How to Rank no.1 in Google?

The common question for any blogger is “how to rank no.1 in google”. By rank means in the first page or even top 5 of google search engine. All bloggers who happen to fresh entrants to blogging industry, must have gone through this phase. Like reading blogs, learning about SEO, going through youtube videos of experts, or even online courses and webinars. Most of the new young blog aspirants must have done all or some of these.

This information blog is only for beginners who are trying their best for ranking their page in google search engine. I will consider the readers as if they have basic knowledge of a domain and hosting with wordpress and SEO. You may also be aware that there are many blog sites like where a beginner can try his blogging skills. We also have, etc. But thing is these do not give you the full control on your site. By control, I mean everything about your blog or page is as per you including the technical controls. However, they are very good for beginners. Read the complete blog to know how to rank no.1 in google.

Simple steps on how to rank no.1 in google

For understanding this topic, you need to be familiar with some terms like niche research, domain name, web hosting, keyword research, competitor research, content writing, on-page SEO, off-page SEO (backlinks), publishing, indexing, etc. So, let us first put our discussion base into few simple steps in easy way to understand:

No. 1. Decide a niche or area on which your blog site or page is based. And about which you have acquired enough knowledge or experience to write or work on. This requires your wisdom and plans as the future of your blog site depends on this. So, select carefully.

No.2. Choose a domain name based on your selected niche. Like in a website name, the domain name is “abcd”. So, you must be very selective on this. The domain name must reflect your site in short.

how to rank no.1 in google

For beginners

No.3. Choose a web hosting. Hosting means provision of a place for your domain in a server. You need to pay for it though. Once you are done with this, you have your own page or site. Make sure your site has a sitemap.xml and robot.txt file. This file enables response to google bots which help in ranking your site.

No.4. Choose a responsive Blog template. Template means the way your blog page will look when users open it. And responsive means, your page must be adaptable to mobile, tablet or desktop so that it is user friendly. This is also very important as this factor also plays a very important role in ranking.

No.5. Info pages like Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer, terms and condition, Privacy policy, Copy right. These pages are a must as Google makes sure all rules are adhered to and spam sites are rejected from the engines.

No. 6. Once your page is ready and you are working on your first blog, now you shall need some of the important things like Keyword research. This means finding the right keyword for your topic which has a SEO difficulty less than 10, paid difficulty 0-5, volume 100-1000 per month and has 0 -1 backlinks at max. Also, it will be better if the keyword is long tail like “How to rank a website on google”

WordPress use

No.7. You choose wordpress platform to work on your site or blog. I said this as I am using it. It has large number of pluggins for your site which make your job easier. You must have a on-page SEO analyzer pluggin which shall advise you and help correct your writing in terns of grammar,tenses, heading and sub-heading arrangements, photo or video alt text, anchor text on keywords to links to high DA (domain authority) sites, meta description, slug, focus keyword or phrase and many more. Also, have a good relatable featured image.

No.8. Use original content. You have now wrote down your blog in wordpress with all the SEO work done with a good score. Remember, write original content. Do not use any tool or copied content. Your site may be penalized for plagiarism. You can check your content through a free plagiarism checker tool.

Off page SEO or backlinks

No.9. Publish your content. Means, whatever work you have done in draft mode, now its time for publishing on the web so that all can see it. For indexing on google search engine by updating the sitemap, the SEO pluggin in wordpress shall help within some hours of publishing. I found Yoast SEO as a free tool with wordpress with good results.

No.10. Results. Now, you can see within few hours, your site shall rank on the google search engine within 1-100 and with some time, it’s ranking shall improve nearer to or to first page.

No.11. Backlink generation. Now, the job is not over, you need to work on backlinks by connecting to other blog sites or guest posts etc.If you can generate the maximum number of backlinks then the original 1st place holder, you shall get to that place.You have to be a good PR for this or you may buy backlinks from available sites, as the case may be.

No.12. Now, you can promote your blog in social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and Pinterest, etc. so that the link reaches to maximum people. Social media is a great platform for publicizing your content to help rank your website on google.

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Success behind a beginner blogger! How to rank no.1 in google?

The passion of blogging shall lead you into deep blogging world. Beginners need not concentrate on money but on good work. Once the base is set and you gain enough experience on blogging aspects, only then think about monetizing your site by affiliate marketing or google ads, etc.

As a beginner blogger, myself did not complete any formal training on the above subjects, but learnt the basics through youtube videos. I chose to give my full strength on blogs and not money. You can check out my site for blogs to learn more about SEO and SERP. Once you earn skills of a good blogger, you can be a part of the HUBPAGES family and write better articles.

This article is a very basic knowledge sharing on blogging.You can try this step by step as above for your blog. And find out the answer for our topic “How to rank no.1 in google.” Hope, the beginners find their answers here in this blog. You can also read more detailed articles on these subjects here as well as get your articles published at All the best. Do share and comment if you like the information.

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