply chains is very unique and readers will get interest when any item is chosen and explained. How suddenly the price of a commodity rises or falls, and many more.

  1. The Love Calculator& Horoscope

Write about the love the best daily horoscope sites and also the most best reviewed love calculator sites.

  1. The aero-dynamics

Let people know about the dynamics behind the flight of a plane or a car or a rocket. Most of the things are complex science but when explained in basic terms, people will feel connected.

  1. Basics of fluid dynamics

For students, this topic will be very useful. You can explain them example after example with the basic formulas.

  1. How does a gun operate?

People watch guns in movies or with police or army and generally are afraid when they see it. Let them know how a gun works and what are the materials used to make the best guns of the century. What are the top latest guns and why are they best?


26-30+ topics/category ideas for blog topics

      26. Meet your soul-mate

Write about the indications of choosing your right life partner and what the characteristic to judge upon are.

       27. How to be writer?

The basic tips to be a writer, how to take care of the grammar, the sentence and tense to be used, can be explained in details and examples so that new bloggers or writers can learn from.

       28. Top cars of the century

Write about the top cars of the world and why they are best, the prices and all about them.

        29. The Hollywood or Bollywood movies

Let people know about the reviews on the movies of all times and language. Till date, most movies have not been watched by most people. The reviews shall help them watch the movies irrespective of country, region or language.

         30. The web-series most talked about

Write about the most talked about and most-watched web-series during lockdown period.

          31. The social media giants who have maximum followers

You can write about the top pages or individuals over the social media which have huge followers over the time.

And many more new content ideas on blog posts.

Once similar topics selected by you after a good research are ready, just write on one of the topics daily and post. You must take care of the SEO part of the blog post but you must post daily as a beginner. Your competitors are already having tons of posts and their team is posting on daily basis. To cope up with the
competition and increase you organic keyword bank, you must write daily.


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The basic idea of content topic research is to write for a new topic which the top rankers have not talked about or not covered. Copying or writing the same thing will not help and is wrong and punishable. Hope you got creative blog post ideas here. The basics of success is to write your own words beautifully so that the readers get interest as well as benefit from the information you shared. If you find the information useful, please like and share the post. Do comment your views and new content ideas for blog posts.

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