How to wake up early in winter morning?15 best ways

How to wake up early in winter morning
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How to wake up early in winter? This may be a million dollar question for millions of lazy heads all round the world. This situation and requirement is mostly faced by the aspiring students, sportsperson, travellers, some businessmen, transport lines, airlines, railways and municipality work staff to mention a few. Obviously the soldiers of all fraternity face even more. But, in this post we shall be talking about only normal and common people.

In core winter, it is really a difficult task to get up from sleep, come out of the warm blanket, go to the washroom and find water is too cold. And when you finish all these, you have your morning tea or milk or coffee to start your day for studies or sports or any other duty. For people on duty in the early morning, it’s more difficult as they need to take their lunch from home. That means, the person or his or her family needs to wake up much earlier to get enough time for cooking food.

It’s really a tough job for all and easily avoided by lazy people. There are people who leave for work places late, students who bunk their first class of the day, etc. only because they can not wake up on time to catch up the schedule. So, we need to talk about ways which can help us to wake up early in winter morning and get to our works and routine with minimum difficulty. You can read the post on How to keep warm in winter and Winter morning also.

Ways on how to wake up early in winter- overcome laziness

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Let’s talk about some of the easy and common ways to help you wake up early in winter:

1. Sleep early at night. Say, if you can sacrifice heavy dinner habits and TV serials and web series, you should atleast try to sleep by 8 pm to 9 pm. This shall help you complete the necessary minimum 6-8 hours of sleep by next morning 4 am to 5 am. So, when you wake up, you have a completed sleep.

2. Strong alarm watch near bed: If you still can not follow the above timings, then use the alarm clock to wake you up at the early hour as per your choice.

3. Room heaters: If you have a room heater on in your room, then you may not have the winter phobia laziness to come out of the blanket. You shall find the blanket-out side temperature is also warm. So, you shall not find it difficult to leave the warm bed.

4. Geysers in wash room: Till now, you are able to come off the bed and walk in the room. Next comes the washroom. If you can manage the cold waters of the winter morning by arrangement of geyser, etc. then the laziness or winter phobia shall further reduce.

5. Warm woolen clothes: It is to be seen that even though all the above points area taken care off, the dresses need to be good enough to protect you from cold. A pair of gloves, a pair of socks, trousers, full sleeve cotton T shirt with a sweater above, muffler and a cap. You can find your combination right. This shall be helpful when you are out for work or studies or games, etc.

Some more ways on how to wake up early in winter

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Let’s now know about some uncommon ways which can help you wake up early in winter. Let’s know them one by one to achieve your goal. For time being, let us understand goal is waking up early.

1. Read motivational books. If you read the success stories of great leaders, businessmen, sportsperson, or other successful people, you shall find your answers. This will help you move towards your goal with extended efforts starting from waking up early in the morning.

2. Watching motivational music videos or quotes. This shall also help you to get engaged and be motivated for your goal.

3. Writing in copy or typing in laptop or desktop. This will not only urge you towards an interesting engagement of writing or typing speed.

4. Painting or art activity. If you have the habit of painting or any other art activity, you can get yourself engaged into the activities in the early morning.

5. Dancing or singing; If you love dancing or singing, you can practice to your favorite tunes and songs in the early morning.

6. House keeping/organizing work: You can plan your home keeping and organizing work in the early morning times.

Some more ways

7. Exercise, Yoga or Pranayama: By habituating fitness schedule including jogging or walk in the early morning, this problem of “how to wake up early in winter?” can be resolved.

8. Sports: If you love any indoor or outdoor game, you can practice it with your friends and neighbours at mutually agreed time in the early morning. The fascination of performing shall make you practice hard for which you need to wake up early.

9. Bringing flowers for puja or worship: If you have the set up of routine worship of God at your home, actually common in India, you need flowers every day. As every one does not have the space for home garden, people usually wake up in the early morning and collect flowers from common area or other houses. This shall help you to wake up early in winter.

10. Bring fresh milk from nearby diary: For fresh milk, there is always long que of customers. So, get up early to collect fresh cow milk from the diary or farm.


So, from the above points and explanation, we can analyze our habits and liking. And also select the best or some of the above features to develop a routine habit to wake up early. The benefits are really good and we always have heard the famous saying ” Early to Bed, early to rise, Makes a man – healthy, wealthy and wise”. Therefore, we must rededicate ourselves into building our own selves and come out stronger and fitter against the phobia of the cold winter mornings. I feel this post can motivate lazy people to find suitable ways of their choice on how to wake up early in winter or any mornings round the year all over the globe.

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