How to play cricket? off-working hours

how to play cricket off- working hours
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How to play cricket? The basic objective of this blog post is to reflect the playing instinct of cricket lovers who are busy at work. And don’t get time for their passionate game. Most of them are talented even but don’t know that. Now, you may be wondering why this topic is being the subject of this post. I just want to share the fact that all are equally talented, only thing is to judge and identify the talent ourselves at the right time and go for it.

If not, then may be people may not exel in their God Gifted talents, rather be an ordinary person or even a special person, a famous and rich person but not happy. Why? May be because they could not live their passion or interest and sacrificed for a living or responsibility they had to. This problem starts from people of middle age. These people work tough and live fast and do not give time to games and gain weight and diseases before time. Ye, we have to accept the poor life style we are living, but we can change it if we want.

We may not get chance in the later stage though but we can atleast be happy by playing or practicing the game we love at any age. For all people who think “how to play cricket?”, the answer in this blog. We shall discuss the ways which people, who have love for cricket, use for their loved game. Taking out time from their busy schedule of work is really a great challenge. So, read the post till the end to know the tactics.

Ideas on how to play cricket in a busy mid-aged life

For over-weighed people

For overweight people in middle age, it’s better to do wicket keeping in cricket. As they need not run much and for this level of cricket you need not dive for a catch. They are naturally bad runners, bowlers and fielders. The person shall have interest, lesser movement and engagement in the game. This will boost the person’s self confidence and will to be fit again to play better and win a match for the team.

For very slim and under-weighed people

For very slim and under-weighed people, options are more but may be energy a little lesser than the fit members. They are better runners between the wickets, better fielders and may be better bowlers too but they get tired soon due to low energy levels. They just need to be more enthusiastic and have energy drinks often. However, they have better chance to be fitter and gain weight with rightly prescribed food and supplements than their over-weighed counterparts.

For normal weighed people

For the normal weighed people, it’s easier to follow all the parts of the cricket game. May it be bowling, batting, keeping, fielding, with a better throw arm speed. Only thing is they need to explore their talent level and keep playing well as well as inspire the over-weighed and under-weighed counterparts.

For smart and good looking people

This is the best game for smart and good looking mid-aged people. This is because they are naturally fit, handsome and look great in sports dress and sunglasses. People around them playing wander to be like them. This inspires all to be fit, healthy and exel in the sports.

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Benefits on playing cricket in middle age

Friends, when I say the subject of this post is “how to play cricket? off hours”, I mean how to get engaged in the game which we love the most in India. The above discussion was for different types of middle aged people whom we see commonly around us. Now, we must know few benefits of playing cricket or any sports in a safe manner. Let’s know the benefits.

1. Reduces smoking habits: The more time you play, the lesser you get chance or urge to smoke. However, no one should smoke and should consult doctor or government health-line number for more information.

2. Reduces obesity: The energetic game engages our body and mind. So, when a over-weight person gains interest in the game seeing their fitter friends doing well, they leave the bad habit of high calorie junk food and try to get fit.

3. Keeps you engaged: Idle mind and body is devil’s workshop. So, during off-working hours, or a lunch period or in the morning, if we make a routine of playing, it will be extremely beneficial for our well-being. When we play for interest and fitness, we don’t think about matters which we should not think about.

Only thing is for people with chronic disease like asthama or heart disease or any ailment must consult a doctor before any heavy sports.

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