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How to stop spam comments on wordpress? Know how to identify the spammers and block them. Tools and measures to control spam comments may be many. Just need to run your fingers and eyes around the world of internet and SEO, and you can find, learn and apply betterment to your work step by step in a slow but steady process.

Let’s quickly understand the “problem to solution” for comment spam completely. How one can know that spam bots have started attacking? How to understand the problem growing? And how to solve those problems? For instant answer, just note down the ways on how to stop spam comments on wordpress.

1. Enable the comment moderation in wordpress

2. Enable sign up / login option for commenting

3. Block the IP address of the spammer

4. Control multi links in the comments

5. Use anti-spam plugins

6. Separate comment/post software or plugin

7. Install free SEO tools chrome extension

8. Check out youtube video tutorials

9. Close comments after a certain set time

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For a blogger, new or famous, in both the cases, the spammers and spam bots do find the loop hole in your site and try extract the most of it. In one way you may see your traffic flying high but most of the traffic may not be your followers or readers but spammers or bots instead. These actually affect the overall ranking of your site and slow down the speed too.

Answers on how to stop spam comments on wordpress

1. Enable the comment moderation in wordpress

This gives you the control of what to approve and what to reject to trash or spam folder. Although it is time taking but the control remains with the admin who can even edit the comment if required for small issues. Your spam folder must have all such unique comments list so that you remember them for future also also.

Common and same comments may be trashed.

2. Enable sign up / login option for commenting

While you enable the option that only registered users can comment, this puts a hurdle to the spammers than easy spamming. However, this is not a complete solution but atleast they need to login each time they plan to spam. In this way they have to disclose their email ID and this may put them into discomfort zone.

3. Block the IP address of the spammer

WordPress gives you the privilege to see the IP address of the spammer. Along with commonly used words or products in the comment, which you find as spam, you can easily block the IP as well as words of your choice in wordpress. You will see instant results. However, you have to continue the effort for keeping eye on new spammers time to time.

4. Control multi links in the comments

In wordpress, you can control the number of links, the comment has in it. It’s obvious from above checks, that a spammer would always try to put more and more links in their comments for more backlinks. Usual genuine followers or readers do not do this. So, by restricting the comments with the condition of single or maximum of 2 links, you can reduce spam count to a huge level.

5. Use anti-spam plugins

You can search your suitable anti-spam plugin. Try them and keep the best one you find to be. These plugins help do your job of moderation and restriction. They identify the spam and automatically keep them in the spam folder or restrict posting, making your job easier. I have not yet used any of them, so I will not suggest any names. Just try yourself. It’s easy.

6. Separate comment/post software or plugin

Another way is to use a comment plugin which has the feature for anti-spam enabled. This can also help your site. However, you need to check the versions free or paid as per your budget and plan. These softwares work as wordpress comment system + anti-spam plugin ( 2 in 1). So, just can try one.

7. Install free SEO tools chrome extension

You can use different SEO tools chrome extension in your explorer for knowing several details about the site source linked to the comment. I use alexa for ranking, website SEO checker for traffic and SEOquake for age, backlinks, google and bing index, etc, details about the site. You can easily find out the details about the website and decide your action.

8. Check out youtube video tutorials

Watch different available videos, solutions and tutorials by different SEO tool marketers and bloggers in youtube or wordpress website. Once you are fluent in SEO, you can automatically take suitable action to protect your wordpress site from spam comments.

9. Close comments after a certain set time

For each blog post you publish, keep the comment section open with above conditions and settings. But set the close option for a limited period may be 2 weeks to one month. Once the comment section closes, people can not spam around.

How to understand spam comment?

When you have just started establishing your site. And find some keywords are ranking on first page of google search engine, you feel good. But that means you have now started getting traffic to your site. May be your competitors or SEO spammers follow you while they saw your site climb the ladder replacing them.

So, you may be attacked through spam comments with backlinks of all sorts of bad and uneasy and dark part of the internet. This directly affects your site’s performance and ranking. The following steps can be taken to identify the spam comments:

Monitor analytics of your site

1. Monitor the traffic, ranking, daily visitors and average time spent by the visitors at your site. This can be done through many tools. You can try alexa rankings for free. Read the benefits at alexa ranking of websites.

2. You can also install Site Kit by Google in your word press site to monitor daily visitors and bounce rate, traffic, etc. This is a complete package from search console to analytics to adsense, etc. With the help of such tools, you can monitor the performance of your site.

3. Through any free or paid tool, you can find out the keywords for which you are ranking well at the top numbers. Check if any comments are hitting those ranked pages. You can specifically know the volume of search to your ranked keywords by installing Ubersuggest chrome extension.

Check the pattern, IP and frequency of comments

4. Now, in your wordpress comment section, you can check the number of comments you are getting from visitors. Check carefully the pattern of the comments, number of comments and links in the comments, if the comment is irrelevant to your post, etc. For example, if you have written an article on school magazine and you have a link comment of a random medicine, etc., you can understand that these are spams. You can find them in no way related to your site as a reader or follower but only random spam comments.

5. If you see similar “copy paste” comments on several of posts and almost repeated daily, you can consider them as spam comments or bots. They only need backlinks.

6. You can also find  people opening accounts in your site under different names but from same IP address. They sometimes comment as online game sites, some times as medicine promoters and some times as loan promoters or earn money lottery sites, etc. Atleast I have faced this problem as a beginner blogger.

See the length and source of the comment links- use SEO tools

7. The length and number of backlinks in the comments. If the numbers of links and length of comments are more to too much, you can easily consider them as spam comments.

8. Source of the comments: It’s a must for you to check randomly the links these comments have. On clicking you may find a vague profile, different page or a restricted message or sometimes even error message or access denied message. Checking the source will make things evident to decide.

9. Download the alexa or seoquake chrome extension and check the age, rank backlinks and other details of the site whose backlink is given on the comment or post. This helps to decide whether the comment is a spam or not.

Conclusion on how to stop spam comments on wordpress

As a beginner blogger, you may not be able to spend on paid tools and plugins. Just go to the settings of your wordpress dashboard and click on discussion. Set the boxes for moderation and other comment settings in strict form. So, if you adhere to the above solutions, you shall definitely see results.

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