I love my work quotes

i love my work quotes
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i love my work
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I love my work quotes! These golden words are a ear soothing phrase for all job holders and seekers. It’s a saying that people like the job and wife of other people more than their’s. Is it true? It’s like never satisfying work life. Whatever may be the position, salary or portfolio, people always crave for more and similar jobs with better opportunities and offers. No one can change human nature. It’s our natural delight that we always enquire and explore new offers and challenges.

Works are of many forms and verticals but finding the right one for right person is like a wedding match. You keep searching the right life partner while end up either with your love or with a stranger. Whatever happens later may be almost similar. Likewise in the case of work, whether you achieve your dream job or a job you do not have directly idea about; in both cases you end up either a long business or a change over. So, the selection of right work is very important.

We can perform better in our work life only when we love our work. The level of engagement and dedication we show, is a replica of how we love our work. Great personalities like Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India once said “Love your job, don’t love the organization”. He meant, we should love our work and not the company. If we love our work, the output shall automatically increase and the company may exel. Let’ s see some of the “I love my Work quotes” in the following slides.

Slides for I love my work quotes

"Love what you work and not whom you work for"
"Love my work the same extent love my family"
"Be a smart worker and not a hard worker"
"I love to work, love to compete, love to accept challenges"
"Work to earn but also to learn"
"Modern work style- learn to earn from passive income"
"Loving your work is worship"
"Work to rule and not to serve"
"If you have the confidence and zeal to exel in your work life, you are in the right direction to success"
"Loving your work does not mean loving your workplace"
"Go for the challenge, be smart and active, bring a change, you will be the leader"
"People who love their work are potential leaders and visionary"

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So friends, you can get inspired and motivated from the fresh quotes in this post. Aspire high, dream big, have far vision, you can change the world. Any one can do anything. So, make a balance of smartness and hard work, be competitive and follow your instincts. You will find your way to success and the world will follow you.

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